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((Aaaaaaassssssss XD))

A.S.S= ??? (Unknown At the Moment)

Not many know how it happened. Not many love the fact. On the other hand, some do. I mean, in this new strange...strange world, who wouldn't want to fish on the moon? A moon who's distance is closer to the planet than it's supposed to be at night. Literally close enough to touch. The sun looks like a crumbled up piece of paper with squiggly lines coming from it, as well as eyes and a large smiling mouth, and it yawns and yodels "Good Morning" at sunrise. The sky is a splash of innumerable amounts of a variety of colors and the dark blue clouds are fluffy but drippy, sort of like melting ice cream except that they never dissipate. "Oceans" are large, pink, jello like bodies of water filled with very...strange lifeforms to say the least, Rivers are green-blue streams of water particles in the shape of jelly beans while lakes and ponds are a crystal clear green and holds the scent of cucumbers. The forests and grass are an array of greens, oranges, yellows and browns and have their own variety of trippy looking creatures. But not many are able to see this world. However, is it all what it seems to be?

In this strange world, societies are defined in black and white. Literally. While the world that surrounds these societies are almost every color in existence, there are large cities that are trapped within a state of gloom where buildings are in black and white, dull and almost lifeless. Large factory like structures are constructed around these cities and release a thick and ashy smoke called the Gloom that plasters the sky above the cities and expand the black and white effect across a mid-ranged diameter. There are rarely animals within these societies. These societies are under the surveillance of an organization known as the Vantaduke.

The people within these societies are known as the Jejune, people who seem to be drained of color and therefore are grey. These people seem to be the average everyday people that walk around, laugh, drive cars, go to work, etc. Children go to schools and everything seems to work smoothly. Except that it doesn't, and everything isn't what it seems to be. It's as if they all just go through the motions, only experiencing an artificial life that is deemed to be perfection in their minds, an agenda pushed by the Vantaduke. These people have never left the confines of their city unless it would be to go another, never experiencing anything outside of their comfort zone. They are taught that the sky is blue, the ocean is blue, that everything is normal. They aren't able to see what the Outsiders see either. But those who find themselves wondering...who find themselves imagining, awakening... just may find themselves discovering a twisted truth in the end.
- ----
The Vantaduke - The Vantaduke are basically a government of something that's certainly...not human. None of the organizations members have been seen in person, and instead, they have three branches of subordinates called the Sweepers, The Blank, and the Seekers that tend to tasks that they feel are not of much importance to them. Not much are known about them either except that they are known to be extremely powerful, and that they are able to manufacture the Gloom.

Sweepers - The Sweepers are beings that dwell within a bulked biohazard like suit in which their faces are concealed by a gas mask with blacked out goggle eyes. They are the radars within each of the societies that are tasked with three things. The first is surveillance over everything that occurs within the confines of their city and keep things in order from their standpoint. They are in charge of keeping a close eye on those who are suspected of wondering what is outside the confines of their society. Their second task is to take those who are suspects in to be "redefined" if they try to go beyond their boundaries. Or to ensure that Voids aren't born from them. The third task is to make sure that Outsiders are captured and forcefully converted into a Jejune.

Seekers - The Seekers on the other hand, are eyeless creatures supplied to the Sweepers by the Vantaduke in order to do their tasks more efficiently against Outsiders and the Negatives. These creatures appear to have long skeletal heads and vary in different sizes and forms. They have only a few orders that they abide by which are either "kill", "capture", "divide and destroy", or "surround". Or all of them when necessary. They are both strong and durable in their own respective ways.

Blanks - (I...don't know yet...)

- ----
[---------------------->The Outsiders<----------------------]
The Outsiders are as they are called. Outsiders, to the societies at least, because they live outside the societies. ...Duh...
Unlike the citizens within the societies however, the humans that make up the outsiders have a more radiant color and complexion about themselves and seem to have defined personalities as individuals. Children, teenagers and adults alike make up this side of things, and they are basically the vigilance against the Vantaduke. They seek to clear the world of the Gloom and try to open society's Jejunes' eyes to what their odd world truly is. Freedom. They seek to break the heavy influence of the Vantaduke. However, most of them can't really be seen by anyone who's imagination hasn't pushed through the effects of the Gloom, which had caused a few of the more special outsiders to come forth. Those who have a higher sense of capability and mental freedom. The Splendent. (Splendent: Shining brightly/ illustrious or great.)

The Splendents are outsiders who are capable of being stronger and more agile than the average human being. They wield specialized weapons and unique items that they use to their advantage against the forces of the Vantaduke, some of which have effects that are just as strange as their world. They are the ones who enter societies at a risk in order to find those who are "Awakening". Their specialized items usually consist of suited up old school muscle cars, color bombs, and canned beverages that contain god knows what within them, but has a variety of useful effects on them. They are organized into four roles and usually are in groups of 4. The roles are: The Cab, The Tinker, The Itemsmith, and The Inflicter.

The Cab - Self explanatory, the person that drives the car. Runs shit over that needs to be ran over. Has a vehicle that's equipped with weaponry and has space for the groups weaponry.

The Tinker - This is the person who works as both the mechanic and explosives handler. They work fast and usually like to see things go boom with color.

The Itemsmith - Provides canned perks that are basically ability enhancers. Also the medic.

The Inflicter - The hands on up close, mid range, or long range attacker that looks to get the job done with their own specialized weaponry equipped for them specifically.

( Note: Not all the Outsiders all necessarily human either. There are animal people, fucking unicorn humans, etc. Be creative or somethin'. )

Among the Splendents, there are numerous whacky gadgets and serious firepower at their disposal. From color bombs to weaponized vehicles and individual Splendent abilities, these tools and gadgets make them quite the formidable opponents. But nothing says “We Came To Win” like one of their most reliable and signature kickstarts, the Powerpop.

This wonder working canned beverage is one that comes in numerous varieties. Likewise, the abilities and effects that they are capable of granting also come in varieties, the variables being the consumer(with some, not all) and the beverage type. They are capable of boosting strength and other physical traits just as well as altering an appearance significantly.

The exact origin of these canned power boosts are unknown, BUT there are individuals who know are suspected of knowing a bit more than let on.
Another thing to note is that the Powerpops seem to know their purpose, for they are only able to be consumed by the Splendents. If a non Splendent attempted to drink one, then they may either explode(quite literally) due to their bodies being unable to contain the amount of whatever the cans hold.
For a Splendent, the problem comes when attempting to drink more than one at a time because of the critically deadly backlash that comes from with it.

So without further ado, here’s some of the Powerpops that’ll be put to use:

Anthropop (red can)- The anthropop is one of the most common of the beverages and comes out as what would look like liquid fur to the eyes. Downing this beverage changes the appearance and even the clothing immensely while adding an additional boost to the natural senses and some physical traits such as but not limited to strength or agility.
The animal in which the consumer takes traits after depends solely on the consumer.

Caffeine + (black can) - Caffeine + could be explained as a sugar rush a hundred times over. This canned beverage is said to contain sugar so potent that it forces the mind into a state of overdrive by enlarging the brain stem, therefore increasing heart rate and blood pressure temporarily. But this isn’t where it’s efrects end.
Once consumed, Caffeine + grants the ability of borderline superspeed just as well as a slowed down perception of time due to the speed that the brain and body are pushed to operate at while under its effects.
Extra: These cans are usually trembling violently as if they were about to burst open. While under the effects, the consumer’s pupils are always notably enlarged to the point that’s their irises are but thin rings of color.

Hulking-COLA (green can) - The Hulking Cola is every lady bit of what it’s called. From the vein filled flexing biceps at the beginning and end of its name, to the pulsing veins that run across its surface, this power pop is the overall definition of physical strength.
This drink has the ability to enhance both strength and muscle mass to a limit breaking degree but at the cost of agility with the benefit of increased destructive capabilities.
Another downside is that unlike the other beverages, this one has the shortest duration, it’s effects wearing off rather quickly after 8 or 9 minutes.

Doctor Pepper (burning orange can with a lab coat) - This powerpop is probably by far the spiciest, having the appearance of a river of peppers and fire when being consumed and tasting of hot fizzy water amen chilipeppers The can itself is noticeably warm, and when opened releases a turrent of steam.
The ability of given to the individual after drinking said power pop is one to breath a fire that won’t stop as long as he mouth is open. The individual is also more impervious to fire as well.

[---------------------->The Negatives<----------------------]
But there is also another threat that both the Outsiders and the Vantaduke face. Things known as the Negatives, tall pitch black horned monsters that came as a result of Gloom smoke. They have no face and are said to have crawled out of the moon at night when it is closest to the planet and develop in great numbers, looking to drain the color from anything in its sight. Which is why they are more trouble for the Outsiders than the Vantaduke altogether. It's best to avoid them when possible.


