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Hades_Shadow posted on Feb 05, 2017 at 05:45PM
STAR WARS - Rise of the Order


A year has passed since the destruction of the second Death Star. The Rebel alliance has started forming the new government based off of the Republics that came before. Luke Skywalker has found a handful of force adept individuals he is training to become the new generation of Jedi.

However the Empire still has a strong military presence resisting defeat, trying to keep certain planets under galactic rule of a new secret emperor. His name only in the shadows, he leads the stormtroopers to continually hold and siege planets.

A mysterious energy pulse has now emitted from the near-deserted tundra planet Kaldahan. Princess Leia Organa and her brother Luke Skywalker have sent a convoy of Jedi, Ambassadors, and Soldiers to investigate the source of this unidentified power.


2. No excessive swearing (Limit 1-2 per post, 3 posts in a row)
3. Fill out the Character Sheet
4. Have fun!


Home world:
Weapons: (if any)
Force Powers: (if any)

DROID SHEET (Optional)

Identification Code:
Years in commission:
Model of Droid:
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu heart-of_love said…
"well..incause you didnt know the DeathStar was the Empire’s ultimate weapon, a moon-sized space station." Ayral remarked
An alarm went off. "Unauthorized Connection to Server,The credentials used were not in the database
"would you mind having your unit not mess with my ship?"
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Hades_Shadow said…
"Don't worry, he will bypass the security mainframe in a second" at almost that instant the alarm subsided and the systems seemed to work faster, "see? He is fine."
lebih dari setahun yang lalu killer24 said…
(Sorry for my absence, just finishing college... I should be on more regularly now.)

"T4 take evasive manoeuvres, where the hell did that ship come from!" Nyx rushed to the cockpit, his sensors hadn't picked up anything... He swore he fixed them right. "I thought we checked the planet for anything, why didn't that show up?!"
T4 beeped and whirled annoyed. "What do you mean I didn't fix the sensors right?" Nyx said offended. "we'll just avoid it and pray we don't get blasted, then we'll need to land so I can have another look at the sensors; they might not have been alone." He spoke taking direct control of piloting.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu heart-of_love said…
"Good news... Their not attacking. " ayral remarked. A smile playing on her lips. 'And from the way that ship moved, they thought we we're gonna attack first. "
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Hades_Shadow said…
Zaccai nodded in agreement, he didn't feel a disturbance in the force because of the ship. "Do you think they got R3's distress call as well? This doesn't seem like a very frequented area of the galaxy."
lebih dari setahun yang lalu heart-of_love said…
"i dont believe so." Ayral turned her gaze to the controls "it's possible...but the distress call was very weak, if it wasnt for K4 i wouldnt have noticed it myself." she set up the auto pilot to take them straight to the camp.
"So..Zaccai..how did you get in that cryo pod?"
·11 bulan yang lalu Hades_Shadow said…
(( sorry, life took a weird shift, I'll be back regularly again ))

