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Disclaimer: I’m not Rumiko Takahashi, and I neither own Ranma ½ nor some song lyrics in this story.
It was one hari before New tahun arrived. At the Tendos’ living room…

“Hello! Is anybody home? You’ve got mail!” – A postman knocked the door.

“I’ll get it.” – berkata Ranma. The postman gave him a yellow poster that said: “You are welcomed to our Royal New tahun party tonight at our restaurant! There is going to be delicious food, great games for guests, wonderful New tahun Countdown, etc, and the most amazing…

“Hmm… A lovely prize for the winner huh…” – Ranma speaks to himself. – “I wonder what it is…”
Suddenly, a voice came out from upstairs: “Whoa! It looks great on anda indeed, Akane!”

“Hey!” – Shouted Ranma. – “What’s going on?”

“Hmm… Ranma…” – Akane – in her brand new cute blue dress – appeared behind him. – “I got an invitation to a New tahun party at the restaurant nearby, so… What do anda think? Do I look good?”

“Hmm… anda look so…” – Answered Ranma. – “…”



“Ouch.” – berkata Ranma, after being hit oleh Akane with a teh table.


Ranma stood up and took a real close look at Akane. And suddenly, his sight stopped at her chest.

“Hey Ranma! What are anda looking at?” – Asked Akane.

“Nothing… It’s just… Where did anda get that little badge?” – Ranma asked and pointed at her blue heart-shaped badge.

“If anda want to know, Ryoga-kun bought it for me!” – Akane replied. – “What do anda say about it?”

“UUUUURRRRGGGHHH… that little idiot Ryoga… He bought Akane… a HEART-SHAPED badge!!!” – Thought Ranma. He replied: “Well… it’s nice… It goes great with your dress…”

“Really? Thank you, Ranma!” – Akane smiled.


“Oh. I’ll get it!” – berkata Akane.

“Ohh, nihao Ranma!” – Shampoo in a pretty red Chinese-styled dress arrived with a big gift box on her hands. – “Shampoo have New tahun gift for you!”

“Th… thank you.” – Replied Ranma. – “Says, what’s with the dress up there?”

“Aiyaaa! I wear beautiful dress because I going to New tahun party at the restaurant nearby! Ranma take me there yes?”

“Hey!!!” – Akane berkata angrily.

“Ranma open gift now yes?”

“Okay…” – Ranma carefully opened the gift box. There was a lovely black tuxedo in it.

“Ranma put tux on and take me to party yes?”

“I’ll think about it.” – Replied Ranma.

“By the way Ranma, there going to be bernyanyi contest at the party! Winner receive a free trip to…”

“To China, right? Yes!… Then I can get a cure for this crazy curse! I’m putting on my tux right away, Shampoo!” – Ranma berkata in excitement.

“I no remember. I guess it is to China.” – berkata Shampoo. – “Oh! Ranma! Hurry up and take me to party!”


“Akaneeee…!!! What was the big idea??!!!!” – Shouted Ranma in female form.

“I’m sorry Ranma, but we’re out of hot water!” – berkata Akane.

“Aiyaaa… That mean Ranma no can wear tux?” – Shampoo berkata in disappointment.

“Hmm, this should be easy. Watch this… Ta-da!” – Ranma put on an jeruk, orange dress within a few seconds. – “I’m not sure I can sing well, but I may win the contest with my cuteness!”

“Ranma, anda are a jerk…” – Grunted Akane. – “Hey Shampoo, I think I’m starting to doubt about this… What if the whole thing is one of Mousse’s evil schemes on stealing anda back from Ranma? Seriously.”

“Aiyaaa! It no is mousse plan! He gone back to China for training!” – Answered Shampoo.

“Oh, thank goodness…” – berkata Ranma. Suddenly, a strange masked man appeared behind them: “Who berkata that?”

“Okay… Who are you?” – Asked Ranma.

“I am…” – The man took off his mask. – “You still remember Mousse, don’t you? He hasn’t gone back to China for training. He is standing right here in front of you, and he was on the ceiling for the whole time! He heard that the three of anda are going to a New tahun party, and Shampoo, it’ll be a pleasure for this man to escort anda there…” – While saying, mousse opened his arms and hugged Ranma.

“Put your glasses on, idiot!” – Ranma whacked mousse on the head with one of her shoes. –
“Shampoo is on your left!”

“Oh… Shampoo, forgive me.” – mousse berkata after putting on his glasses.

“Shampoo no want forgive stupid Mousse.” – Shampoo berkata in anger.

“Hey, there is a good news for you, silly bebek boy.” – berkata Ranma. – “There is a bernyanyi contest at the party tonight, and the winner gets a free trip to China. Do anda wanna cure your curse?”

