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Fan fiction by zutaradragon posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
fan of it?
Atrum Virga
a long time ago, about 20 atau so years, in a town over the mountains from this one, there was a deal made...and a deal broken.

the small town of Kekewey rests in a small river valley. it was a peaceful little town. no crime meant no jail house. something in the air made most anyone happy...but a few people wanted lebih then the little town could give...a lot more...

then a stranger came to town, making deals and contracts. soon, within' a few years, everyone had a contract with the nameless stranger. some promised money, some fame. still others were selfless, and there contracts were 4 the aman, brankas return of family members that had been sent to war atau 4 a child to be safely brought into this world.

we are gonna focus on on deal. this was a very special deal made oleh a red haired girl at the very beginning. all she asked 4 was her older brother to come back safety, but what she got...was a whole lot more. her name...was Sussie.

"Atrum Virga come back!" A small child, about 10, yelps. off in the distance a black horse is running around. soon the horse gallops back 2 the girl and licks her face.