Zaccai takes a deep breath before beginning his tale, "Well, according to our discoveries, you probably have only heard lord of the Clone Wars. I was awarded the rank of Jedi Knight about two years before the Jedi Temple on Corasaunt was attacked. Clones who fought by our side now gunned us down. I fought to protect some of the apprentices in the junk room before my old master guided us through secret tunnels to the escape pods. We sent them off first, keeping the army at bay until we thought they were safe. Then, I sort of forget, but I think he pushed me in a cryo chamber and got me out somehow. That's a blur, next thing I see was your face, not to sound cheesy but that's all my memory serves."
·11 bulan yang lalu Wolfpaw6 said…
To late to join?
·10 bulan yang lalu Hades_Shadow said…
((Never, Go right ahead and Join!))
·10 bulan yang lalu heart-of_love said…
Ayral leaned back in her chair and sighed, allowing autopilot to take over. "Corasaunt...i never knew there was a Jedi Temple there.." her gaze was on the window, watching the white ground pass by in a blur. for some odd reason her mind wandered to her home..Nar Shaddaa... with shake of her head she turned her gaze to Zaccai. "what are your plans now?"
·10 bulan yang lalu Wolfpaw6 said…
Name Darth Jax
Age 26
Species dathomirian
Alliance sith
Personality N/A
Appearance almost always wears black unless in deep cover
Sith Lord
Weapons double sided lightsaber and strong pistol
Force powers choke,push,electricity,powerful acrobatic,force pulse, force surge,force slam and force grab
Apparel pic
Talents light on feet
History all was lost in a fire
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 Name Darth Jax Age 26 Species dathomirian Dathomir Alliance sith Personality N/A Appearance al
·10 bulan yang lalu Hades_Shadow said…
"Well, i must confront the Sith Lords that took out the Jedi, and if it's just us out here, I'll need to find more Jedi. Sadly I feel this is what my master would want." He says, feeling he should have listened more. If he did, maybe he could have seen this coming had he focused on connecting with the force.
·10 bulan yang lalu Wolfpaw6 said…
Jax walks through the coruscant markets all armor off. All he has is a hood his lightsaber and pistol along with money, his task is to find some rebels with the names Ayral,Zaccai and Nyx
·10 bulan yang lalu heart-of_love said…
(wolfpaw, i don't think Aryal and Zaccai are rebels..and unless you think a smuggler is a rebel..then Nyx will fit right in)

Aryal closed her eyes for a minute, thinking. Sith were dangerous, with their Dark Force powers.. the ability to choke someone just by clenching their fist..not only the fact the Sith are ugly as hell...

"the best way to find more Jedi..is to find Luke Skywalker.." She remarked after a minute of silence. "but i'm not sure where he is right now..he's been traveling a lot lately.."
killer24 commented…
('Businessman' atau 'Trader', Smuggler is too harsh a word....) ·10 bulan yang lalu
·10 bulan yang lalu Wolfpaw6 said…
(Sorry) new plan patrol around outer coruscant. Jax hops into his Devastator and goes to do his job.
·10 bulan yang lalu Hades_Shadow said…
((Also, Zaccai just emerged from over 50 years of cryo sleep, he wouldn't be on the empire records at least as a recent target))

"Skywalker? Son of the Jedi Killer? Forgive me if I sound skeptical" Zaccai expresses. He still kept thinking about how he would need a history lesson.
·10 bulan yang lalu killer24 said…
Nyx sighed and looked around once more, he landed in the same spot the unknown ship had emerged from. It'd been a little while now since that incident and he'd spent that time going over his sensors once again... "I wonder what they were doing here?" T4 Bleeped and buzzed once again. "Yeah, yeah... They'll be working properly this time, if you knew there was an issue why didn't you let me know sooner?" T4 remained silent, somehow it seemed to be rolling his 'eyes'.

(Sorry I vanished, like a certain Jedi... But I'm back again, if only a bit rusty like said Jedi's master...)
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·10 bulan yang lalu heart-of_love said…
(it's fine you guys!)
Aryal rolled her eyes "at least you know something" she murmured.
K4 rolled into the room, whistling and beeping at her, she just ignored her utility droid.
"your forgiven Zaccai. but just so you know, he's not a bad person..he never even knew his father."