“Yes, I do! If I win, I will never have to turn into a bebek again! Yeah!!” – mousse shouted out loud in excitement.

“But wait!” – berkata Akane. – “Are anda sure anda can sing? It’s a bernyanyi contest, my friend.”



“Oh my god… Akane fainted! Shampoo, give me a cup of water!” – Ranma berkata in panic.

“HEY!” – Shampoo furiously shouted. – “Mousse cut it out!!!! anda break our ear!!!”

“Tell me about it.” – Ranma agreed. – “How can anda cure your bebek curse if anda SOUND like a bebek yourself? Hahaha…”

“Ranma… How dare you…” – mousse took out dozens of daggers from his sleeves.

“Stop it! Shampoo sing better than Mousse! I can win the contest!” – Replied Shampoo.

“Prove it.” – berkata Akane.

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is tonight in a one-horse open sleigh! Hey! Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is tonight in a one-horse open sleigh!” – Shampoo sang with such a sweet high-pitched voice.

“Bravo! Bravo! That’s a nice performance!” – Ranma excitedly gave an applause.

“Hey Shampoo, why don’t anda think that I can sing better than you?” – Akane berkata after hitting Ranma with a teh table.

“Akane prove it!” – Replied Shampoo.

“Happy New Year, Happy New Year! May we all have a vision now and then, of the world where every neighbor is a friend… Happy New Year, Happy New Year! May we all have our hopes, our will to try… If we don’t, we might as well lay down and die…” – Akane suddenly stopped and pointed at Ranma on the floor. – “Like that BAKA!!!!”

“Hmm… It sure is great… anda do have a beautiful voice, Akane!” – berkata Mousse.

“Huh. I challenge you, Akane!” – berkata Shampoo.

“Oh, I accept!” – Replied Akane. – “What are anda waiting for? LET’S FIGHT!!!!”

“This is too idiotic. Come on Mousse, atau we’ll be late for the party!” – berkata Ranma, as she and mousse left the house.

“Ranma wait for me!!!” – Yelled Shampoo.

“Huh. Go with your beloved husband. I don’t care.” – berkata Akane.

“Aiyaaa! Akane want defeat me in bernyanyi contest yes?” – Replied Shampoo.

“Okay… I’m going…” – Answered Akane.


As the group went down the street, they heard a strange voice singing: “I wanna wish anda a Merry Christmas, I wanna wish anda a Merry Christmas, I wanna wish anda a Merry natal from the bottom of my heart! Oh, is that Akane Tendo? Along with the beautiful Pigtailed Girl? Oh my sweethearts, I shall escort anda two to the Royal New tahun party!”

“It’s Kuno… Don’t mind everyone, just act as if he were not here!” – berkata Akane, and all four of them just kept their head down. Suddenly…

“Pigtailed Girl! I cinta anda so much! I want anda to come with me to the par…”

“EEEK! He hugged me from behind!!” – Screamed Ranma. She kicked him hard in the face. – “What do anda want, anda jerk Kuno?!!”

“I want to have a tanggal with my beautiful ladies!” – Kuno replied in tears.

“You... you…” – Ranma almost kicked him again and suddenly changed her voice: “Heyyy, Kuno-sembai! anda wanna have a tanggal with me, right? If anda beat me in a bernyanyi challenge, I promise I’ll go out with you! If anda lose…”

“You’ll leave in PEACE and in PIECES!” – berkata Akane.

“Why don’t anda go first, Kuno-darling?” – Asked Ranma.

“Okay, here I go. Feliz Navidad…” – Kuno began singing. Meanwhile, Akane, Ranma, Shampoo and mousse silently walked away.

“Phew. Luckily we run away. Kuno worse singer than Mousse!” – Shampoo breathed hardly.

“Tell me about it. He totally broke my ears!” – mousse agreed.

“Just run away before Kuno finds out, guys.” – berkata Akane, and the group ran as fast as they can.
As the pack continued their walk, they heard a strange voice again: “La la la la, la la la la, la la la la…”

“I heard that extremely high voice somewhere… Uh-oh, Kodachi Kuno is coming! What are we gonna do?” – Ranma confusedly asked.

“I know! Guys, cover your ears! Mousse, sing right now!” – berkata Akane.

“Okay, if anda insist. Ahem… WEE… WIIIIISH…”

“AAAAHHH!!! What is that HOOOORIBLE sound! Oh, it is killing me! HEEELP ME, RANMA-SAMA, IF anda CAN HEAR ME FROM HERE!! AAAAHHH!!” – Kodachi screamed and fainted.

“Thanks a lot, pal.” – Ranma smiled.

“Get serious, guys. Do I sing that badly?” – Asked Mousse.

“No. Not at all.” – Ranma replied, while she was thinking: “Oh man, I swear his voice sounds like a horn!”