-All animals make the verb sounds that we interpret as their noises xD For example, a dog won't bark. Instead, it will literally say, "Bark bark bark, growl growl growl. Whimper". Cats will literally say "Meow meow."
-All animals have large, dilated pupils.

-Toast will be able to talk. I'm not kidding, talking toast. You will see some weird things here xD Some animals may have human faces, and some might be little furry creatures with no legs and arms that just bounces around. Or hairy squids with legs.

-Yes..this ended up being way longer that I thought. And yes, A.S.S. is a intentional abbreviation for something xP

Join....I SAID JOIN!!
Don't create overpowered and flawless characters.
Don't kill anyone’s character without permission.
Do not steal other characters ideas.
If you have an idea, feel free to ask. I answer stuff xD
Have fun. This is like the definition of fun.
The Vantaduke members and Seekers are off limits for the sake of stuff for a little while.

~Character Sheet Thingamajig~:



Additional Information:)

What is this character at the moment?(Outsider, Splendent or Jejune)):
Weapon/Role (If this character is a Splendent)):


THEME SONG(optional):


Stark Valentine / 21 / Outsider / Male / link
Skylar Kinderly / 22 /Splendent / Female / link
Chester Chester / ??? / Splendent / Male / link
Alex Crayford / 19 / Jejune / Female / link
Ander Andrias Anderson / 24 / Outsider / Female / link
Ezla Lokheart / uʍouʞuՈ / Outsider(The Newcomer) / Female / link

Luna Beltower / 19 / Jejune(awakened) / Female / link
Damien Tsubasa / 21 / Splendent / Male / link
Torshiro Mizuzaki / 25 / Splendent / Male / link

[i]???(Nega) / N/A / Negative / Supposed Male?? / link
Pumpkun / SUPA OLD / Pum...pkin.. / Female / link
Fosky / "About 17" / Outsider/Appointed Scout / Female / link
Doctor Penag Poly / ??? / Outsider/Medic / Male / link

[i]Landon Reese / 20 / Outsider / Male / link
Giness / Apparently 21 / Outsider / Female / link

(Random Theme Song that I thought somehow fit....xD)
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
Name): Luna Belltower
Nickname?(optional)): Lu lu
Gender): Female
Age): 19

Personality): Friendly, protective, curious, upfront, cautious
Likes): High places, running, sweets, stars, feeling free, music
Dislikes): Feeling trapped, The Vantaduke, bullies, vegetables

Hair): Short, jet black
Eyes): Ruby
Height): 5'6
Weight): n/a
Additional Information:) very athletic, can cook, has a younger sibling.

What is this character at the moment?(Outsider, Splendent or Jejune)): Jejune(awakened)
Weapon/Role (If this character is a Splendent)): n/a

Bio: She truly believed that the world she lived in was true and safe. Living in a normal world, working at a normal cafe straight out of a normal college and dealing with regular young adult problems. But it was wrong. All wrong. And she found out the hard way when her best friend started acting...strange. She started talking about how everything they knew was a lie and that people were after her. Of course Luna thought she was just kidding and didn't believe her. But then one day, her friend...disappeared without a trace. Luna searched everywhere and asked around but it was like her friend that she knew since they were kids, never exsisted at all. The only thing left of her dearest friend was a pocket watch that was given to her as a congratulation gift for graduating. Since then, something in her mind sparked to life and now, she began to see things the way her friend must have seen things. Luna had awakened. But she knew that if anyone found out, she would end up missing too. Now she is trying her best to act as if everything is normal while researching more about the place where she once called "safe".

Theme Song: Get Well - Icon For Hire
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 Name): Luna Belltower Nickname?(optional)): Lu lu Gender): Female Age): 19 Personality): Friend
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
((Welcome, thanks for joining!))

Name): Stark Valentine
Nickname?(optional)): Coyote Cat
Gender): Male
Age): 21

Personality): ...............................
Likes): Freedom with a cup of coffee
Dislikes): He hates fish ironically. Hates the smell, the taste, and the overall look of it.

Hair): Shoulder length until he cuts it from time to time. It's usually a salmon brown and black
Height):5 ft 10
Weight):155 lbs
Additional Information:) Whenever Stark cuts his hair its most likely bound to grow back to its set length automatically oddly enough, and faster than one may think.

What is this character at the moment?(Outsider, Splendent or Jejune)): Outsider
Weapon/Role (If this character is a Splendent)): N/A

Bio: "Living within society under the rule of the Vantaduke was supposed to be "perfect" from what I've heard. But it seems like once you find out yourself that something like isn't living, then you find a different vibe to rock with. Just so happens that I found mine out here, where everything's weird as fuck..."


- Coffee Drinker
- Slight Hippy
- Surprisingly a Bookworm
- He's a...cat person too. In both ways.
- "9 lives bitch....not really."

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 ((Welcome, thanks for joining!)) [b]Name):[/b] [u]Stark[/u] Valentine [b]Nickname?[/b](optional))
xXDreamWriterXx commented…
Thanks! This looks very interesting. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
-Universe_COLA- commented…
I'm glad it could catch your interest :D lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
Name): Skylar Kinderly
Nickname(s)?(optional): Sharpy or Sky(less preferable)
Gender): Female
Age): 22

Personality): Skylar is sort of cheery at rare times, more so positive than anything. There are times where she may seem extremely energetic, and other times dull and lazy-ish to the best of her ability. When it comes to things like older music or drawing/painting she can be very passionate. The most dangerous of things bring about her curiosity. She is most definitely head strong in a lot of cases when it comes to what she believes is right, and stubborn from the "s" to the "n". Sarcasm is to be expected from her, especially since she's often known to be witty.
Likes): Skylar is a big fan of energy drinks, chocolate with beer, and loud music of course. She enjoys the arts and craft, seeing it as something that really makes the Outsiders stand out the most. Her favorite colors are black and orange along with some of the darker shades of blue, green, and red. She prefers hot coco over coffee. Oh, and also pumpkins. Spray painting is another one of her hobbies as well. Her guitar is one of her most prized and cared for possessions. Poetry too, believe it or not. She knows a thing or a few about cars.
Dislikes): She loathes the cold, absolutely hates it. Boredom is boredom, everyone hates it. She hates the smell of garlic. The way the Societies operate disgust her, and she has a lot of sympathy for the individuals that are stuck there.

Hair): A dusty blond with blue slightly fading highlights at the top.
Eyes): Pale Emerald
Height): 5 ft 7
Weight): "Fuck...you..."
Additional Information:) Skylar sometimes has a piercing or to in her lip or along the lobes of her ears. If she's wearing her boots then she's out to kick ass.

What is this character at the moment?(Outsider, Splendent or Jejune): Splendent
Weapon/Role): link/ The Cab
The Rad Rick is one of the few vehicles that isn't considered a muscle car among the group of Splendits, yet it functions more like one than anything. Equipped with down to size mini-guns that are positioned at both ends of the car's hood, this classic token has the "more than just firepower" to back up its reputation too. In some cases it's also a convertible.
>> Her more personal weapon is pepperbox pistol that she calls link from time to time.

Bio): (Comin' up with one xP)


- Loves Marshmallows
- Skylar
- Likes dogs but finds all the other animals creepy even though she tries not to mind them.
- Loves fluffy objects and spicy foods
- "Hot sauce on my burritos."
- "Do you even drive my dude?"
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 [b]Name)[/b]: [u]Skylar Kinderly[/u] [b]Nickname(s)?[/b][i](optional)[/i]: [u]Sharpy atau Sky(less pre
lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
Name: Damien Tsubasa
Nickname?(optional)): Airhead-basa(when being teased), Viper(mostly during work)
Gender): Male
Age): 21

Personality): When he is not off fighting, he is usually quite the airhead. Quite lazy but also very curious about everything and is still a very kind guy. Plus, when needed, he far smarter than he looks. But when he is on the battle field, it almost like his personality flips and he becomes this prideful warrior. He's cunning, merciless, up to no good, sarcastic and witty character. Still, no matter what, he always cares about his friends and teammates and the lives of those who are still under the Gloom.
Likes): Big fan of animals(mostly turtles and reptiles), training, new things/people, herbal tea
Dislikes): staying still and being told that he can't do things. That only makes him want to do it more. Coffee.

Hair): Shaggy shoulder length silver hair
Eyes): Sapphire blue
Height): 6'1
Weight): .....
Additional Information:)

What is this character at the moment?(Outsider, Splendent or Jejune)): Splendent
Weapon/Role (If this character is a Splendent)): Staff of the Lightning God/The Inflicter

Bio: Not much is known about him. He used to live under the Gloom before he was rescued. His savior trained him to be faster and stronger than anyone he faces. Rumor has it, he was trained by monks or even a secret order. It is still unknown. He has a unique fighting style that is a mixture of martial arts and something else entirely. His speed is unmatched and his staff allows him to attack his opponents with electricity that is stored with in it from a distant or up close. His clothes were made so that he wouldn't feel the shock of the electricity.

