Joey in B&W
I have 5 reasons why Joey makes one of the best characters in SNF:

1. He talks very propitiate with women, as of Stephanie he tells her "You look beautiful, Babe."
He has told Annette "Hey, come on, anda had enough." when she begs him for lebih 'Speed' pills. He was nice enough to give her more.
He tells Double J to scoot over so that he and a woman can sit at the table.

2. He helps his friends as of Tony, he pulls the girl (one of the Barracudas) off of Tony and helps him up on his feet and tells Tony to see if he's okay. He along with Tony and Double J attack the Barracudas for what they possibly done to Gus.

3. He agrees along whatever Annette tells him especially when she wants sex. but oleh chugging all the speed she took, she tells the guys that 'she would give everybody a piece of snatch pie' to Joey and Double J. Joey stops immediately when Annette startles and gets worried as both her and Joey are having unprotected sex.

4. He comforts Annette in a middle of a crisis of Bobby C. As Annette cries in Joey's arms, He wraps his arms around her and steps up for her. I think he would make a perfect boyfriend/husband for her.

5. The one thing he has told Tony after the 2 detik fight, that Tony didn't give a s**t about her when Annette becomes hungry for sex and wants to put out with him as Double J was accidental, due of her being high from "Speed'.

Note: He's my favorit character but not only because of those 5 reasons it also because he's very attractive and I cinta his features oleh the eyes and the dark Italian trademarks. Hair, eyes and the skin. He not hairy like some Italians are. He would make a perfect model. Beautiful man. In my opinion, he's lebih sexier than Tony unlike most fan thinking he's always the hottest one. But, not to me, Joey is the sexiest guy in the film. Since, Joey is pure Italian oleh both parents in reality. Tony/John is only half Italian and half Irish. John looks very Irish oleh his blue eyes and fair skin which the Irish has. many scenes in SNF, Tony has fair skin, but it maybe oleh him being Northern Italian while Joey is Southern Italian. Anyway, Joey is the yummiest guy in the film. Joseph Cali is one gorgeous actor from the 70's and 80's.
Joey with Annette