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In Honor of April's Fool...

What would anda consider the best prank anda have ever pulled? Feel free to mention lebih than one !!!!
 In Honor of April's Fool...
 TheLefteris24 posted sebulan yang lalu
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twinklestar11 said:
the best one i pulled was in 2016. i was in 6th grade at the time. well it was my sister's idea to do it.. so not rlly me. but we had off school on April 1rst that year, and my grandmother thought we had school. so when she asked us if we had school, we just berkata yes. The selanjutnya hari came, time to pull the prank. we got up at 6 like usall got ready for school. as soon as we were about to walk out the door, we told her that we had no school.

the other pranks i pulled were not that good.. but this is the best one i can remember.

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posted sebulan yang lalu 
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