Well, I have read many ‘Top10’ and ‘Top20’ artikel here. Most of them revolve around topics like ‘Best Actor’, ‘Most Handsome Men’, ‘Prettiest Celebrities’, ‘Best Movies’, ‘Best anime Characters’, ‘Catchiest Songs’ and so on. After today’s science class in school, I thought to make another ‘Top10’ article, but on a totally different topic – puncak, atas 10 ENDANGERED ANIMALS.
So, here’s my puncak, atas 10 binatang which are really awesome but unfortunately, are on the verge of being extinct.

I am not much fond of rhinos but this black one looks pretty good. These are mostly found in Africa. They weigh about 1000kg. According to World Wildlife Fund, only 5000 black rhinos are left in the world.
Now this one’s from my motherland. In India, though we worship the elephants, but at the same time elephants are killed regularly. Due to civilization, forests are being cut off and elephants are entering the villages as well as towns and are getting killed atau injured. As a result, only 20 thousand Indian Elephants are left.
The world’s largest animal is also going to be extinct in near future. This huge underwater giant weighing equal to 33 adult elephants can shout in a sound of 188dB. These are dying regularly due to thermal pollution and global warming. In addition, they are killed mercilessly, till now.
#7. SEAL
Mostly found in Galapagos Island, seals are going to be extinct partly because of their own mistake. When people started coming to the island with their boats, the seals used to destroy their boats in their absence. As a punishment, they were killed and injured. In addition, some saw the seals playing in the boats and realized that they have the ability to amuse the public. Thus seals were caught and used in circuses. Very soon a time will come when seals will be found only in cartoons.
The Hawksbill tortoise, found in most of the oceans, is 30 to 35 inches tall. Their mouth resembles the beak atau bill of a hawk bird, and thus it gets its name. They are one of the fast disappearing binatang in the world.
The Royal Bengal Tiger, found in Sundarbans, West Bengal (My state!), India, is the national animal of both bangladesh and India. They are hunted in large numbers oleh the hunters. Added to this is the destruction of the mangroves of Sundarbans due to global warming. As a result only 2500 ‘royals’ are present today.
These monkeys are 1.5 feet long, but their tail is 3 feet I length! Their limbs are also longer than their body. They are found in the rainforests of Amazon. These are generally found in the upper levels of the forests and are greatly endangered.
One of the cutest and strongest animal I know, the snow-leopards are found in China, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Russia and 4 other countries. They live in the cold regions and feed on sheep, goats and horses. Only 6000 snow-leopards are known to be surviving presently.
Penguins are always cute. But these are, according to me cutest in the lot. They are only found in Galapagos Island. Unfortunately, only 2000 Galapagos penguins are left alive.
The No.1 stand had to be left empty for this amazing creature. This mammal, with scales all over its body can roll itself completely into a ball! Guess what they eat……….ants! Pangolins are found in the forests of Africa. Poachers often kill them for their valuable scales as well as flesh. About 200 thousand pangolins are estimated to be killed in the period of 2011 to 2013. Very soon, this extraordinary mammal will become extinct.

Black Rhinoceros
Indian gajah
Blue ikan paus, paus
Hawksbill penyu, kura-kura
Royal Bengal Tiger
Black-headed labah-labah, laba-laba Monkey
Snow Leopard
Galapagos pinguin, penguin