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1. Smoke a pipe and respond to each point the professor makes oleh waving it and saying, "Quite right, old bean!"
2. Wear X-Ray Specs. Every few minutes, ask the professor to focus the overhead projector.
3. Sit in the front row and spend the lecture filing your teeth into sharp points.
4. Sit in the front and color in your textbook.
5. When the professor calls your name in roll, respond "that's my name, don't wear it out!"
6. Introduce yourself to the class as the "master of the pan flute".
7. Give the professor a copy of The Watchtower. Ask him where his soul would go if he died tomorrow.
8. Wear...
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-The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum.

-Our eyes never grow, but our nose and ears never stop growing.

-A sneeze can exceed the speed of 100 mph.

-The most common blood type in the world is type O.

-The rarest blood type in the world is type A-H, less than 12 people have it.

-Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails.

-You consume 1/10 of a calorie every time anda lick a stamp.

-It takes lebih calories to eat a piece of seledri than the seledri provides anda with.

-Many people think eating ikan makes anda lebih intelligent.(sorry - it doesn't)

-Some lions mate 50 times a day.

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posted by hetaliaitaly school when its lunch run around the school saying 'THE SKY IS FALLING RUN AWAY RUN WAY IT WILL CRUSH US ALL' in a dramatic voice. class stand at the front of the room and stare and everyone then shout 'WHAT ARE U LOSES STARING AT whatever it is it must be beautiful and handsom' do an amazing pose. a shopping mall ride up and down on the escalators and shout 'OMG THE GROUND IS MOVING ITS AN EARTHQUAKE RUN' and try running up the escalator thats going down. a shopping mall sit in the middle of an isle and sing a song. school go around hugging everyone of the same sex and...
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1.skip randomly
2.pretend anda have a acak obsession of llamas and tell everybody about it and talk only about llamas for the selanjutnya few days and buy all sorts of llama related stuff then one hari dont say anything about llamas and when ppl ask why say "when was i obsessed with llamas?theyre ugly!but i loooovee hippos!"repeat the process several lebih times
3.after anybody says something say "thats what she said" a movie theater put your feet up on the chair in front of anda so no one sits there a movie theater if someone sits down say "that seats reserved" even if it isnt
6.laugh during sad...
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1. Ask him why did he marry a woman like your mom

2. Tell him anda met a guy in school

3. Sing a song he hates

4(reply to number 3) When he plays a song he likes, ask: "What awful music. How do anda listen to that crap?"

5. When he is driving you(anywhere), constantly ask "where are we going?"

6. Call him oleh his name[Not so risky, always done it as a kid!]

7. When he lectures you, after he finishes it, ask him: "Ever heard of breath mint?"

8. Tell him that Justin Bieber is your favorit guy[If anda hate Bieber, go with Cody Simpson atau some who anda like ALLOT!]

9. Come halaman awal saying anda found your true...
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1. Keep poking them until they scream in annoyance
2. Pull an Annoying jeruk, orange on them. Keep saying, "Hey,(insert name) (insert name)," as long as anda want. Really effective!
3. Keep shouting swear words randomly. Like shout out, "Shit!" when they're eating pizza atau something. :)
4. Sneeze, HARD, whenever they're around. Continue again and again and again and again and again!
5. Keep repeating, "What? What? What?" whenever they ask a question.
6. Keep calling them ELEGANT names, like if you're friend...
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1.1 out of every 8 couples married in the U.S. last tahun met online?

2.New York City has 578 miles of waterfront?

3.In New York, at the puncak, atas of a pencakar langit it is possible for people to see snow falling while people on the ground see rain?

4.Passports issued oleh the US after January 1, 2007 have always-on radio frequency identification chips?

5.Shopping is the most populer domestic trip activity oleh American travelers?

6.There are almost two million women veterans in the US?

7.The average American woman weighs 140 pounds?

8.The average clothing size for women in America is size 14?

9.The longest street...
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I've been saying I was going to do this for a while but now I'm finally going to. Just like with my heroines artikel sometime after this I'm going to make an artikel of the 10 WORST animated heroes. I have a very unique daftar with some underrated characters, especially at the puncak, atas of my list. Please leave a komentar about what anda think, enjoy.

 I'm... I'm real...
I'm... I'm real...

Just like my heroines artikel I started out my artikel with an underrated character, however unlike before this is actually a very well-known character. Everyone knows who Pinocchio is, parents have made jokes...
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When you're happy and anda know it bomb Iraq
If anda cannot find Osama, bomb Iraq.
If the markets are a drama, bomb Iraq.
If the terrorists are frisky,
Pakistan is looking shifty,
North Korea is too risky,
Bomb Iraq.

If anda never were elected, bomb Iraq.
If your mood is quite dejected, bomb Iraq.
If anda think Saddam's gone mad,
With the weapons that he had,
(And he tried to kill your dad),
Bomb Iraq.

If we have no allies with us, bomb Iraq.
If we think someone's dismissed us, bomb Iraq.
So to hell with the inspections,
Let's look tough for the elections,
Close your mind and take directions,
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