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1.    “I came all the way to school before I realized I still had my pyjamas on, and had to go halaman awal and change”

2.    “When I got here my teacher wasn’t in the classroom so I went out looking for him/her”

3.    “I was abducted oleh aliens for experimental purposes. I have been gone for 50 years, but fortunately in Earth time it was only (insert how late anda are here)”

4.    “I invented a time machine that took me meneruskan, ke depan to my exam results. I saw that I got straight A’s, so I thought I might as well take things easy from now on.”

5.    “I squeezed the toothpaste too hard, and spent all morning getting it back in the tube.”

6.    “My parents lost the keys to my cage.”

7.    “I was helping Little Bo Peep find her sheep.”

8.    “I’m afraid I can’t tell anda why I’m late. The government has sworn me to secrecy.”

9.    “I’m not late… everyone else is early.”

10.    "The bartender wouldn't let me leave."

11.     “It takes a lot of time to dump a body”

12.    “I wasn't late, I was just early for tomorrow.”

13.    I wasn`t late. I just failed to be on time.

14.    I didn`t want to seem to eager.

15.    "Could anda please repeat the question?" (repeat when they ask anda again)

16.    " The yellow sign painted on the road outside the school berkata 'CHILDREN SLOW', so rushing wasnt an option!! "

17.    "had a meeting with the Pope."(doesn’t work on Pope.)

18.    “I was trying to find anda a gift, (insert teachers name here)”

19.    "I feel like I'm in everyone's way if I tampil up on time."
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