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OK, this artikel is going to be in the point of view of many different characters. Before it begins in their point of view it will have their names.
Edward wasn't a school today, too sunny, I'm guessing. The Cullens are probably out hunting. Charlie had berkata that where the Cullens "hike" is filled with bears. I'm pretty sure that they are hunting somewhere else today, so I would like to see how it looks up there. I pulled on some hiking boots and got in my truck.
Eventually I reached the place. I was standing on the side of a small cliff. I found a few beruang prints, and started to wander why I came here in the first place. There was a forest to my left, and it was filled with bushes and trees.
One of the bushes started to shake. Edward stepped out, eyes black as coals, and blood dripping down his mouth. He was staring at me, slowly putting me between him and the cliff.
"Edward, don't!" I was screaming now, fear growing inside me. I started to run, even though I knew there was no chance I could outrun him, not just because he is a vampire, I'm also his singer, meaning that my blood sings to him. I tripped over a rock, and he used vampie speed, took my leg in his cold, hard hand and bit my calf.
"Edward! Edward, stop! Please!" everything was going fuzzy, and he still wasn't stopping... couldn't he reconize my voice, even though he was in this hungry state? I was trying to scream more, but they just came out in, harsh, weak ways, and slowly, everything went black.
"Let's all meet at the clearing," Carlisle had said. I used my speed to reach our special clearing, only to find that I was the last person there.
"Hello, Edward. We were just dicussing what we caught today. None of us had much luck...What did anda catch?" Carlisle welcomed me.
I put my hand on my forehead, what had I caught? "I, I can't remember," I mumbled.
"Do anda remember where anda were when anda made the kill?" they were all looking at me in a strange way now. We vampire don't forget things very easily, anda see.
"I was oleh the cli-, Bella!" I was running now, I had to get to her, soon. I could hear the rest of my family running after me. I skidded to the spot where I had bitten Bella. Blood was splattered everywhere, and she was laying right on the edge of the cliff, so close, I thought that one touch would send her toppling over.
"Bella, no?!" I screamed, scooping her up and holding her tightly. I sobbed onto her shoulder. What did I do?
"Edward, it's OK, she's still alive, let me see her," Carlisle tried to convince me to hand the only person I've ever cared about into his care, but he doesn't know that, of course.
"Sure, just make sure she's OK," I relunctantly handed Bella over. I, feeling ashamed of what I had done, left the scene. I crawled through some bushes that were arranged in a lingkaran around a clearing with only one oak pohon right in the center.
I looked down at the small human in my arms, I knew her as Isabella Swann, daughter of Cheif Swann. But Edward had mentioned something about her smelling lebih appetizing to him, much worse than other people. She was getting better, I could listen to her jantung beating to check that she was healthy. I knew she was going to wake up soon.
"She'll be waking up soon, I want to try something," I told Esme and Rosalie.
"What," Rosalie didn't even make it sound like a question.
"When she wakes we will tell her she is dead, then ask her how she feels that Edward killed her. I want to see what she says." They nodded in aggrement.
I blinked open my eyes to see three sparkling figures leaning over me.
"Am-am I dead?" I mumbled.
"What makes anda think anda are dead?" the male one asked.
"You, are angels, right?"
"Yes, we are angels, and, yes, anda are dead. How do anda feel that Edward killed you?" the same malaikat asked.
"I guess it wasn't his fault, he was out hunting, right, and he can't controll himself hunting. I don't blame him," I said, my voice getting stronger.
"Hmmm. Is that right... Bella, anda aren't dead. I am Carlisle Cullen, anda know Rosalie, and this is my wife Esme," he berkata gesturing around him. I suddenly reconized them all, and with a jolt, I sat up.
"Where's Edward?! I have to see him!"
"He went through those bushes..." I jumped to my feet, well, foot, and toppled back down. My right leg wasn't working, and hurt uncontrollably. But, I, being the person I am, crawled through the bushes, my usless leg dragging behind.
"Edward!" it was so good to see him. He looked at me with his eyes, still slack, and watched them turn back to their beautiful amber color.
"Bella!" I could barely hear him whisper my name, he sounded shocked. "I can't belive you're OK!"
