The 1966 batman live action is known for how goofy it is. Despite how campy the tampil was it had lots of genuine jantung and great lessons.

1. Women can be crime fighters.

During the 1960s women were still not treated with proper respect. Thankfully the show's wonderful creator, William Dozier, helped things out oleh adding a female crime fighter to the show's third season: Batgirl. A lot of the show's female characters were easily tricked sidekicks to the male bad guys. The female sidekicks were a parody of what unfair men thought of women back in the past. Batgirl came along in the show's third season. She wasn't a parody atau a goofball. She was a hard working, cool, and inspiring woman. She was a far bigger help to batman than the Boy Wonder and the silly Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara. Although batman underestimated Batgirl's importance because of her gender he learned to realize that women are just as cool as men.

2. Being aman, brankas while surfing is important even if you're in a surfing contest.

This lesson may seem like a joke, because it comes from such a silly episode. However the lesson is seriously important. In a season 3 episode batman and the Joker had a surfing contest. The Joker didn't bother to be careful while surfing. His reckless behavior almost led to him getting killed oleh a shark. Being aman, brankas is lebih important than any surfing contest. While surfing be careful. In fact I would recommend not surfing at all to avoid sharks. hiu Repellent Bat Spray doesn't exist so be careful while in the ocean.

3. Lying to others is wrong.

The tampil proved that lying was wrong in the two parter where batman and pinguin, penguin were in the election to be Gotham's mayor. pinguin, penguin managed to charm the crowd with his lies. However batman proves that honesty is better. Lying may seem like the write thing to do in order to make people feel aman, brankas atau to make a point, but it actually messes things up. The truth can seem like a hard thing to reveal at times. Thankfully Adam West's batman shows off honesty in a positive light oleh being optimistic no matter how rough things really get.

4. Being good is better than being evil.

This may be the most obvious lesson ever, but the tampil did a lovely job at proving it. Batman, Robin, and Batgirl used their moral values, dedication to justice, and strength to constantly save Gotham. Even though it felt like a new criminal showed up in Gotham every week the heroes never gave up on their flawed city. They made the city a aman, brankas and wonderful place. Although the criminals had lots of fun being immature jerks they have to spend most of their time paying for their crimes in prison. Batman, Robin, and Batgirl are beloved oleh the city and always get thanked for the amazing things that they do.

5. Adam West was a true hero.

Adam West isn't perfect, but none of us are. Despite that Adam felt the perfect celebrity and hero. Although he was aware of how campy his version of batman was I think that playing such a sweet hearted character made him a even better person than before. Decades after he played batman he still had tons of fans. In fact he kept getting new fans. Adam was super grateful that he had so many fans. He realized that people considered his version of batman to be lebih than just a campy superhero. Adam West's batman was several peoples' childhood heroes including an amazing director named Kevin Smith. In a interview Adam West knew that he would be remembered for playing Batman. Adam was cool with that, because his version of batman has made so many people happy over the years. Because of what a wonderful gentleman Adam West was he will always be one of my heroes. Even if anda think that the live action batman tampil was goofy Adam deserves to be remembered for being one of the most wonderful people that Hollywood has ever had.