Well, here's another chance to get to know Shadowfan100....

First off, I've been drastically depressed and it's getting to the point where I'm tired of having only my own thoughts to keep me from killing myself.

"But why are anda so depressed, Shadow? There's a lot to be happy about!"

That's what some of anda may reply back to me, but that won't make my problems go away that easily.

It's just that.... what really is the point of it all? What's the point of living here in this hellish nightmare? This world is filled with so much evil...

We got: murder, rape, greedy butt-holes, starving people, and people who are literally struggling just to live, and for what? To continue living in a dark world that doesn't care about us anyway? To somehow find some kind of purpose in this gosh-forsaken planet?

Also, no one ever asked me if I wanted to be born. No one ever does ask, do they? Exactly. Each time a new baby is born, they’re forced to live here in a dark world that we all know hates them. How is that fair?

When they get older, they’re forced to go to school just to learn how evil this world is and then after that, they’re forced to get a job and work their butts off for evil humans, just so they can live another hari being a slave to this world. And then they either have a family atau not (depending on the person) and then grow old, retire and then wait for good old Death to kill ya and then anda finally die. All our lives, we’re are told that we’re free and that life is some kinda opportunity atau whatever. Opportunity to do what? Became a slave to evil humans til anda die? Yes, that sounds like a great existence. -_-

As a child, I was homeschooled—meaning I lived a very isolated childhood. Not that I had no one. I had family but lacked friends. As a kid, I was happy for the most part, though I also did feel a sense of loneliness. And like your average child, I had no idea of how evil this world was til I grew older. I’m barely 30 years old, and I already want off this planet.

And before anda even say it, what bright side is there, huh? Be honest, how can there be a bright side to anything when the planet we live on is evil and corrupt? It’s not easy seeing the good when anda KNOW the world is never getting any better. Humans are destroying this world and it can’t be stopped. Every time I step foot outside my house, I risk the world getting ahold of me and turning me into it’s lil plaything. THERE IS NO POINT.


Look, I’m sorry, I just needed to vent this out and get this outta my system. These thoughts have really taken its told on my mind. Now that I have, I’m going to end this now. Later. Shadowfan out.