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posted by Alphaman
Who ha who ha
have anda ever been in love?
he's my best friend, best of all best friends,
do anda have a best friend too? It tickles in my tummy
he's so yummy yummy, hey, anda should get a best friend too.
who ha who ha
hello baby, can i see a smile?
i'm going to a party and it's gonna be wild, (ok)
Can i come i am sitting alone?
NO, friends are never alone, (that's right)
Maybe some pretty girls are in your world,
excuse me I could also girl,
lately everyone is making fun
he's my best friend best of all best friends,
do anda have a best friend to,
it tickles in...
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So everyone was ready to tryout for drumline and I went over to the bells and two kids were standing there behind the two bel, bell kits one a tall white kid named Kevin and a shorter black kid named Wess.
Me-"Alright Kevin are u ready"??
Kevin-"Yes mr.Readmond"
So I handed him the musik and he played it perfectly and I looked at him smiling.
Me-"Hell of a job Kevin"
As for Wess he didn't do as good, but anyway I was on to the Snares who I taught how to put the straps on. Well there was only one who is Shayne. He did perfect then came the four bas, bass drums, Sarah,Mike,Josh,Zak. They All cAme through and...
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I woke up with a headache and leaned over to check the clock which read 6:30am. I quickly jumped out of tempat tidur and started to shake Sarah.
Me-"Sarah come on baby were going to be late to school"
Sarah-"Crap it's the first hari we can't be late"She berkata jumping out of bed
We got dressed and headed out to my car. Sarah jumped in the passenger side as I started the car and took off. We were going so fast I could have gotten whiplash.
After about 6minutes we arrived at the school and I pulled up at the front.
Me-"alright honey now anda have a great day"saying as I kissed her
Sarah-"Okay sweet heart"kissing...
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