So a while back I made an artikel about how I think my favorit characters would do in a zombie apocalypse link I wanted to do this with some of my newer favorit characters. I'm also going to put them all into the Bad Girls Club one link)

Zombie Apocalypse

Annie Leonhardt (Attack On Titan):

Annie plays the undercover role. She also has a government position alongside Nerissa, the two of them knew each other. She is lebih tight-lipped then Nerissa who lets on that she might know about how the zombies came to be. Nerissa eventually comes clean that she is part of the military and that's where she got the weapons, which forces Annie to come out with it too. But Annie adamantly denies knowing anything important. Eventually the others become skeptical and mistrustful of her and kill her off in a mission to get information. Annie takes her secrets to the grave and no one finds out what actually happened to cause the disaster.

Acxa (Voltron):

As I berkata on the horror movie article, I feel like Acxa would take on the role of the loner. The person that the main characters of the movie would meet along the way when they are running low on supplies atau when they almost all perish. She gives them the help they need and then she goes on her way. I can't see her staying in one place for too long, she's lebih of a drifter.
For some reason I can see her living on a farm, atau she used to before the apocalypse. Her solitude is what kept her alive.

Before the apocalypse she was lebih of an outcast. The one who kind of sat alone at lunch. No one particularly bothered her, but they didn't talk to her either. She's kind of eccentric and never really clicked with other survivor groups so she decided to go solo from there on out. She comes out of it alive.

Haggar (Voltron):

Haggar is that weird old lady the group comes across. She lives alone, probably in a church ranting and raving about how everyone is dammed and how they need to repent. Though Regina really wants to leave her behind, Asami vote that they try to save her (Asami sympathies because she herself is on the lebih religious side, but in a kinder, less pushy sort of way). Eventually Sato wins out and they have a new group preacher. She ends up starting her own weird cult and breaks off from the group.

She manages to rally up a whole group of people who end up mugging the main characters and telling them that it's what they deserve for their sins. That's party why they needed Acxa's help.

West (Emerald City):

Is in Haggar's cult. In fact West is her daughter (because that just sounds fun). West is lebih level headed though. She doesn't practice her weird cult stuff as overtly as her mother does. But she ends up dying as a sacrifice for the cult anyhow.

Bad Girls Club

For those of anda who didn't read the first article, BGC is my number 1 guilty pleasure, trashy TV show. I still cinta my female villain characters and have since added some new favorit characters and I totally did think about this again lmao. For those of anda who don't know what BGC is and didn't read the last article; BGC is a tampil where they put 7 women ages 21 to 28 in a house together in hopes that the women can 'redeem each other'. But they usually just end up beating each other up lol. While some of the characters I chose are younger than 21 atau older than 28, I decided to go with it anyhow. Since I already typed out part one I'll be taking some of the rollovers that I lumped into 'season 2' and talking about them in this one. The good news is, I had exactly enough new girls to make the full 7 plus a replacement girl.

Each girl is introduced with their name, age, where they live, a nickname, and a judul (like 'the southern belle'). Each girl usually ends up with a few friends and enemies. That's how I'm going to kind of format this thing. If any of the above info was not stated in canon I will simply use N/A. So let's get to the good part:

Annie Leonhart (Attack On Titan):

Age: 20
Origin: dinding Sheena
Nickname: N/A
Title: The Titan

Continuing on from the first BGC article, Annie is the fifth person to arrive in season 2. She ends up rooming with Ming and because of this takes her side in the house rivalry. It's she and Ming vs Morgause and Nellie. She doesn't care for the drama and is mostly indifferent, letting the Ming do all of the fighting (physically and verbally). However, she's a nightmare when she does finally snap. She ended up backing Ming up in her huge fight with Morgause during the detik to last episode, before leaving the house. She has it out for Acxa--who she tampilan as a push over--for a long while. But in the end the two end up getting along because they realize that they have lebih common ground than they thought. Though they started getting along towards the end, she only apologizes after the show, at the reunion for having a hand in ganging up on her and the two still talk after the show.

