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What was the randomest/funniest thing that happened to anda today at school, work, etc.

My friend Dani, whenever she sees a pretty girl she has to know who she is, but she is straight though. Today we were discussing this in the middle of the hallway, and she berkata "I'm not a lesbian!", and this acak guy walking down the hallway berkata "Yes anda are", and she chased him all the way down the hallway. The funniest part was the fact that this was the detik time this happened within two weeks - but not the same guy.

So how was your day? Please answer :D
 xneville_rocksx posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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BellaCullen96 said:
Erm, surprisingly nothing funny atau acak happened today...
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
Heya said:
I slipped in my kitchen, twice.
My boyfriend, Mike, came halaman awal and then said, "Hey, can anda give me a back massage?" and then I replied, "Why?" he then said, "Because I cinta you."

But, it turns out he was in a fight and his back hurt, and then decided to tell me when I was on the phone with my mother. . .

Yeah. I think it was over taking something of his possession.

The rest of my hari was weird.
I received 12 e-mails from my cousins and siblings, all about coming back to the UK, even though they were born here with me, they all, even my parents, moved to France. . . . I know, weird. Except for one of my cousins which lives about 20 menit away.

Another acak thing that happened was that I had susu and then a cookie and then it turned out the susu was expired. . . . . . . . .*sigh*

Just another hari in the Glass House. . . . HAHA, anda know the Morganville Vampire series? Well, I have the same lastname as one of the important people, also, the important persons name is Michael, my boyfriend's name!!! HAHAAHA!

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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
Oh I read a few pages of that book
cute20k posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
cute20k said:
Someone told me to shut up and go eat a pickle... o.0
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
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