THEME SONG(optional): Do it Now Remember It Later - Sleeping with Sirens
last edited lebih dari setahun yang lalu
 Name: Damien Tsubasa Nickname?(optional)): Airhead-basa(when being teased), Viper(mostly during work
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Sleeping With the Sirens! x3 lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
((Aaaah, so now we need the other two roles for the Splendents filled :D We can probably fill those ourselves since there are more than one team of Splendents. Also, I'll probaby have a Jejune too :P))
lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
((Then I'll get right on it!))

Name): Yuno Charles
Nickname?(optional)): Master of Arrows, "Mother" of the SPLENDENTS
Gender): Female
Age): 25

Personality): Due to the fact that she has four younger siblings, she behaves more like a mother to everyone. She can be strict at times but also very caring. She is serious about everything she does and is not good at lightening up. But when she does, she goes into a deep sleep for hours
Likes): Family is super important to her and not just her real ones. Her teammates as well. She loves them equally. She also likes cooking, cleaning, and helping others. Though it sounds like a chore, she finds it pleasant. Tea is her go to drink and spending time gazing out into the world is her favorite thing to do to relax
Dislikes): she does not like fighting within her family. If there is ever a fight, she will stop it immediately. She may not look like it but she is very strong and her hits hurt a lot. Everyone knows better not to mess with her. Even though she knows it's hard not to, she hates seeing people get hurt even if it is just a scratch.

Hair): Waist length Silver with a blue tint on the ends
Eyes): midnight black
Height): 5'5
Weight): That's rude to ask!
Additional Information:) She is bad with boys that try to flirt with her. She becomes very shy though she tries to hide it.

What is this character at the moment?(Outsider, Splendent or Jejune)): Splendent
Weapon/Role (If this character is a Splendent)): Twin Crossbows/Itemsmith

Bio: Ever since her parents passed away, she has been raising her four younger siblings by herself. They have been outsiders since they were born and from the moment Yuno was born, she knew this world was dangerous. She trained herself everyday with one thing she could use better than anyone. A bow. But she didn't like seeing people get hurt and wanted to be more of use. If she could help the splendents, she can keep her family safer. So instead of being an Inflictor, she became an Itemsmith instead. She was always good with her hands so it was easy making canned perks that could enhance others' abilities. Plus, she could heal their wounds when they get hurt. No job was more perfect for her. But if she was ever needed on the battlefield, she would not hesitate to go and help defend them. No one is allowed to hurt a mother's child after all.

THEME SONG(optional): Mother - Ashanti
 ((Then I'll get right on it!)) Name): Yuno Charles Nickname?(optional)): Master of Arrows, "Mothe
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
((Aaand we've got our first group of Splendents! :D Now for my Jejune character and maybe another outsider. We can probably get started afterwards if you'd like :P))

Name): Chester Chester
Nickname?(optional)): Boon
Gender): Male
Age): ???

Chester is a particularly odd individual, a bit snide in some situations and always has a joke or two up his sleeve. Now, every normal individual knows that fire is a bad thing because obviously, it burns you. Chester is the exact opposite being that he is addicted to fire. A pyromaniac. One who always has a compulsion to set fire to anything he wants or has a chance to. It's a passion for him. Sometimes TOO much of a passion. "Explosions are art, flowers of fire finally blooming from a seed of metal and iron set to blossom in a fit of destruction; baring roots of flames that scorch the vicinity with scorns of heat. Truly fantastic..."
Likes): We'll start off by saying that he has a liking for fire and anything capable of creating or being burned by it. He's definitely indulged in creating his own varieties of explosive devices to satisfy his needs to see things crash and burn. Unlike other people, he eats extremely hot food without the draw backs of a burned tongue.
[u]He hates the cold, even though he's able to keep himself warm the majority of the time. He hates the way it sounds, the way it feels, even if something so much as looks cold. He doesn't like when people try to restrict his use of his explosive gadgets, therefore he uses them anyways whether there's a need for them or not.

Hair): Salmon Red
Eyes): Light orange
Height):6 feet
Weight): 176 lbs
Additional Information:) No matter what mood he may be in or what situation is at hand, Chester's grin remains on his face, never seeming to disappear even in the slightest. Meaning his sharp teeth are constantly on display, even while asleep.

What is this character at the moment?(Outsider, Splendent or Jejune)): Splendent
Weapon/Role (If this character is a Splendent)): Pyros and Jandar/ Tinker
>> Pyros and Jandar - Pyros and Jandar are Chester's two "magic" induced choices of weaponry, Pyros being the constantly lit lantern that bares an unnaturally hot flame while Jandar is the strangely built staff, both being in correlation with one another. Chester's staff is able to not control fire, but guide it in the direction that he chooses it to go in with the help of a few variables. It is also able to produce oil and gun powder from the center of the circular section, giving him a wide variety of destructive capabilities.
When it comes to his lantern, he generally has more than just one, them being of all shapes and sizes. Each one has its own little unique feature about it, but they all lead to the same result. Fire, and explosions.

Chester doesn't really remember much about his past. In fact, he doesn't even believe that his name is Chester. After all, it was just a name that he had given himself. All he knows is that he came from a place of pitch black and silence, and in the next moment he woke up within a strange world that was just as odd as himself. In his opinion, at least.

As for his obsession with fire, to him it feels like something that's been with him forever. It's a part of him that he can help, but chooses to enjoy rather than look down on it as a bad thing. Which is why becoming a Splendent was one of the best options he could have ever taken, especially considering that apparently there were more people like him who liked to see things go boom.

THEME SONG(optional): link
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 ((Aaand we've got our first group of Splendents! :D Now for my Jejune character and maybe another out
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
Name): Alex Crayford
Nickname?(optional)): Paws or Allee
Gender): Female
Age): 19

There are two versions of Alex's personality due to the situation that she is currently in now. She used to be an Outsider, which meant that her outlook on things were natural as well as her personality. She was a very cheery person, loud, ambitious, very bubbly and passionate. One of her most known traits were being sympathetic and empathy, mostly because of the kind hearted person that she was. At times she could be childish, granted in a playful manner that added to her innocence as a person.

However, all of this was ended when she was captured by the the puppets of the Gloom filled Societies and was forced to undergo conversion. During this process, she was broken down to the very brinks of her sanity, her head filled with lies and her thoughts programmed to fit those of the Society. Her cheery manner dulled into one that was uptight and stern in a sense. If not speaking to someone directly, she stares straight ahead with an unfaltering gaze. Smiling and laughing became more of a chore than a good thing. All of her hobbies became simple motions that she went through without attachment. She remembers no one from her past as an Outsider, a Splendent. And though she still retains those memories somewhere in her reconstructed mind, they are heavily suppressed by the Gloom. Everything that she once loved, was now a burden of things that she disliked the most.
Likes): Before the Gloom, Alex liked to eat sweets. She also liked dogs and painting. She loved colors in general, and as a result, wore a lot of colorful clothing. The more people that she and her companions brought from the Societies and out of their state of Gloom, the more proud of what they did she felt.
Dislikes): Passively everything that she liked as her own person.

Hair): Straight, long blue hair that was dyed. At the moment its more of a pale, dull blue due to her current situation.
Eyes): Boring Blue-Grey eyes
Height): 5 ft 7
Weight): 155 lbs
Additional Information:) Upon becoming a Jejune, Alex ended up cutting her hair to shoulder length due to her knew perspective being that it was only something there to get in the way of her responsibilities and work.

What is this character at the moment?(Outsider, Splendent or Jejune)): {Unwakened} Jejune {Former Splendent}
Weapon/Role (If this character is a Splendent)): Alex's weapon during her time as a Splendent was a Chainsaw Gun that was able to fire its saw from it's slot. Her role as a Splendent was being the Inflicter.


"Get down! Get dow--" The sound of rubber burning screeched into existence, tires sliding across the ground while dust and smoke drifted into the air as one. The back left tire of the black vehicle snatched off, sending it into a wild spiral to the right as the steering wheel was yanked in the opposite direction.

Up in the sky, gurgling snorts and hollers sounded off like alarms, eyeless creatures closing in from all directions.

"Shit! We're surrounded! Where's the damn Tink?!" One of the creatures smashed against the side of the vehicle, causing it to rock violently and nearly tip over.


"Screw the car, we need to go NO--" Another collision into the car sent it into a violent turn across the road, the tail of it smashing into a street light as the three remaining tires slid across the concrete, fighting to regain control. "One more hit and we're done for!"

