KataraLover is a fanpop member who's made several articles, polls, etc. He's been an amazing member of the site.

KataraLover has very unique opinions. He often feels nervous about expressing himself, but he really shouldn't because I believe that he's a kind person who just wants to share his passionate and unique opinions on things.

KataraLover is very bold with his feelings. He's often a fan of female characters, because he can relate to them and likely sees how progressive and inspiring fictional female characters have become. KataraLover shows that anda can be inspired and relate to characters of both genders.

KataraLover is a very kind person. He's berkata a lot of kind things about me that meant a lot to me and made my hari shine with brightness. He's a good friend to his fanpop allies and deserves to be thanked for his kind nature.

I'm the type of person who's lacking in self-confidence too and my wish is that KataraLover realizes that he doesn't have to be afraid to be himself, because he's awesome the way he is. Feel free to komentar and share your thoughts on KataraLover.