she glanced out the window and saw the base a few of her fellow Jedi had set up on Kaldahan. With a loud sigh, Aryal wondered how she was going to explain Zaccai to her higher ups..
·10 bulan yang lalu Wolfpaw6 said…
Jax looked at his radar seeing a scavenger ship he flies down to check it for any possible Jedi “ heh I knew I would get my hands dirty even possibly bloody” he said as he grinned and walked toward the ship
·10 bulan yang lalu Hades_Shadow said…
“Remember that I watched his march on Coruscant” he said as they started their descent on Kaldahan, “I hope this planet is as hospitable as it used to be, as for Skywalker’s sake I hope he is better than his father.”
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·10 bulan yang lalu Wolfpaw6 said…
As Jax knocks on the door disguised as a policeman he wonders if he should wait to show is imperial tattoo or burn it on the persons skin. “Hello my name is Jax I was wondering if you had a life if so you don’t anymore” Jax pulls out his lightsaber and stabs the person then leaves
·10 bulan yang lalu heart-of_love said…
"i'm sure he is." Aryal remarked, landing the ship and getting to her feet. K4 was right behind her as she walked past Zaccai. she stopped for a moment and looked back at him. "try not to attack anyone here alright? some people don't take kindly to being thrown around." she smiled at him before continuing off the ship.
·10 bulan yang lalu Hades_Shadow said…
Zaccai mocks offense, “I can be sociable, let’s stuff you in cryo sleep for over half a century and see how cranky you get” he says leaving the ship, what he would give to have his Jedi cruiser back. R3 catches up to his master and whirls and beeps, “alright, I’ll get you cleaned up as soon as I can, just relax buddy”
·10 bulan yang lalu heart-of_love said…
As soon as Aryal stepped off the ship, a man maybe a year or two older then her walked up. his posture was stiff and he gave off an unwelcoming feeling.
"about time." he huffed "do you have the data on your sector?" his stance screamed blaster rifle, but his hip held a light saber.
"yes I have the data." Aryal responded.
"who's this?" her Commander remarked, his eyes landing on Zaccai.
" this is Zaccai Ventus, i found him in a Cryopod that was in an ice cave." Aryal remarked.
·10 bulan yang lalu Wolfpaw6 said…
Jax then continues to mess around hoping to get himself wanted by Jedi he always wanted a real fight fore choking orphaning kids just wasn’t enough he wanted blood and lots of it.
·10 bulan yang lalu Hades_Shadow said…
Zaccai says nothing, just looks the commander up and down. He seemed like a soldier, not a Jedi or even a clone, but someone raised to delight in military life. Zaccai kept his posture relaxed and and ready for anything, although you wouldn’t be able to tell with his mandalorian armor on.
·10 bulan yang lalu Wolfpaw6 said…
Jax sits down ain’t his devastator and sends a fake distress call hoping to lure Jedi to his location.
·10 bulan yang lalu heart-of_love said…
"he looks like a mandalorian."
"commander! show some respect." Aryal scolded him.
he just scoffed and glared at Zaccai, not liking how he was looking at him, thats when he noticed something interesting "Zaccai...was it? your armor seems...off.."
·10 bulan yang lalu Wolfpaw6 said…
Feeling angry he flies to a planet called Kalahdan where he was going to collect a bounty.
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·10 bulan yang lalu Hades_Shadow said…
With a smug smile, he replies simply but a little sarcastically, “thanks Commander, it’s Mandalorian”
·10 bulan yang lalu Hades_Shadow said…
(Hold on Wolfpaw, if Kalahdan is a rebel base planet, how can it also be a sith main base, we may need to remedy this situation)
Wolfpaw6 commented…
Fixed ·10 bulan yang lalu
·10 bulan yang lalu heart-of_love said…
(i'm not sure how to respond..my plans went out the window thanks to wolfpaw lol)
·9 bulan yang lalu heart-of_love said…
(oh..wolfpaw deleted his post..interesting)

Aryal could see her Commander tense suddenly, grumbling under his breath turning away from Zaccai. "Make sure you turn in your reports then get some rest." he spoke to Aryal before he turned back to Zaccai "while your here, stick to Aryal like glue until told otherwise..i need to do some research.."

Aryal sighed as her commanded walked away " i tell you to be Civil and it's my Commander who's being rude..sorry."
Wolfpaw6 commented…
hey if I screwed up that bad I didn’t want to screw all anda up ·9 bulan yang lalu
·8 bulan yang lalu Wolfpaw6 said…
Jax walks behind the arguing group not noticing the one in mandalorian armor and continues to walk as if he was lost
·8 bulan yang lalu heart-of_love said…
(wolfpaw, i would like to point it, it would make no sense for a sith to be walking around a Jedi base. Like he was lost)
·8 bulan yang lalu Wolfpaw6 said…
(That is the point Jax never makes sense plus I needs me some action)