"Fuck! Fuck fuck FUCK! It can't end like this! I still haven't seen the last episode to season one of Stranger Things!"

"REALLY?! That's what you're worried about?!" Sparks splashed outwards from where the back wheel was missing. Alex's attention quickly turned to her colleague, the Cab of their squad. "Hey, the guns still work on this thing?"

"Yeah but what the hell is this amount of ammo supposed to do to the whole fucking army right there?!"

"You might be sorta mad...but I got an idea!"

"H-hey, what the hell are you--"

"It's been fun...see ya Kin."


THEME SONG(optional):
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 [b]Name):[/b] [u]Alex Crayford[/u] [b]Nickname?[/b][i](optional)[/i]): [u]Paws atau Allee[/u] [b]Gend
lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
Name): Toshiro Mizuzaki
Nickname?(optional)): The Cold Prince(He doesn't know about the nickname. It was given to him by those who know him and its spread and stuck)
Gender): Male
Age): 25

Personality): He seems like a pretty nice guy when you first meet him. Kind, gentle and caring. But when it comes to getting his revenge, he is heartless, cold and a bit twisted. Because of that, it's hard to tell which is the real Toshiro.
Likes): There isn't much he likes besides those who are close to him.
Dislikes): He hates the cold. Reminds him of his past. He dislikes the things that attacked him when he awakened as a Jejune even more.

Hair): Used to be short and black but now is long, Snow White
Eyes): Use to be brown but turned Golden after being possessed
Height): 6'2
Weight): n/a
Additional Information:) Thanks to the help of the Wolf spirit within him and his strong beliefs, he has the power to awaken Jejune to the truth.

What is this character at the moment?(Outsider, Splendent or Jejune)): Outsider(Former jejune)
Weapon/Role (If this character is a Splendent)):

Bio: On a dark and cold snowy night, a small boy laid on his stomach, eyes glazed over and breath so shallow. His blood painted the pure snow into a dark ruby color. He knew that there was no hope for him.
This was it.
The end.
As he began to close his eyes, he heard something coming towards him. They have come to finish him off or at least make sure that he didn't survive. There was no need for that. He was ready to be embrace by death. Foot steps came closer to him and then stopped.

More silence.

Then a voice.

"Child who still clings to life, do you wish to die?"

Of course. There is no point in living in a world made of lies.

"What if I told you that there was more to believe in in the outside world?"

Then I would call bullshit. And even if there was, they would just stop me again before I could see it.

"What if you had the strength to stop them?"

The strength?

"Yes. To stand up to those who did this to you and those who stand in your way of knowing the truth."

If I had that kind of power...that power...I would kill them all! I would make them suffer in the most inhuman way. And just when they are about to die, I would heal them just do it all over again.

"Heh, looks like you have more spirit in you than i thought. Very well. I will grant you your wish. And in return, you will serve as my vessel."

That was when the boy finally gazed up at the person he was apparently talking to with his mind...and realized it wasn't a person at all. It was great white wolf that was almost as tall as the trees themselves. It's golden eyes glowed brightly and so did its body, forcing the boy to close his eyes to keep himself from being blinded. When he opened his eyes, they were clear and full of life. His wounds had healed and the blood that had soaked the snow had turned into rose petals...

Fast Forward....
Toshiro lives as an Outsider with a young orphan wolf boy named Yuki. Ever since that day he escaped the Gloom and it's evil demons and met his savior, he has been helping jejune that have awakened and getting them to safety. While doing so, he kills any who try to stop him. He was recruited to join the Splendent but refused. He was going to get his revenge and he was going to get it with the help of his savior. Together, they plan to burn that place to the ground.

THEME SONG(optional): Empire of Ashes by Sleeping with Sirens
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 Name): Toshiro Mizuzaki Nickname?(optional)): The Cold Prince(He doesn't know about the nickname. I
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
((I have another character or two that I have comin' xD Because my dumb laptop shut down and closed everything out. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh >.< I'll have some more stuff up by the morrow! :D))
lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
((Great! I can't wait to start!))
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…
((This is in case COLA accepts my character. if I need to change anything let me know. I might also create a secondary character, just so I'm not waiting for nighttime to join in))

Name): ???
the Outsiders named this one 'Nega'
the Vantaduke named this one the 'Alpha-Negative'

Gender): it appears male... I think?
Age): N/A

Dislikes): COLOUR, CHAOS,

Hair): BLACK
Height): between 2.7 and 3.5m tall.
Weight): 0.1 micrograms
Additional Information:)

'Nega' has been known to lash out at anything that has colour, prioritizing anything that is both moving AND has colour to it. once whilst the Vantaduke was chasing a group of outsiders, 'Nega' appeared, but it seemed to chase after the colourful outsiders, rather than the colourless Vantaduke.

don't be mistaken though, the Vantaduke are still a target. it still goes after them, but it seems to prioritize movement and colour.

What is this?: N̩̯͓̣̼̣̜͍̐ͭ̀̋̉ͯͪ̆̾̀͊ͥ̓͆­͉̦̙­̜̼͕­Eͨ͛­͇̓̍­͎̼̲­͈̗̖­̪͖̞­̻̥͖­G͑̉­̍̽̆­͗̊̂­̙̰̓­̣͎̹­A̓̂­ͬ͊͐­̉ͨ̂­͚̮ͅ­̫̣̫­̣͕͓­̘̺͈­̭͍̭­̖̼T­̽̎͊­̀̌̒­̃̎͆­̯̖̳­͓̥̳­̮͉͚­̦͍͙­̹͇I­ͬ̌̑­̽̎ͨ­̱̫ͯ­͈͎͚­̮͈̗­V͋͋­̫̗ͥ­͔͚͕­̬̝̪­̣͙̪­̺̹̜­̗̘ͅ­̫̳E­̍͛͑­ͯͩ͂­̆̒͐­̐̋͐­̖̇̒­̯͓


out of all the Negative creatures to come out of the moon at night, this 'thing' is larger, smarter, faster and tonnes more scary. the thing that makes this creature more unique than it's brethren, is that this creature has been seen leading and commanding the Negative.

to top it off, it has been heard to speak.


the noises it makes is link, it could cause the weak of heart nightmares for years. but that noise... it's link, it's a both a good and a bad thing.

'Nega' or the 'Alpha-Negative' link an link when it can see a person or living thing. if you're someone who is hiding or trying to sneak around this creature that link can mean your doom, or that it has spotted something else.

one more thing:
the 'Nega' has been defeated once before, it was killed. but it came back the next night.

we suggest distracting it with a Colour Bomb if you're an Outsider.

if you're a Vantaduke. stay still, hold your breath. and hope it thinks you're a colourless stump.

and for both sides, Nega has been noted to not be able to notice very minor movements, if you crawl slowly along the ground you may escape. don't run. and try to hide colour as much as possible.

[THEME SONG] [link]
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 ((This is in case COLA accepts my character. if I need to change anything let me know. I might also c
BanetteGhosneir commented…
once COLA approves/Disapproves this character, I'll create my detik one. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Apppproooooooooved! lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
Ander Andrias Adderson
Nickname?(optional)): A3, Andy,Addy
Age): 24

Andy's extremely...nonchalant about things. Either that, or just very apathetic for use of perhaps a better term. She's a very unusual individual for starters, mostly due to the fact that it seems almost as if she almost lacks emotion, more like a Jejune than an Outsider despite her obvious appearance as one. But even with that so, she can still be considered caring in her own ways.
She can be considered a book worm at times too, always seen the majority of the time with her nose in some sort of novel or an old magazine.
Likes): There's nothing in particular that seems to actually catch her interest enough for someone to say that she likes it. Well, besides books and things of that nature.
Dislikes): The octopoda on her head. Annoying people. Annoying octopoda. Annoying people commenting on the annoying octopoda on her head. Annoying things in general.

Hair): Shoulder length; A light shade of black.
Eyes): Black pupils and irises.
Height): 5 ft 7
Weight): 149 lbs
Additional Information:) There's a literally living octopus that seems to be "stuck" on her head named Octopoda. It likes candy and balloons xD. This octopus is also unique in the sense that it is able to stretch its tentacles to greater lengths, as well as allow Andy to breath under water for around 30 minutes, 36 at max. It also is able to speak, however it only sings every thing that it says in an opera like fashion.

What is this character at the moment?(Outsider, Splendent or Jejune)):] Outsider.
Weapon/Role (If this character is a Splendent)): N/A

((I'll come up with it as we go.))

