Regina Mills (Once Upon A Time)

I feel like Regina would take on one of two roles; either she's the dean atau the principal.
In the first scenario, Haggar is the principal. She's the one students are sent to for misbehaving. Icy and Bellatrix see her very, very often.

If not the dean of the school, I can see Regina as the principal due to her abilities and responsibilities as the mayor of Storybrook. She's a rather stern principal but she is well liked and respected. She keeps the school organized and in control.

Azula (Avatar The Last Airbender)

I feel like Azula's role is fairly obvious. She'd be the over-achiever. The one who has been on the honor roll multiple times. I can also see her doubling as both the class president and an athlete. Because of the pantai episode I've always seen her being a bola voli bintang in a high school AU. In the off season she is on the chess team.

Despite the stereotype of chess being for nerds, she'd still be extremely popular. She'd also probably be one of the mean girls but without the blonde hair and berwarna merah muda, merah muda clothes stereotype. She's less of a Regina George type and lebih of that rich kid type. She likes her sunglasses a lot and drives a really expensive car.

Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter)

For the sake of the AU I'd age Bellatrix down. Bellatrix would take on the role of the class clown. She's extremely disruptive, has trouble paying attention, and gets sent to the office regularly. Yet somehow she still manages to pass and graduate. Her senior prank was supposedly legendary. Every time she shows up in Regina's disciplinary office, the woman loses years of her life.

She and Azula do not get along. Azula finds her to be an annoyance. She does however get along with Isabella--who I will always ship her with in crossovers lol.

Icy (Winx Club)

At first I was going to class Icy as another one of the mean girls, since oleh all means that what she is in the show. And I'd still say she fits but she's not a Regina George type of mean girl. She's the punk-rebel mean girl.

Icy is also 110% goth™. She sometimes smokes in the girls' room and has quite a few tato and piercings that her parents don't know about yet.

Nerissa (W.i.t.c.h.)

I can see Nerissa being in Azula's clique. She's also very intelligent but tends to blow off academics in favor of mall outings, dances, and parties. She usually gets in trouble for having her phone out in class. She is a cheerleader and a secret band geek. I say secret because she is very good at playing the flute but since band is seen as the 'uncool' thing, she doesn't mention that talent--until the school talent tampil of course. She was in theater alongside cheer for a period of time. She share the same mean streak as Azula, picking on those who she deems as nerdy atau dorky.

Acxa (Voltron)

And this is the dork. lebih specifically our science and math geek. She also has straight A's and is in a bunch of clubs; astronomy, the math club, the chess team, etc. She has won multiple awards for her science projects.

She's very shy and socially awkward and develops a small crush on the school jock. The same dude Nerissa has her eyes on. Among other reasons, this is why Nerissa harasses her.

In her free time she hoards conspiracy theory videos. She is a fan of plaid skirts and overlarge sweaters.

Since she is human in this AU, she is obviously not blue. For it I headcanon her as being half-French and half-Moroccan.

Isabella Gisborn (BBC's Robin Hood)

Isabella is also somewhat of a dork. But this is only because she is very shy. She is a bit of a teacher's pet so nobody knows how atau why she ended up dating Bella.
She is in both choir and theater. She has an interest in biology. Though she is a bit of a nerd, she doesn't really get bullied. But she often sits alone and lunch and never gets picked when asked to partner up--mostly because she is simply ignored.

Lust (Full Metal Alchemist)

Though she isn't particularly promiscuous, she's the one who gets all of the rumors of that nature, simply because she is extremely good looking. She's a 'B' & 'C' type of student. She could pull an A though if she put some effort in.

I can also see her playing the role of the 'hot teacher'.

Kuvira (Legend Of Korra)

Kuvira is another person I can see having two roles. As a student I can see her being a jock. She is known to hang around the gym and she does weight lifting and such. She's lebih atau less a friendly jock though and is generally liked oleh her peers. She has a surprising interesting in world history. She is a fan of rap and trap music.

I can also see her as a history teacher teacher. She's the strict one whose class it is hard to get an A in atau even a B. She takes her job very seriously and has been known to slip her own political opinions in every now and again.

