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this si a very good vid and song
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Listen here!! I have just come back to fanpop from being in the Army for almost a tahun and a half now, to find that the club I made for roleplaying is being ruled oleh restricted roleplays. anda have to cut it out with all this Full, Open, Closed, Invite only bullcrap on all the roleplay forums. Roleplays do not have a on how many people can gabung it, Roleplays are made so that everyone no matter who anda are are allowed to gabung in on it. If anda want to do a private roleplay with just anda and one other person. Start a private message with that person. I don't mind seeing a few roleplays that...
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Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive. Thanks to Michelle for finding it. Fits Sadie perfectly. :)
gloria gaynor
i will survive
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name: C Lawliet


powers: shinigami eyes

siblings: l Lawlight

friend: Bliss Birthday,matt,mello kheel,anzuka kheel,and near

gender: Female

appearance:black hair and black eyes,white long sleeved shirt,and blue jeans

history: C was 11 when this and my brothers parents got killed after they got killled L,mako,and me ran out the door l and mako ran ahead of me i saw them go into a dark alley i went in to search"mako, L! where are anda two?!" C berkata as she walked around in the dark alley.L ran to her side "where is mako?" i asked l "i-i don't know" l berkata calmly "we better find him" C...
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(credit goes to Blizard for this character, and for the game its from, World of Warcraft)

Sylvanas was a member of the prominent Windrunner family of the high elves. Her siblings were Alleria, Vereesa, and at least two other brothers.Her family lived at Windrunner Spire in the tranquil forests of Quel'Thalas. Sylvanas joined the rangers and eventually became their leader, rising to the rank of Ranger-General of Silvermoon, military leader of all high elven forces.

The detik War
During the detik War, the high elves initially sent only token support to the Alliance, though Sylvanas' older sister,...
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