THEME SONG(optional):
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 [b]Name):[/b] [u]Ander Andrias Adderson[/u] [b]Nickname?[/b][i](optional)[/i]): [u]A3, Andy,Addy[/
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…
((I feel like we should put their Theme songs at the top of the character sheet, so people can listen to them whilst they read and discover the character... also I was considering making Pumpkun's theme song link))

Name) Pumpkun
Nickname?) Pumpkin, Fungus Face, Granny Fun-Guts.
Gender) Fungus Female.
Age) dunno, but she is MEGA old.

Growing plants, high humidity, her land.
Gloom, those pesky humans on her land without permission.

Hair) White, very soft, very smooth, very stringy, oddly feels wet.
Eyes) Green as a leaf
Height) 1.6m
Weight) 15kg
Additional Information)

from her name, you can discern this being is a pumpkin... can't you?

this world is very... screwy, and Pumpkun is one of the many quirks you'll discover about this world... just stay off the pumpkin farm.

What is this character at the moment?) Pumpkins
Pumpkun has several different types of Pumpkins, but they all explode.

each pumpkin explodes with it's own unique effect. some might act like actual dynamite, some might explode into horrible smelling but sweet tasting bubbles. so watch where you step. (she sometimes likes to throw them too)


outside of society and the 'outsider's' rebellion against them, the world continues to spin, not caring for the troubles of humans. Pumpkun is part of the world, being a sort of 'aspect' of Pumpkins. though she has had several run ins with both the Vantaduke and Splendent, not really a fan of either.

her biggest worry isn't either group, it's the Negative... or more precisely the humans leading the Negative to her farm, blasted humans.

anyway, she has a Pumpkin farm a small bit aways from the Human Society, and the damn humans from that 'outsider' group keeps on coming and stealing her pumpkins for colours and effects. though they never get out unscathed, by either a simple misstep or by getting caught.


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 ((I feel like we should put their Theme songs at the puncak, atas of the character sheet, so people can listen
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Firstly, that song tho xD Secondly, consider musik added :D lebih dari setahun yang lalu
BanetteGhosneir commented…
I added a scream link for Nega's scream. Volume warning lebih dari setahun yang lalu
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Truly a haunting scream....it tempts me :P lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
((Alrighty, so I's got one more character for the moment, and then it's off we go!))
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…
Name) Fosky (Fos-Ski)
Nickname?) whiskers
Gender) Foxy Female.
Age) she says "about 17"

Summer, Autumn, cool breeze, nature, colour.
Gloom, Negative, cold coffee.

Hair) her hair on her head is silky smooth with a golden glow. the fur on her ears and tail are too.
Eyes) ???
Height) 1.4m
Weight) 46kg
Additional Information)

that Mask on her face has never been seen removed. and her face has never been seen.
the painted-on eyes on that mask move to show her emotion and where she is looking.
Fosky barely speaks, and will mostly only speak single words to single sentences.

Fosky has an uncanny ability to be forgotten, she moves quietly and quickly, her presence is almost non-existent... a perfect scout.

What is this character at the moment?) Outsider/Nature
Weapon/Role) Appointed scout


Fosky just sort of... merged into this misfit group of Splendents.

no one really knows when she joined, or much about her at all. everyone's memory just has her in the background somewhere. some think she's been with them always, some think she's extremely recent.

there is a mysterious story to this little fragment of this world... and it involves all of the Splendent.

Fosky carries with her a picture of another link... who they are is known only to Fosky... and no one has tried to ask yet...

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 [b]Name)[/b] Fosky [i](Fos-Ski)[/i] [b]Nickname?)[/b] whiskers [b]Gender)[/b] Foxy Female. [b]Age)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
Name): Ezla Lokheart (Ez-Luh Lock-Hart)
Nickname?(optional)): "Tis this nick...name? Doth thee mean alias?" The Newcomer
Gender): Female
Age): uʍouʞuՈ

Personality): "Honor by thy blade and may the cowardice of thyself forge into gallant!"
Full of courageousness, honor and integrity, Ezla is a warrior with a fiery passion and a feisty handler of swords. However, she seems to be a bit out of place, though she still manages to blend in with everyone else around her. Sort of.
She's developed a curiosity for the world around her, but can become rather confused by a number of things that she still hasn't gotten around to understanding.
Ezla has a strong belief that everything has a purpose and every individual thing has meaning. Her morals are solely bound around self reliance and respect, just as well as giving a helping hand when needed.
When it comes to the whole "knight in shining armor" thing, this is pretty much her code. Her sense of duty lies in defending those "of the light" from evil. The evil being the Gloom from her perspective. This only adds to her belief in justice, heroic deeds, and sense of self.

Likes): She loves freshly baked bread, preferably in the morning with a cup of hot apple cider.
Dislikes):...A lot of things..

Hair): Waist length and an elegant brown of tamed strands.
Eyes): Blue with a hue of green.
Height): 5 ft 6 1/2
Weight): "HAVE THY NO SHAME?!"
Additional Information:) The armor that Ezla wears appears to be old...very ancient but in a different way, for it is in perfect condition, unscathed. Around her neck is a pendant; a cross of gold and bronze. It's durability is far greater than normal metal. In fact, many are not even sure that it is just metal.

What is this character at the moment?(Outsider, Splendent or Jejune)): Newcomer(Outsider)
Weapon/Role (If this character is a Splendent)): N/A

Bio: "I am not of these lands...but far from home it is. I woke under a sky black as oil...a strange floating crescent complimented a grin. Strange be this place...this doth not bode well..."

THEME SONG(optional):
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 [b]Name):[/b] [u]Ezla Lokheart[/u] (Ez-Luh Lock-Hart) [b]Nickname?[/b][i](optional)[/i]): [u][i]"Tis
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
((I think that's all my friends, so without further ado, everyone ready to start?))
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…
lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
((First Poooooooooooost!!))

,--Because even the clouds seem to sometimes cry in place of the sky in black and white.
A world of perfect lies...yet something never seems to be right, but something is missing.

Alex's attention was brought back to reality by the snapping of her pencil's led, the one who's point she had been tapping against the desk harder and harder the further she dove into that place deep within her mind. That place where warmth meant something else; something that she felt, but didn't. It was like it was almost there, but so far away. Her gaze out the window shifted to her surroundings, the dull facial expression of fellow students consulting with one another; fellow students giving smiles and fits of laughter that seemed...out of place at times. But within the same sense, it felt "normal". Whatever that was supposed to feel like.
The large screen before them where the colorless man of static would drone on and on over subjects and facts daily that really didn't catch her interest. Well, they did, but not in the way that she felt she was supposed to.
Cheek resting in the confines of her hand, she lifted her pencil to a few inches away from her face to inspect the broken led, eventually looking to the chalky marks of black that her tapping the point had left behind on the wooden desks smooth surface top. Furrowing her eyebrows just barely, she straightened the tie to her uniform and used her thumb to wipe at the marks mindlessly, smudging them some here and there.
And then the end mark beep swept across the school; their permission to leave.
Getting to her feet, Alex grabbed her suitcase from behind the rear left leg of her chair and stood up, turning her head when she could see a few individuals approaching out of the corner of her eye.
There were three girls of the same age, two that she recognized as Katherine and Bailey, and two other guys that she knew as Johnathan and Christopher.

"Hey, Alex" It was Bailey who had spoken, a ginger haired girl with freckles, "we're heading over to the lunch bar on the other side of town, would you like to come along with us?"

Alex stared at them blankly, giving a moment of thought before sighing some silently. "Sorry, but not today guys. I would love to, but I've received more homework from some of my other curricular classes. Perhaps another day." They didn't seem to have any problem with that, and she was on her way out the door. But little did she know that the entire day she had found herself constantly doing something that she herself was oblivious of. Wondering...thinking...imagining.
And the boundaries that separated her and an awaiting familiar new world was crumbling.


"SHIT! We had one job damnit, ONE!" The screeching of tires across the road screamed into existence as the fully weaponized Model 18 swerved around the corner, the speed in which it accelerated at causing it to tip to the right some before the tires on that side met the pavement again while he vehicle shot forward. Steam released from the rubber, the rims burning hot. "I knew this was a bad idea! But noooo, listening to you asses--" Skylar raged as she curved around another corner, taking a sharp left and glancing in the rear view mirror to see a swarm of eyeless skeletal creatures swooping after them from the sky and more coming for them on foot. More of them could be seen rushing towards them from ahead.
"Looks like we're gonna have to deal with this shit either way then. Hold on to your seats puppies!" She growled. The gas pedal was mashed down to the floor, the vehicle lurching forward in a burst of speed. Another sharp turn was made off onto a side street. Their mission had been to come and scoop up the Jejune that were reported by the Sweepers as being awakened. There were only two that they had known about, and the third had popped up on radar when they were heading out.
So, knowing that the car had no more ammunition to spare due to them already having to kick asses to the curb before hand, shortage of supplies, and situation value, she still managed to let the others persuade her into going back. It would be EASY, they said. All they would have to do is get in and out they said. And now they had been ambushed.

