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Well here comes the briefest artikel of In-Indie I will probably ever write simply because of the game being very simplistic. Have anda ever wanted to play indie games on your phone? Me neither and continuing to purge playing games on mobile from my general area, I decided to play this mobile classic once it came to Switch. And today, we will be talking about Reigns.

Reigns starts out in the tahun 1000. anda are a king who is destined for great things, only though anda come from a cursed lineage, a curse that will continue for a thousand years. During those thousand years, anda are tasked with...
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posted by windwakerguy430
It seems that every few months, anda always hear about that new indie judul that is a true Dark Souls successor. Hollow Knight is the new Dark Souls, Blasphemous is the new Dark Souls, Cuphead is the new Dark Souls- Wait, what? But there was one game that went almost under everyoneโ€™s radar and was less discussed. Maybe it had a following, but compared to Hollow Knight, it was practically unheard of. And this game goes oleh Salt and Sanctuary

Taking place in a fictional kingdom with characters looking like they crawled out of a Newgrounds game, anda find your character left on a deserted...
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(I diposting this before, but I finally decided to renamed the story. I may eventually change lebih things, but I wanted to tampil anda guys what I had so far.)

Book 1: Past

Chapter 1: Genesis, Part 1: It Begins

The future: They say it is full of surprises, twists and turns and no one knows where God may lead us. That is true, especially for the people of Crimsonville, TN. And within the selanjutnya century, a mystery had risen--an evil, sinister plot that remained unknown to the world--and that only those involved knew of it. Well, no one knew until recently. Our story begins on May 10th 2112 at 3:00 pm. Our...
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