Ming Hua (Legend Of Korra)

Ming is the eccentric artsy kid. Like Isabella and Acxa she is on the quiet side. She is most fond of the kursi in the classroom nearest to the window. She tends to hari dream and/or draw in class a lot and often gets her art taken oleh teachers for not paying attention. She likes membaca as well. She doesn't really part take in any after school activities because she isn't all that social.

Asami Sato (Legend Of Korra)

Asami is another lebih quiet person. She, however, has lebih popularity due in part to her looks. Despite this, she is very friendly and chooses to sit oleh people like Acxa instead of Azula and Nerissa. She's also a bit of a teacher's pet. She is also part of the wood-shop club and the automotive club. For it she is particularly populer among the male students. It's also how she met her girlfriend, Korra.

Beatrice (Uminkeo)

Beatrice I can see as an art teacher and the theater instructor. At once point she was in charge of the chess team as well. She is one of the favorit teachers in the school because she is very easy on her students and rather fun. She has a reputation for being a bit frazzled and unorganized. She and Kuvira butt heads in the teacher lounge because they disagree on teaching methods.

Jadis (Narnia)

For some reason I always headcanoned her to be a skater in an alternate universe. She can usually be found hanging out with Icy. Though she doesn't actively rebel and make scenes, she doesn't particularly care for academics and on occasions will ditch class to got to the sake park atau to have a smoke with Icy. The two have their own band; Jadis is the vocalist and Icy does guitars. Jadis is somewhat of a scene kid and is known for her wild hair.

Nehelenia (Sailor Moon)

Nehelenia is another science nerd. I also have her pegged as a foreign exchange student. In a high school AU I can see her being either Indian atau Mexican. She and Acxa get along very well because they are both foreign students who like astronomy. Though Neheleina arrived later in the tahun as a new student.

Annie Leonheartd (Attack On Titan)

Annie as yet another quite person. She tends to recluse lebih than the others mentioned. People try to talk to her but she is the one who isolates herself. She likes to sit in the back corner of the classroom and has chosen to sit alone at lunch. She likes to hide beneath her hoodie. She could very well pull straight A's but is very passive about homework assignments so she usually gets B's due to pure indifference. Towards the middle of senior tahun she opens up a bit and ends up joining the sepakbola team.

Morgause (BBC's Merlin)

The school wiccian and vegan. She's the head of the 'go green club'. She's the one who doesn't want to dissect the frog because she isn't that kind of witch. She loves wearing her crystal necklaces and smells strongly of incense. She is among Icy's posse and sometimes makes cameos in their songs. She is in the poetry club and literature is her favorit subject.

In a detik scenario I can see her as lebih of the hipster teacher. She teaches lit class and usually organizes the class field trips.

Nellie Lovett (Sweeney Todd)

Nellie is our culinary wizard. She isn't that great in maths and science but her sewing and cooking is on point. She's a bit of a weirdo but like a friendly weirdo. She's got a reputation as the 'fat kid', but everyone really enjoys her company and aside from Icy she doesn't really get bullied for it. In fact most people cinta her because she brings in cupcake on her birthday and other dishes when she gives presentations.

I can also see her as the halaman awal economics teacher, if not a student. She is in charge of the cooking club. On a few occasions she and her class have set off the api alarm.

Haggar (Voltron)

Everyone, meet the school principal. She's a little wacky and has a tendency to be a bit of a hardass. But she makes sure that the school is in order and takes no shit from Icy. She's an elderly woman and has been working for the school for 40+ years. She attended the school in her teen years and was a teacher at it in her 20's. She became the principal in her late 30's.

In the case where Regina is the principal, I also have a detik scenario for Haggar. This one, I think is much lebih fun. In scenario two, Haggar is the whack-ass lunch lady who gives her favorit students free susu cartons and talks about when she used to be a scientist. She has some pretty wild stories and the students cinta her.

Sawyer (Lost)

Sawyer is the jock. The football jock to be specific. He's a bit of an asshole and a huge redneck. He plays the acoustic gitar and drives a pickup truck in which he blasts country music. Icy is his ex and he is currently dating Nerissa. He is the one Acxa has a crush on. When football is in its off season he is in the outdoors club.