They continued walking down the jalan, street and encountered Mikado Sanzenin and Azusa Shiratori.

“Oh, is that the beautiful Ranma Saotome? Oh, my lovely girl, I shall give anda a Happy New tahun ciuman for tonight!” – Sanzenin berkata as he began to get his lips closer to Ranma’s.

“JERK! Who berkata that anda can ciuman me?!” – Ranma punched Sanzenin right in the left eye. – “Leave us alone!”. Meanwhile, Azusa takes a close look at mousse and finally climbed up on his back.

“Aahh! So cute! Olivia! Olivia! Give me my Olivia! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!” – Azusa took out her hammer and smacked Mousse’s head at every “GIMME!”. Well, anda know, she wanted Mousse’s glasses – which she calls “Olivia” – and tried to take them off from his forehead.

“Spoiled brat!” – Shampoo angrily shouted as she knocked Azusa off from Mousse’s back. – “Why anda mess with Mousse?”

“Shampoo! You’re finally worried about me!” – Cried Mousse.

“The legendary Golden Pair.” – berkata Akane. – “I challenge you! If anda want to mess with us, anda must beat us in a bernyanyi challenge right now! We will go first! Start now, guys!”

“Silent night, Holy night…”

“Huh. anda guys are such amateurs!” – berkata Azusa.

“Listen carefully, losers.” – Sanzenin smiled as if he won. And then, the pair began: “... Oh what fun it is tonight in a one-horse open sleigh!!!”

“That was… perfect!” – Ranma berkata in disappointment.

“Aiyaa! What we do now?” – Shampoo confusedly asked.

“Hey! There’s a lovely little bird!” – Ranma pointed to the sky.

“Where? Where? Where’s the bird? I WANT MY HANNAH!! AAAHHH!!!” – Azusa began to cry.

“Let’s go, guys.” – Akane berkata and the pack walked away in peace.


The Royal New tahun party at Sakura restaurant.

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our bernyanyi contest!” – berkata the host.

“Okay guys. Who’s gonna do this?” – Asked Akane.

“Mousse, if anda go there, I splash you!” – Shampoo threatened mousse and said: “I want compete!”

“Hmm… I think I’ll let Ranma do this. This “winning a trip to China” thing is all HIS idea, so I’ll let him compete using his “cuteness”. Let’s see if that idiot wins…” – Akane pushed Ranma onto the stage.

“That girl is so cute!”

“So lovely!”

“I’m cheering hard for you, Pigtailed Girl!”

“Eh? Kuno? What is that jerk doing here?” – Thought Ranma.

“So, what’s your name?” – The host asked her.

“Um… I’m Ranma Saotome.” – Replied Ranma.

“Ladies and gentlemen, lovely Ranma Saotome here is going to give us a great performance! A big applause please!!!”

“Woo-hoo! Go Pigtailed Girl!” – Kuno’s shout must be the loudest one of all, and that gives Ranma a thought: “Yeah, if I win the contest, I can go to China and get rid of this stupid curse, and there would be no lebih “Pigtailed Girl”! I can do this! I CAN DO THIS!!!”

And here we go, Ranma began her performance:

“Happy New Year! Happy New Year! May we all have a vision now and then, of the world where every neighbor is a friend… Happy New Year! Happy New Year! May we all have our hopes, our will to try… If we don’t, we might as well lay down and die…
anda and I!
And I!”

“Great job!”

“Such a sweet singer, don’t anda think?”

“I think she’ll win the contest for sure!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the bernyanyi contest tonight is… Ranma Saotome!!!”

“Oh my god… am I dreaming? Akane, slap me!” – berkata Ranma.


“Hee hee! No, you’re not!” – Akane giggled after slapping Ranma’s right cheek really hard.

“Akane, you’re so uncute!” – Ranma replied. Akane slapped her other cheek.

“I’m not a bebek any more… La la la…”

“Aiyaaa! mousse begin singing! Ranma, cover his mouth! ” – berkata Shampoo.

“Heyyy… What is the meaning of this?!” – mousse angrily berkata with his mouth covered oleh Ranma. Akane and Shampoo burst laughed.

“And the winner received a trip to…”


“RANMAAAAA!!! anda HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS!!!” – mousse furiously shouted and sneezed: “Ah choo!!! What are we going to do?”

“Ranma, what the meaning of this?” - Shampoo also angrily asked.

“Forggg… give me, gggg… guys!” – Ranma shook under the freezing cold wind and snow. – “I didn’t knnnnn… now that th… th.. ah choo! This was a trip to… to… MOSCOW!!!!!”

“Ranma…” – Akane shook under fury. – “RANMA NO BAKAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!”

“Aahh!!! AKANEEEEE!!! St… t… puncak, atas it, would you! Ah CHOOOOOO!!!”

***The End***
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