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This song used to be my favorit once.But that's not th reason it's here, this song will remind anda of silvette once anda read her past life!
selena gomez
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 Catalina Fernendez
Catalina Fernendez
AN: Well, here's the fan fiction that I promised ya'll. It's about my new witch OC link and her. (Pretty much in the present days and time) If anda didn't read her bio, (I advise that anda should) but here are just some basic things to know about her:

-Lives in the ghetto of New York (U.S)
-Is rude, racist and violent.
-Is in the gang "MS13" the most dangerous gang in the U.S
-She loves anjing but hates her family.
-Does drugs and is a dropout.

Just for further references, and so my pantat, keledai won't get reported, I will tell readers about some warnings in this story.


-Has a lot of foul language.
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Tho Adina wasn't getting boring to me, I wanted to make another witch OC because this brilliant idea for a FF popped into my head, and it would NOT fit Adina at all. So, I decided to make another witch girl. Here's her profile, so ya'll won't get all confused when membaca my new FF. So, enjoy :D


Name: Nina Ciconne.
Age: 18
Home Planet: Earth (New York)
Power: "The Voice of the Devil" (The opposite of the "Voice of Nature", Nina is able to make ANY animal go evil and do her evil bidding.)
Parents: Alianna (Mother) Brutus (Dad) plus 8 siblings.
Pet: Buck (German Shepard)
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AN: Alright, my lovely reviewers, I want to give anda a BIG thank anda for those kick pantat, keledai reviews anda gave me on my last chapter :D Thank anda all so freaking much! Well, since you're excited for chapter 4, here it is! Enjoy!


"Adina! Adina! Wake up!" A man's voice whispered making the young woman beneath him squirm under the sheets and moan in annoyance. "Adina! Wake up!" He berkata louder, making her flip him off and shift uncomfortably. "ADINA! WAKE UP!" The man soon screamed, making Adina jump up angrily. "Dammit father piss off!" She snarled,...
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AN: Damn I take forever on these update DX Sorry for the freakishly long wait everyone. For those who are still membaca this, well, here's chapter 3. Hope anda enjoy!
WARNING: Mature content:

Some sex scenes

For those who can't stand reading, atau just cannot read about two people getting close to sex, than please DO NOT READ.


"Do anda think she'll be alright?" A voice asked worriedly. "Of course Gabrielle, don't worry. I'm sure this poor lost soul will be up and about in a few hours." Another voice whispered. There was a sigh, and the pat...
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*Outside the scholle*

Jakoba:*angrily watching her friends with there family*Stupid dad..doesnt even have the time for me on parants day*goes to sit insaid the scholle garden house*

Tanya:*looking at the winow selling*Oh,hi jew

Jakoba:What??*turns around*Not anda again!

Tanya: Im acually glad anda came.You see i wanted too play teh party but i first need a servent too get me some tea,do it and i mait even give anda a doler atau two

Jakoba:*nerows her eys*Listen kid,my dad owns one of the best car factoris in the WHOLE world,do anda really think i need monny?

Tanya:*shrugs*Well.. theres just never enough...
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*in the privat scholle toilet*

Tanya:*washing her hands*

Jakoba:*smiles and washing her hends as well*Excuse me but anda do know that this beathroom is for 7,8 and 9 greaters only?

Tanya:*looks at her*I do know that but sinc im the golden student of the tahun i got too use it

Jakoba:Oh!Golden student ha?Thats great*closes the pipe*Whats your name anyway?

Tanya:Tanya,and yours?

Jakoba:Im Jakoba plesure too meet you*gives her a hand*

Tanya:*shakes it*Jakoba?What name is that?

Jakoba:Its a jewish name.My mom pict it for me

Tanya:*stands away* your…jewish?

Jakoba:Yes*raises her brows*Is there a problem?...
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"Oh Adina!" A voice mused in a sing-song voice. Adina moaned, covering her face with her pillow. "I said, 'Oh Adina!'" The man mused once more. "Piss off..." Adina mumbled, shifting and laying on her stomach. "Hm? What's that? Didn't quite catch it." Dracula mused in her ear. Adina gave a deadly growl and looked up at him with a deadly glare. "I said: Piss. Off." She hissed, turning away and burying her face into her pillow. "Oh ouch. anda know, that really hurt. Right here." He whined, tapping his chest. Adina rolled her eyes. "You're awful." She chuckled, earning an amused glint in her father's...
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