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Are these statistics and secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan statistical information excellent atau what?

79% of homicide/murder victims are male.
75% of the homeless population are male.
97-99% of the combat dead/fallen soldiers are male.
80-85% of suicide victims are male.
93-95% (or even higher) of workplace deaths/fatalities are male.
 Mike88Al27 posted 路7 bulan yang lalu
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2ntyOnePilots said:
Firstly, I don鈥檛 know what sources anda used, but this is seriously skewed info... totally disproportionate and incorrect.

Secondly, without males, the human race couldn鈥檛 exist.

Thirdly, get help. Please.
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posted 路7 bulan yang lalu 
Mike88Al27 posted 路7 bulan yang lalu
1. Why do anda care? 2. That means anda don't care about female victims and secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan females, right? 3. Males are still nothing BUT subhuman trash, subhuman garbage, retarded subhumans, and subhuman retards
Mike88Al27 posted 路7 bulan yang lalu
@2ntyOne: He does this shit all the time. He posts the same fucking questions, to annoying degree that makes him either: Unable to understand the concept of getting help atau a troll. Like, no matter what we say, he just responds back with the same shit.
ShadowFan100 posted 路7 bulan yang lalu
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