"Of coarse I'm OK, I wounldn't allow myself to die and hurt anda like that," I joked snickering. He scooped me up and brought me to the large oak he had been sitting under. We curled up and started to kiss.
When Bella had crawled off to see Edward, I had become curious about how urgent she had been to see him. I, just out of curiosity, had peeked through the bushes to see what they were doing, only to find them curled up together. I recoiled back. What was Edward DOING!!!
I twisted my head around to see Rosalie, Esme, Emmett, and Jasper watching me as I spied. I motioned them over. In milliseconds they were beside me, peering in, withdrawing in moments with shocked looks on their faces.
We all started to spy again. Now they had started to KISS! I mean, full out french style! Now, we just couldn't stop ourselves from watching. The two finally stopped, after a long time, may I add, and had started to talk.
"I cinta anda Bella," Edward whispered into her ear.
"I cinta anda too, Edward," she said, ciuman him one lebih time on the cheek.
"You shouldn't. I almost killed you, anda could be so much safer with someone else," he warned her.
"I forgive you! anda couldn't controle your self!" Everything was becoming clear now. THIS was why Edward dad seemed so upset about Bella, this is why he was hesitant to hand her over to me. Our dear Edward had found love.
"I want anda to climb me in a tree," Bella suddenly requested.
"Can't anda climb yourself?" I joked. I had forgotten about her leg and winced when she waved her hand towards it.
"OK, OK. How about the oak?"
"Too small." Eventually Bella had found the tallest pohon in the forest. It seemed like hunderds of feet tall. Even though it had extreme hight, we were at the puncak, atas of it in seconds. We stood looking down upon the forest.
"Even a vampire could die if he fell from this hight!" I said. It's true. We can't survive just everything, anda know.
"Can anda survive this?" Bella leaned meneruskan, ke depan and kissed me. We kissed, and kissed. It was so wonderful we felt like we were floating...Wait! We WERE floating! Out of the massive pohon we fell.
"Bella! Get on puncak, atas of me!" I couldn't let her be the one to hit the ground. I, the super-hard-to-kill-vampire, was NOT going to let Bella die instead of him. I wrapped my arms around her, protecting her. That's when we hit ground.
Even a vampire could die if he fell from this hight! Edward's words ringed through my head. We were on the ground, in a huge crator formed oleh Edward's body. I turned my bleeding head to the side, only to see flames... Flames? Is this what happens when vampire die? I sat up, lodging my elbows under me for support.
Edward lay on his side. His kemeja was ripped open, tampilkan off his back. There was a large crack, like one anda would see in a rock, running down it. Flames were flickering in and out, in and out. Edward screamed in agony. His hands dug into the loose dirt beneath us. His eyes were open wide, once again the color black.
"AAAAAHHHH!!" I had never seen him in pain before, it was terrible!
"SSHHH, Edward, I'll get help...don't die," I whispered in his ear. He weakly mumbled something that I couldn't make out and closed his eyes. Just as I was about to leave, the whole Cullen family burst through the bushes.
"It's OK. We'll take care of him. anda can go halaman awal to Charlie now," Carlisle berkata in his perfect voice.
"I'm not going anywhere!" I growled, and I'm not kidding, I ACTUALLY growled. "How did anda know we were here?"
"Um... we kind of followed you," Esme answered nervously. I sighed and held Edward's hand. Suddenly there was a huge flash of light, and the flames were sucked back into Edward's body. He let out a tremendous roar. He closed his eyes, the hand he was holing mine in went slack, and he stopped breathing.
"Edward! No!" I sobbed. Tears ran down my cheeks.
"He's gone," Carlisle whispered. That only made me cry harder. Edward's hand tightened around mine, lifted my head, my tears stopping.
"Wait!" he opened his eyes. They were green. His skin felt warm and I could feel a pulse.
"He's human!" someone berkata it, I just didn't know who. He lurched meneruskan, ke depan in a series of coughs. His skin had lebih color to it, but he was still pale. The sickish kind of pale.
"He's a human with the Spanish Influinsa!" Carlisle shoved me out of the way and started to work on the now-human-Edward. Carlisle leaned back, took in a deap breath, and closed his eyes. "I have to bite him," he said.
"But, but-"
"He'll die if I don't, Bella," he berkata to me.
"Caroline! Caroline! I need Caroline!" Edward screamed.
