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This rosalie hale fan art contains potret, headshot, and closeup.

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"Esme?" she was sitting on the dipan, sofa whith the sleeping angle faced renesmee in her lap, "are anda ok" esme had this look on her face like she was about to cry atau break down in tears on the floor but we chould not cry we chould only tampil our emotions "nuthing i was just thinking about bella thats all" esme told me in a woried voice,
"she will be fine" i reashered her.
"why dont alice anda and i take renesmee shopping when she gets up?" i asked esme "shopping?who berkata shopping lets go" alice came rushing down the stairs, "alice we are not going untill renessme wakes up", "oh ok well i am going to get ready because she will be up in about ......1o minites i saw it" alice told us "of course anda looked because anda cinta shooping" esme told her.

10 minites latter
"Alice renesmee is up and its time to go" esme called from the bottonm of the stairs, "i am comeing" alice called back.

sorry but thats all i got so far please comment.<3
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