"Well, we've gotten the other two out, third times the charm and we've gotten him too." From the roomy back seat, Chester was twisting a large cap down onto a lantern that seemed to be trembling, the dark red flame within it wavering wildly. The large ears on the top of his head stuck straight up, and a grin remained plastered across his face as he finished his concoction. "Open up the top loud mouth, I have a present for our ankle weights."

"Pipe down and bite your tail, dog." Skylar snapped, her left hand remaining on the wheel as the right reached towards the dashboard and flipped the switch, the top of the car slowly starting to fold back. She grabbed her pistol afterwards and cocked the hammer.

Chester dismissed Skylar's little comment nonchalantly, for it wasn't really much of anything to care about to him. As the top of the car began to pull itself back, he grabbed his staff and began to climb out while the vehicle was still moving. His grin grew larger as he saw their pursuers spill onto the narrow that they had taken and continue pursuit. He tipped the end of his staff down towards the road and pressed the small button on the side, oil spilling out of it immediately and onto the road where it left a trail behind them. Afterwards, he pulled his other arm back and slung the lantern as far as he could away from them, watching as it crashed into the ground. However...nothing seemed to happen. Yet he laughed hysterically while falling back into his seat.

Skylar stood up from her seat and glanced behind them at the horde. She was about to rage at Chester about why nothing happened and why he had to be so useless at a time like this. But before she could utter a single word, there was a massive explosion from where the lantern had been thrown, the paint like fire being thrown in numerous directions, and the oil trail set ablaze. A smirk came to her face as she sat herself back down in her seat. "I stand corrected."


Back at the camp within the safety of the Outsider's domain, Ezla blinked curiously as she watched people moving from left to right, setting up things. Decorations, tables, record players. Most of which she didn't even recognize herself at first, but knew what they were after asking around some. She eventually got word that some sort of celebration was occurring. Things were getting done before hand in hopes that more people were being brought back from the evil that was the Gloom.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…
((If they're fighting Skeletal like creatures, is it night time? cause that means I might be able to use Nega sooner :D))

the top of the car thudded as something apparently had landed on top, a familiar mask popped it's head in through the opening in the roof, accompanied by a tiny body and a singed furry tail. Fosky gave an irritated growl, patting the end of her smoking tail and sitting down in the front passanger seat. under the mask an annoyed growl came out.
a single word, as usual, the eyes painted on her mask looking to Chester.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
((The skeletal like creatures are the Seekers, but no, it isn't night time just yet. More like mid-afternoonish.))

As soon as she heard the thud on the top of her car, Skylar's eyes narrowed. Oh hell no! She aimed her pepperbox pistol up at the roof, her eyes moving from the road for a split second as she was about to pull the trigger. But when she saw Fosky's familiar mask, her eyes went back to the road, her left hand steering while she lowered her pistol. "Good to see ya, we're headin' home before we get stuck again."

Chester had still been laughing in his hysterical manner when the masked Fosky had entered into the car through the roof, and his ears twitched when Fosky had spoke her single word to him. "--ning." He said casually, adding the extra few letters to the word purposely. His nostrils flared a little when he sniffed the air. "Is it just me, or does something reek of burning fur?"

"Then close your mouth because it stinks and obviously burning yours." Skylar commented rashly with a scowl, spinning the wheel to the left again, the car slinging around the corner. She glanced between the road and Fosky. "So how'd it go on your end? Better than ours I hope."
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…
Fosky shook her head, her ears on her head flapping as she did so. the 'third' they were meant to get was either a no show... or...
Fosky had finished patting down her singed fur. she placed her tail on her lap.
"target captured. trap bait."
Fosky pulled something out from under her sleeve, a piece of metal shrapnel... or most likely a bullet. a drop of blood came trailing down from her sleeve.
"Danger. return home. good idea."
she tapped the glass window, sort of pointing at the sun.
"night soon... danger soon..."
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
Luna wanted nothing more than to shout at th people around her. How could they live life so oblivious to the real truth?! But then again, she was the same way before...the incident. Her best friend must have awakened and tried to get her to open her eyes as well. Why didn't she listen to her? If she did, would her only true friend still be here? Would they have been able to escape together? Luna shook her head as she fixed someone's coffee. It's pointless thinking about the past now. Right now she just has to keep smiling and pretending that everything is okay. If she doesn't....she glanced at the security camera in the corner of the cafe. It was scanning the shop before landing on her. Luna quickly looked back the customer and handed them their coffee.
"Here is your coffee! Enjoy!" She said 'happily' and watched them leave. If she didn't watch herself, they might figure it out that she isn't the same anymore. Then...she would end up just like her best friend.


In the infirmary, Yuno let out a sigh as she changed the banadages on Damien's back. The wound was three deep claw marks from across. It's been a week since he first received it and it almost looked completely healed. She put some of her home made remedy on her hands before gently touching the wound.

Damien winces slightly. "Ow! That still stings. I guess I went a bit overboard last time."

"This is what you get for suddenly taking off during the mission. I know you were trying to save someone but there are better ways to do it than being a human shield." Yuno said as she kept putting the ointment on.

"You weren't there. I had to or else that Jejune would be mince meat right now. I did what I had to." He sighed. "I'm sorry..."

Yuno smiled slightly and patted his head. "I know. I'm just glad you came back alive." Once she finished putting on the ointment, she carefully wrapped him up and nodded when all done. "There! All set! I still say don't push yourself but when do any of you listen to that advice?"

Damien smiled. "Thanks mother. I wouldn't have made it without you."

"True." Yuno giggled. "Your welcome. Now put your shirt on. The others should be coming back soon. I just hope that none of them got too badly hurt." She stood up and stretched. "Shall we go greet them?"


Yuki ran down the streets of the Outsider domain with a basket filled to the top with apples. His tail wagged back and forth with excitement as he had finally finished everything on his list. Toshiro would be so proud of him. He turned the corner and crashed right into someone. He fell back from the impact and his apples went flying out of his basket and scattered across the ground. Yuki slowly sat up and rubbed the back of his head. There was a small bump and he winced every time he touched it. He looked up at the person he bumped into.

"I'm so sorry! I should have watched where I was going." Yuki said quickly. The first thing he noticed about the woman was her pointy ears. An elf. Next was her eyes which, at first glance, reminded him of the ocean. Overall, he found her very pretty.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…
lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
((Ano...Banette-san...my character bumped into Ezla if you didn't know.))
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…
((I'm aware of that, I can read. the 'boop' is for COLA to reply.))
lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
((Ah! Gomen. Watashi wo yurushite! I didn't know.))
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
((Present, just sleeping lol xD Gonna get to a reply!))
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
Skylar let out a tedious sigh. "Danger, huh?" Her pale emerald eyes moved from the road and glared at Chester through the rear-view mirror pale for a second or so, redirecting afterwards. But not before glancing over at Fosky for a moment. "We'll getcha to Charles so she can tend to that." She said, referring to the blood that was trickling down the scout's sleeve.

Chester had only rolled his eyes dismissively and shrugged when he received the glare from Skylar. He yawned loudly, his tongue rolling from his mouth and his sharpened teeth gleaming very slightly. "Step on it taxi."

"I'll step on your face. I ain't no damn taxi driver." Skylar retorted bluntly in a growl, rotating the wheel skillfully and sending the vehicle into a short lived drift as it turned another corner. Her gaze shifted to the back and white road and buildings around them. I hate this place...


Ezla's eyebrows lifted slightly as she turned her gaze to the child, then to the apples that lay scattered across the ground. When she looked back to the child, she gave a gentle smile and knelt down to pick up one of the fruit, the sword strapped to the back of her waist shifting with her movements while she did so. "Tis alright small one, take no shame in accidents. With all the crinkum-crankum, it was foresaw to occur at some time, yes?" She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear, holding the apple out to the child. "Art thou alright?"
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
Yuki's ears pointed straight up as his cheeks flushed. "Y-Yes! I'm fine. A small bump on my head but I'll be fine." He chuckles nervously and gently took the apple from her. "Th-Thank you Miss..." He found the way she talked a bit strange since he had never heard anyone talk that way before. His tail swept against the floor nervously. Pretty girls like her made him feel so shy and nervous. He really wasn't use to them. "I promise I'll be more careful from now on."
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
Ezla smiled sweetly and gave a lively chuckle. "If it tis an oath that thou can hold, then I shall keep thee to thy word." She tipped her head slightly, noticing the boy's fur covered ears sticking up on the top of his head. She found this strange. However, she had seen many things that would be considered strange since her arrival in this land of oddities. "Here, I shall help thee regather thy strewn pome fruits." She decided, picking some of the apples from the ground and wiping them off dress like attire.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
Yuki smiled, his cheeks slightly rosy. "Thank you!" He started to pick up the apples as well but then noticed that she was wiping the apples on her lovely outfit. "Oh! Your dress! It will get dirty that way." Toshiro told him that most women hated getting their dresses and other outfits dirty. It ruins the image of being proper and delicate. He felt bad that he was making a beautiful woman get dirty because of someone like him.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…
Fosky laid herself back into the chair... she needed some rest...
first a trap, then a near failure of an escape, followed by a chase by Seekers, then Chester's surprise explosion...

she held her hand over her arm, presumably where the blood was coming from.
"Lieber Ehemann, ich bin noch nicht fertig."

