Blessed be thy night in this valiant kingdom.
Twas the last night in November,
Almost to December.
A noble Knight of Camelot rode due East on the back of his steed,
Suddenly, a dwarf called out to the Knight, "Read!"
The dwarf was pointing directly towards a sign that said, "Cliff"
The noble Knight turned to her and bowed, "If it weren't for thou, I'd be adrift."
"You're welcome!" Called out the dwarf. "Just be careful of the Dragon, Kiilamush. He spits acidic venom!"
The Knight smiled brightly, "I thank thee. Dost thou know where I can find a blacksmith?" Asked the Knight.
"Thou must venture Northwest through the Swamp of Screams!"
"Thou art very helpful! Willst thou gabung me on my valiant quest?"
The dwarf jumped up and down eagerly. "Yes! Yes!"

( Part Two coming soon)