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*****PROPS ALERT*****PROPS ALERT***** Click on and answer this pertanyaan and anda GET 10 PROPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok the pertanyaan is.....

Create your own Mario character!! Tell me all about it!!
Minez iz::

Nina is the sister of Mario and Luigi.
Nina has a skinny body like Luigi, but a face like Mario.
Nina has wavy shoulder-length brunette hair and blue eyes.
Nina's color scheme is light purple and has the same dark blue overalls as her brothers but they are dress overalls.
Nina's hat and undershirt are light purple.
Her hat is the same as her brothers just light purple with an 'N'.
Nina's shoes are brown Mary Janes.
Nina also wears the same white gloves as her brothers.
Nina is a tomboy.
Baby Nina looks like a miniature version of her just with a light purple pacifier and really short hair(like Baby Peach)
Nina's evil counterpart is Weina and Weina looks exactly like her except for she has green eyes,red hair, and has a jeruk, orange undershirt and hat(with W on it). Weina also wears white stockings with black Mary Janes.
Weina is a girly girly.
Baby Weina looks like a miniature version of her with a jeruk, orange pacifier and really short hair(like Baby Peach)
Nina's boyfriend is Prince Greg.
Prince Greg looks like a boy version of Princess Peach.
Prince Greg has short bob style black hair and brown eyes.
Prince Greg wears a two piece suit.
The puncak, atas half of the suit is red with blue buttons and a white undershirt.
The bottom half is all red with blue knees.
Prince Greg wears a crown that circles around his whole head.

Baby Greg looks like a boy Baby persik with black hair and brown eyes. Baby Greg wears his puncak, atas half suit but the bottom is replaced with a diaper. Baby Greg's crown is small and placed on the center of his head.

ok thats it for my characters please share yours and get props!!

Hasta La Bye Bye
 GinnyXHarryluv posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Breanna1 said:
its way to long thats wwhy no one awsered it.

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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
wat do u mean its too long?
GinnyXHarryluv posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
InvaderStorm said:
A tahun yang lalu I was obsessed with making these. I actually like a few of them. My fav is Kayla, so I'll talk about her.
Kayla is the daughter of persik and Mario (FINALLY).
Kayla is pretty, she has Peach's face and body.
Kayla has long, brown hair with a diagonal bang on one side, with red eyes.
Kayla wears a black and purple t-shirt with black and purple miniskirt and black heels.
Kayla has a purple headband.
Kayla has no hat atau gloves, but she does wear a purple jantung necklace.
Kayla is a goth tomboy.
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
thanks for answering!!
GinnyXHarryluv posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
ur welcome! I didnt think any1 else would.
InvaderStorm posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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