"Who's Caroline?" I asked.
"Caroline was Edward's girlfriend while he was dieing," Carlisle said. I saw them all look for my reaction.
"Oh, well, she dead now, so I guess he's only got me," I hadn't meant to sound so evil. But when I saw the snicker shoot across Emmett's face, I regreted what I had just said. I slapped my hand over my mouth.
"That's OK, when he's a vampire again he'll only remember you," I was told. Then Carlisle leaned down, sunk his teeth into Edward's skin. That's when the screaming began.

We were in Alaska. I hadn't seen Bella in months and they last time I HAD seen her, we were in the woods, and I had told her I would be leaving...without her. The last look a had seen across her beautiful face had been one of sadness, hurt, loneliness. The only picture that appeared in my mind when I thought of her was that terrible look, one I would never forget.
"Oh, my gosh!" Alice leaned meneruskan, ke depan in her seat, cluching onto the coffie meja in front of her.
"What is it Alice? What did anda see?" I asked. Maybe it was something about Bella. I just ahd to know
"It was a vision about Bella...she was, ugh, jumping off a cliff."
"A WHAT?!" I leaped meneruskan, ke depan and grabbed the car keys, then put them back down...driving would take to long. selanjutnya thing I knew I was getting off the plane. I was now in Forks. The family had come with me. We rented a car and sped off into the town.
I started to follow her scent. Then, I lost it in the sound of werewolf. Oh, Lord! How could I help her now? I stopped the car and ran into the woods, following the werewolf's scent. I told the rest of my posse to hang back, that I would go on ahead.
I came just before a spot in the woods that I knew the serigala would have to be. I peeked through the trees, only to almost fall over when I saw what I saw.
Bella was tan. Her hair was now cropped off at her shoulders. She was well muscled, and had gotten very tall. Bella was a werewolf.
"Why did anda do this to me?" she asked the other wolf, the boy named Jacob Black.
"I had to!" he growled to her. I saw Bella sniff the air and look in my direction.
"Vampire! Those lousy, self absorbant little... What am I saying?!" she put her hand on her head and shook it.
"Finally I'm rubbing off on you!" he smiled an evil smile.
"Shut up, Jacob. Do anda think it's..."
"Bella, everytime anda smell something sweet, anda think it's Edward, get over it!" Bella growled, turning into a massive, silver wolf. Jacob turned into a reddish wolf, growled, cuffed Bella in the ear, and ran off into the woods.
I wanted to kill Jacob. Why did he do this to me? I stood in the clearing where we had just fought, and strode over to my clothes bag. I took the outfit in my teeth and tied it around my paws.
The vampie hiding in the woods' smell was over powering. I turned towards the fellow "creature" and sat, waiting for it to come outy of it's hiding spot.
Out stepped Edward. His skin glistening in the sun. He used super-speed to run to me. He got down on one knee and kissed my snout.
"I'll cinta anda no matter what anda are Bella," he whispered into my bleeding ear, the one Jacob had cut. I licked him in the face and started to make soft wimpering noises. I transformed back, the clothes tied around my paws were correctly fitted on my body now.
"I'm sorry. He made me like this so I would actually live my life," I said.
"Oh, well, OK," Edward said. "Hey, Bella. anda HOWL to my heart...get it?"
"Wow. anda don't even want to know how cheesey that was." Edward laughed, I laughed. He scooped me up and took me to his family.
"What happened?" was the first thing a berkata when I saw the new Bella. She told me her story, and all I could be was mad.Why would Jacob have done that.
"Actually, that wasn't why I transformed her," the boy who was responsable for it all stepped throught the bushes. "It was either this, atau kill her. And I'm tellin' ya' this girl's unkillable. She didn't die wrecking a motorcycle, she didn't die jumping off a cliff, so my only choice was to put an imprint on her," jacob berkata in an evil voice.
"What? Why?" Bella said, staring at him.
"Bella, for almost a tahun anda were miserable, anda did nothing. It was all because of Romeo over here. If I killed you, all sadness would be gone, but if anda were a werewolf, anda would get over it faster, knowing that anda could NEVER cinta him again. BUT, anda COULD cinta me," he snickered, and ran away into the woods leaving us all in shock.

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