Fosky spoke in German, a phrase Fosky has said many times. most of them after a fight.
some aren't really sure of what it means, but most just assume it means 'I'm not dead yet'
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
Skylar glanced over at Fosky once more when she heard the phrase. To her, it was just a signal that it was time to go home after a long day. It made sense to her that way. "At least when we get back we'll get to settle things down for the day ri--" She was cut off when a blunt force struck the back of the vehicle, causing it to give a heavy jerk forward. "SHIT!" Her head turned at an overhead screech that split into the air, only to find that a single winged 'seeker' was on their tail. And it's screeches were calling more.

"Looks like their Radar found us pretty quickly.." Chester looked out the open roof of the car, his ears twitching slightly in annoyance, but the grin remaining solid.

Behind them, another gathering of their pursuers was starting to commence. Skylar cringed some when the winged creature behind them let out another screech. "Yeah, no damn kidding! Remind me why the others were no-shows again!" She jerked the steering wheel to the right, her hand moving to the stick shift to switch gears. But as she went to go take another turn, her eyes widened, foot smashing down on the brakes and shifting into reverse as another one of the Seekers flanked them. The 'Radar' behind them crashed into the back of the car while the flanking 'Seeker' collided with the side of the car. It was what they called a "Grounder", much bulkier seekers that had the characteristics of what looked to be a rhinoceros. ((Incoming Info on the classes of Seekers))
But the full on force had been evaded, for it was only able to tackle into some of the front portion of the car with enough force to send it into a spiral. Skylar fought for control over the steering wheel as the car spun, the rubber tires burning against the concrete road until finally she was able to bring her beloved vehicle out of its spin. It came to a stop facing the direction that they had been coming from, and seeing the incoming onslaught of Seekers, she stepped on the gas, the car remaining in reverse, the Grounder making its way back around to charge at them again from ahead.


Ezla came to a short pause, looking down to her dress like attire when the child had brought it to her attention. "Oh, this? Fear not child, a little dirt is no harm. Do not worry thyself, tis only tunic." She put the last of the fallen apples into the basket that had fell along with them. "Here you are." She held the basket out to the child, smiling some. "Have thee a name young one?"
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…

Fosky blurted from the impact of the Grounder, her arms instinctively grabbed the roof of the car, and the chair, immediately apon the impact Fosky's legs shifted from a seated position to a sort of squat, seemingly as if she was going to do a high-jump.

Fosky wouldn't be much help here... maybe as a diversion, but other than that, combat for her is limited to secluded targets.

Fosky's mask eyes kept bouncing between the seekers from all directions. not much she could do at all.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
"Orders? I'll have a burger with extra cheese, hold the mayo, extra tomatoes with boiled and grilled fish and a side of fries." Chester casually commented, staff in hand as he began to shift into a stand on the back seat. "Oh, and also--"

"Shut up Boon! ("Eat butt Sharpy" Chester shot back.)" Skylar barked, her eyes narrowing at the Grounder still pursuing them then to Radars that had grown by the cluster. She cursed to herself, her thoughts running through what they were going to do next. And she was going to have to come up with something fast. "Whiskers, I'm gonna need you to take the wheel and make sure we don't crash," She said with a bit of resentment, already in the middle of removing her seat belt. Not towards Fosky, but the fact that she was going to let someone else drive her car, even if it was only going to be for a little bit. She hated it. Even though it was already getting more battered than usual, and the extra scratches and dents weren't going to help in the slightest.

Chester had climbed out onto the back portion of the roof, wavering a little until he found his balance on the moving vehicle, his hair blowing forwards from the direction that the car was moving in. He swung his staff at one of the Radars that swooped down at him, knocking it back and causing it to collide into another. Both went flying backwards into the approaching swarm. He spun the pole weapon and smashed the bottom of it into the face of another attacking seeker, his balance being thrown off some when the Grounder was close enough to strike the front of the car with its tusk as it chased them down.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…
Fosky did as she was told, moving to replace Skylar in the driving seat.

Fosky wasn't as good a driver as Skylar, but she could try. make sure not to crash... easy.
Fosky was used to not hitting things, being a scout and all.

but, she could also help another way. her ears flapped around, moving and twisting in all directions.
"12 from behind, another 20 or so incoming for reinforcement... maybe 2 more Grounders, Schnell!"

Fosky was fairly desperate to avoid hitting whatever she could, though the Grounder smashing the front didn't help, the car swerved and curved as Fosky tried to drive.
((I can't actually visualize where the car is right now @_@, brain is a mess between documents, and it's 4:40am))
lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
Yuki took the basket slowly and smiled. "Thanks! I'm Yuki. Part wolf, if you didn't know. " he chuckled. "I live with my brother. Step brother since I'm an orphan but he is basically like my real brother! He is super cool!" Then he gasped and blushed furiously. "Oh! Sorry. I just started blabbering about other stuff and you only asked me my name." Oh he hoped he didn't freak her out. "Uh what's your name m, if I may ask?"


A furry of arrows attacked the grounder in the front of the car. Coming towards them in a jeep, was Yuno and Damien. Damien drove as Yuno continued to fire arrows while riding on top of the car. "Hang on guys! Back up is here!" Yuno shouted as she fired more arrows
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
"Two?! You've gotta be fucking KIDDING ME!" Skylar exclaimed, the dismay in her voice being just as obvious as ears on the top of Chester's head. She opened the driver's side door and held on to the inside of the car, her foot remaining on the gas pedal at she leaned out of the door. When the Grounder had rammed into the front of the car again, she staggered slightly, balancing herself on one foot while leaning further out, the cars swerving not making it much easier to do so. "Hey, don't fuck up my car!" She yelled to Fosky over the screeching of one of the winged seekers. She took her aim and fired off three shots, the first one only managing to graze one of the main Radars, the other two making fine holes in the skull another. With each shot the chamber spun with a click, her finger locking onto the hammer with each short lived aim before firing.
Her attention alternated to the Grounder just as it was coming in again, only to be met with a rain of arrows that either managed to pierce through it or break against its tougher areas. And it just kept charging forward at them.

Chester had ducked down when the terrain of arrows came to the rescue, his ears perking at the sound of the familiar voice that came afterwards. "Well look who decided to show up late to the party!"

"About damn time!" Skylar took her next shot at the Grounder, the slug like shell of a bullet punching a rigid hole through its horn and into it's head. She only could watch the first second or so of the creature crashing into the ground and tumbling backwards, crushing some of the smaller Seekers.


"Part..wolf?" Ezla's pointed ears had perked at this detail in curiosity, and she listened to the child continue on about himself. Finding out that the child was an orphan made her feel sympathy, but hearing that he did in fact have family made things a bit easier on her mind. When the boy she now knew as Yuki asked her of her name, her expression became puzzled for a second. And nonetheless, she answered. "I, am Ezla of the elven. I am very pleased to meet you."
lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
Damien stuck his head out the window and blew them a kiss, smirking. "What? You guys missed us that much? Why didn't you say so!" He zoomed up so that their cars were right next to each other. He was itching to jump right into the fight but a throbbing on his back reminded him why he shouldn't.

Yuno rolled her eyes. She knew he got this way when he got on the battlefield but that didn't make it any easier to deal with. "Just focus on driving. You are still not ready to fight yet." Her focus went back to the others. "You guys okay?" She saw movement in the corner of her eye and shot a Seeker coming up beside her in the eye and straight through it's head.


Yuki's ears perked up at that. "An elven. A real one! I've never met one before. Especially one so pretty." He quickly covered his mouth, blushing furiously. Toshiro did warn him that being too honest is a good thing but also can get him into some trouble. Slowly dropping his hands to his tail to fiddle with as he tried to find his words. "I...uh...sorry. I tend to say things without thinking. But it's true!" He smiled, his blush calming down a bit. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Ms. Ezla."
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
"Psh, missed you? You're not exactly much to miss, especially not in that ugly shitty ass "almost there" car you're drivin'." Skylar grinned some, pulling herself up closer to the car and shifting in the other direction to shoot down another one of the winged Seekers. She then turned to glance at Yuno. "Define "ok", because if being ambushed, trapped, and having to deal with these things all over again in the same day counts, then yeah, we're just peachy." She said sarcastically.

