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1. What kinds of things do anda like to read?

Novels about animals.

2. What kind of alas kaki do anda like wearing best?

Combat boots atau flip flops, depending on the time of year

3. Can anda wiggle your ears?


4. Are anda a serious person?

Not really

5. How long does it usually take anda to eat dinner?

An hour/ jam and a half because I spend a lot of time talking and not eating

6. Would anda rather be in a sandstorm atau a snowstorm?

Probably a sandstorm

7. Do anda travel much?

Not really... Just to my grandmom's and back and to the pantai and back, usually.

8. Do anda like musicals?


9. wafel atau pancakes?

wafel :D

10. When was the last time anda were in a car?

Yesterday afternoon.
 ace2000 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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TheLefteris24 said:
1. Encyclopedias and Magazines concerning subjects I'm interested about, Manga/Comics and Graphic Novels.

2. To be honest, I never really tried anything much besides Sneakers. I would cinta to try boots in general.

3. Kinda. Not really noticeable.

4. It depends. In general, yes but when I'm with people close to me, I'm pretty light-hearted.

5. Ten menit at most.

6. A Snowstorm since it can cause less damage and I really don't like having sand stuck unto my body.

7. Not really but I would cinta to. Traveling the World is one of my biggest desires.

8. Sure I do. They are pretty entertaining.

9. Pancakes. I really cinta them.

10. Two days yang lalu !!!!
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
twinklestar11 said:
1. dork diaries mosly

2. sneakers

3. no

4. not really but sometimes

5. idk

6. snowstorm

7. no

8. kinda my school does them every year

9. both

10. last friday
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
Zeppie said:
1. Journal entries/lore pages anda pick up in games.

2. My timberland shoes that aren't actually timberlands but close enough.

3. yes

4. Not really but my resting menggerutu, jalang face would make people think so.

5. Half jam

6. snowstorm

7. No.. no money to travel.

8. Yeap

9. pancake

10. 2 days ago
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
Nick3600 said:
-books on how to read
-tissue boxes
-i can wiggle em better than mobil van, van gogh can
-you should be able to tell from all my jawaban that i am completely serious
-long enough so that it's dead oleh the time i eat it
-personally i like both songs, snowstorm oleh darudolph is a great piece anda should listen to it
-Yes everytime i hear a taylor cepat, swift atau miley cyrus song i travel to a place with different music
-the only musical i like is south park bigger longer and uncut
-french toast
-when paul walker and ryan dunn were having a jalan, street race. i was in ryans car
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
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