Elijah Jones, currently in speculation about a potential 2019 album confirms to have "let go" of the Kinlee And Elijah trend. For those of anda who don't know. Kinlee And Elijah was a trend that started off in 2015 after Jones releasee his sophomore album "Utilize" The trend was based around characters in 2015. But upon suffering depression and promoting a Lindsey Stirling album in 2016, Elijah used Kinlee And Elijah as the final passing for Elijah's trilogical album "Forgive To Forget" 2017. Based after the brave Enough album he promoted in August 2016.

Currently, after relleasing the kewyord in 2018. Followers have been in pertanyaan on whether atau not Jones will be releasing his 4th studio album rumoured to release in 2019. With little hype and little posting, we can only hope that Jones will have something releasing this year. Currently after releasing the keyword
Jones is expected to start something new, and different for his selanjutnya "supposedly" 2019 album.