Chester looked down over at them from the roof of the car. "Uhhh...guys, sorry to interrupt, but we've got more guests." He pointed his thumb behind him, the car still being in reverse.

And just as he had said, they had more company. From the direction they were headed in, another swarm was heading towards. "Oh COME ON!!" Skylar groaned.


Meanwhile, Alex's head shot up from her studying book once more as the commotion unknown to her continued. There had been small tremors here and there, something that sounded like a bomb being dropped earlier, and...gunshots? But as she looked around at her peers, she saw that she must have been the only one who noticed. Which meant that she was potentially noticing nothing, which translated in her brainwashed mind that she wasn't doing enough work or studying.

But there was a sensation burning in the back of her mind that felt as if it were growing and growing, the voice of her own consciousness gradually but surely becoming more clear, though she couldn't quite understand what this feeling was.


"Why thank thee, such a kind young child." Ezla chuckled when Yuki had said that she was pretty, and even more so a the hue of red that stung at his cheeks afterwards. She gave his head a small pat. "Tis alright little one, as long as thou so has the strength to show kindness without thinking. And there are many that would find my kind quite the abomination, so I appreciate thou's good mannered words."
lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
Damien winked. "Oh you know I'm just trying to impress you the best I can." When he saw even more coming, he knew what he had to do. "Yuno, switch with me."

Yuno glanced down at him. "Are you crazy? I told you - wait! Stop that!" But it was too late as Damien began to climb out the driver window. He grinned at her and she mentally cursed before she quickly slid in through the passenger window and got over to the driver seat just at the same time as Damien was fully out and on the roof the car. He tied his hair back and pulled out a small pole from his back pocket. Clicking something on the side, extended it his body length, sparks coming off it. "Well ladies and gents! Let the party begin!"


Luna kept glancing out the cafe window, expecting everyone to do the same. But no one was. Was this something only someone who had awakened hear? This was bad. She glanced at the camera and then at her watch. Her shift was almost over. Once she was free, she would make her way, as casually as possible, over to source of the noise. Maybe she could learn something more about the truth of this world.


Yuki smiled even more and chuckled. "You have an interesting way of talking. I've never heard anyone talk that way before. I'm sure even my big brother would find it interesting." An idea popped into his head. "Oh! How about you come to our home? As a way to apologize for bumping into you. My brother is a really good cook! These apples are for a hot apple cider recipe he's making. I'm sure you would like it!" His tail kept wagging his tail back and forth in excitement. He really liked Ezla. And it would be a bit saddening if they had to part.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Epismatic said…
(Are you still accepting newcomers? If so, I'd love to join once I've made a character!)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu -Universe_COLA- said…
((Of course! Feel free!))

As Skylar's car continued to burn rubber while coursing in the opposite direction that it was pointed in, the seekers began their attack in their attempt to close in around the group of Splendents with vigor. The city, once a canvas of black and white was starting to be splashed in color, the second horde approaching fast from behind.

Up top on the roof of the vehicle, Chester swatted away another one of the winged seekers forcefully, his head then turning at the feeling of the ground rumbling beneath them. "We still got chips on our shoulders, too many! Any time now!"

Skylar glanced behind her, her eyes the only confirmation needed to know that Chester was obviously right. From her position on the driver's side door, she could see the incoming frenzy of the skeletal beasts heading directly for them. They were short on ammo, probably had zip on can perks, and out of--Wait a minute!
Her eyes caught sight of the narrow shot that they had onto another road further up ahead; in that same instance, she remembered that they weren't out of everything. She looked over to the Jeep that Damien had been driving. "Hey, you two better jump ship, shit's about to get rough!", she yelled over to them. "Chester, oil us up, I got a route!"

"Route?! Bitch WHERE!?!" Chester exclaimed, turning his head sharply to look at her while fending off more of their attackers.

"Ugh--JUST DO IT, and help the other two get their asses over here pronto!" Skylar's leg extended in a sharp kick when one of the Seekers had gotten to close.

"Say please, pretty please and I'll think about it." Chester smirked when he heard Skylar's tedious groan.

"It's going to go fucking boom!"

At these words, Chester's smirk shifted into a growing grin. "Close enough, you should've said that sooner." He spun his staff and pointed the end of it down towards the role, oil spurting from it a second later as he knelt down, his grip finding the inside of the car where the roof had folded back.

"Whiskers, switch. Imma need you to be our radar from the roof and have Ches's back while the other two make the jump," Skylar said while resting her feet onto the flat surfaced rail that was positioned under the doors. "We're gonna have to make this quick."


Ezla's head tipped to the side a little, some of her elegant brown hair following the motion and falling at an angle. She had never had anyone take as much interest in the manner in which she spoke until she had found herself in these lands. At the child's proposal, she was silence in thought for a few seconds, turning to gaze at the decorations that were being arranged. Though she had been intrigued by the gathering, she really hadn't been doing anything that would other wise give her a reason to deny the child's offer, for he seemed to be rather happy at the idea of her coming along with him.

Not only that, but she felt as if keeping an eye on the child was the better decision. It was a gut feeling telling her so. And she trusted it. Turning back to the child, she brushed him off and took it upon herself to tidy up his hair. "Very well then, I suppose making sure that thee returns home safe and sound would be the most appealing to responsibility."
lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
"Better not get to close, Ches. I might shock you on accident." Damien said as he jumped with ease on to the other car; just in in time to swing his staff at a seeker's head, smashing it's head with an electric shock for extra damage. He turned back to Yuno and stuck his hand out to her. "Come on! Time for a new ride."

Instead of giving him her hand, she tossed him a small bag. Confused, Damien opened it to see a few more can perks. She smiled slightly. "Had a feeling we might needed that."

Damien, despite their situation, laughed. "That's Charles for ya! Full of surprises. Now it's your turn. Give me your hand." He passed the bag to Chester before reaching out to her again. Yuno carefully yet quickly managed to slide half her body out, sitting on the window while her feet kept the steering wheel straight. She grabbed Damien's hand and he instantly pulled her out, stumbling back a bit. Yuno's legs got caught in the window but she quickly got free and kicked off for a little extra boost. Yuno, on all fours, sighed in relief. "Okay, we're on. What now?"


After Luna's shift had finally ended, she changed quickly and headed out, waving bye to everyone as she did. Calmly yet quickly, she made her way towards the noise, only to stop to notice he splash of color in the sky. Her eyes widened as she saw splashes of color up a head of her. "Wow...so beautiful." She muttered herself. Something was telling her that she needed to find the source of the noise right away. That she was so close to truth, she could almost taste it...


Yuki's ears perked up again in excitement. "Really?! Wow! I can't wait to show you around. And then we can come back for the celebration since it won't be starting till later." He grabbed her hand and began guiding her along. "I can't wait for you to meet my big brother. He can be a bit cold at times but he really has a good heart." He knew he had been out longer then planned and toshiro might be worried but he was sure that all would be forgiven once Yuki showed him all the great quality apples he got. Plus, the extra company is what their little home needs.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…
Fosky nodded.
"Understood... switch..."

she carefully moved out to allow Skylar to retake her position as the driver, then moved over near the backseat, directly underneath the open space in the roof... she listened intently and carefully.

"Incoming... blocked left..."
Her ears were constantly moving, flapping to the left, right, up and down.

"More seekers... Grounders inbound... route quickly... wait...."
Fosky's ears both twisted to the left...

"Fosky hears.... 'beautiful'... possible Awakened... possible trap..."
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu xXDreamWriterXx said…
Yuno slid through the open roof and sat right next to Fosky. "Possible Awakened? If so, they are in danger. With this many Seekers out, there will be no hiding it. They will be found. Besides, I doubt any trap would say 'beautiful'." She smiled slightly at Fosky. "Don't you think?"

Damien swung his staff and releases a wave of electricity and took down a group of Seekers on their left. "I don't know about that! They could be talking about how our corpses will look when they get their hands on us. Which, will certainly not happen." His back throbbed and he winced slightly but did his best not to let it show. He was not going to let some stupid wound stop him from fighting. "Sky, it's your choice since you are the one driving. Shall we take the risk?"
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BanetteGhosneir said…
"Car too loud... Seekers chase Car... Fosky can go... voice female... Fosky outrun Seekers... acceptable?"

Her ears continued to flap about, she pulled a ragged cloth out from underneath the seat of the car, making a sort of make-shift bandage, tieing it over her arm.