Most Like: Tabitha Robinson
Most Likely To Get Kicked Off For: Fighting alongside Ming.

Acxa (Voltron):

Age: N/A
Origin: The Galara Empire
Nickname: N/A
Title: The Half Blood

Acxa is the eighth girl to arrive, as a replacement for West. She's lebih timid so the other girls start to pertanyaan how she got into the house at all. Even so, with her arrival both sides of the division try to get her as an alley. Morgause is very two-faced about it, stating in the confessional that she thinks of Acxa as weak and that she shouldn't be in the house. But she is sweet to Acxa's face. Between she and Haggar, Acxa is persuaded to that side. Acxa ends up following Morgause around as the other two somewhat intimidate her. This irritates Annie who had tried to tell her that Morgause doesn't really like her. This is when the first real fight breaks out. It is Morgause vs Annie, who finally snapped with Nellie and Ming jumping in. Annie then physically fights Acxa for letting Morgause use her. Acxa doesn't really defend herself and Morgause doesn't step in. Annie is almost kicked off--and was forced to spend the night away from the house. Acxa allows her to stay. And she really thinks about how neither Morgause nor Nellie really stepped in when Annie went at her. She pulls away from the group and is hated (and pretty much bullied) oleh both sides for a while until Annie finally approaches her. In the end she ends up friends with Annie and Ming, sometimes talking with Nehelenia and Haggar too. Things come to a head in the detik to last episode (excluding the reunion ones). Ming finally gets tired of Morgause and Nellie going at Acxa and they get into a huge fight--both Ming Morgause get the boot for it. This is also the episode where Acxa finally stands up for herself. She ends up yelling at every single person. She did jump into the physical Morgause and Ming fight and ended up attacking Nellie too. She was also almost kicked out alongside the other two, but the house voted to keep her in. The last week in the house is very peaceful, they even end up putting aside the drama and letting Nellie hang out with them without issue--of course this comes up at the reunion.

Most Like: Kailie Lima
Most Likely To Get Kicked Off For: Finally snapping and fighting literally everyone.

Haggar (Voltron):

Age: 10,000+
Origin: The Galra Empire
Nickname: Grandma
Title: Quintessence Queen

Haggar is bad girl number seven. She's heavily into curses and voodoo and no one knows how she got in because "she's like 50". She may be old as hell but she rides a motorbike and insists on taking that instead of the cars provided oleh the studio. She's weird like Nehelenia, who eventually drops out of Morgause's clique to spend lebih time with Haggar. However, during the drama Nehelenia usually sides with Ming (despite the common ground she has with Morgause and Haggar usually roots for Morgause. Haggar, like Morgause, is a fan of lebih manipulative tactics. She had a huge hand in coaxing Acxa to Morgause's side. But after that, she and Nehelenia kind of drift out of that rivalry altogether. They usually sneak off to klub on their own and hang out on their own. For it, they have the easiest time in the house. In her room, Haggar has voodoo boneka of all of the girls, just in case one of them needs a good needle jab.
She does make it to the end and is one of the fan favorites.

Most Like: Judi Jai
Most Likely To Get Kicked Off For: Creeping everyone out with her voodoo.

West (Emerald City):

Age: N/A
Origin: zamrud, emerald City, Oz
Nickname: Westy
Title: The Wicked Witch (Ik, so original)

Sixth to arrive of the seven, West cliques up with Nellie and Morgause. She too follows the wicca practice. She is actually the first to leave the show. One of the reasons Ming does not like Morgause is because of the clash of religious beliefs. Though West takes this lebih seriously than the others. Eventually she decides that all of the negativity is impacting her practice and shows herself out during episode three. She becomes a bit of a joke for Morgause, Nellie, Haggar, and Nehelenia. Ming and Annie use this as ammo to prove that the other four are fake and are glad to see her out because that's on less person they have to deal with. She does tampil up for the reunion and gets a lot of shit for leaving so early on. Morgause stating that, "even Acxa had lebih balls."

Most Like: Nicole Vargas atau Deshayla Harris
Most Likely To Get Kicked Off For: Leaving on her own due to the drama.