When we got in.The sky was getting darker."Uh...What's happening?"Alicia asked Maybelle."Ariana's trying harder to get the stone."Maybelle answered.A scream came from far away.Maybelle took us to the hut.And we heard Ariana and her Team."I wont sleep...eat...or BLINK...until I get the stone!"Ariana shouted."Okay guys...I know where to go!"Maybelle said.Ariana was standing behind her."Do you?"She asked."Give me the stone,Idiot."Ariana demanded."I stabbed anda once.I'll sure as heck do it again."I reminded her."Oh will you?You Hick!The little Hillbilly gonna stab me!"Ariana teased."You say that one lebih time."I told her,boiling mad."H-I-C-K!"Ariana said.I stabbed her with a stick."How come she doesn't die?"I asked."She was cursed."Maybelle said."Come.I know where to hide that rock."Maybelle said,sure enough,Ariana heard every word."I DON'T THINK SO!"She yelled.I picked up a rock."GO GO!Run!"Maybelle directed after I hit Ariana.We ran.We slid off a hill.We stopped at a bridge.Alicia stepped forward."WAIT!"I stopped her.I grabbed a pebble.Threw it.And it made the bridge fall apart."Now what?"Henry asked.Ariana's team came running.We now knew they were called "The Right Colo".A strange name.Maybelle found a path.We ran.I stopped at the end.I looked forward.Then,I dropped."Ha!I did it!I got anda now."Ariana said."Ooh.THAT'S IT!YOU'VE GONE FAR ENOUGH!"Maybelle shouted.She got out a sword.She swung it."Come on anda wench!Show me what Grandma's got!"She teased.They both had swords.Maybelle finally got Ariana stuck with her sword and Ariana's between her neck."Give.Up"She said.Breathing between every word."You got me now.But I'll get that stone."Ariana walked away.Alicia woke me up.We went forward.We found a cave.Then...A Right Colo stopped us.I picked him up and lung him back."We stop here."Maybelle said."I'll text my mom and say I'm staying at your house."Sarah told Alicia.