1.When the blood dries in my veins and my jantung feels no lebih pain I know, I'll be on my way, To heavens door, I can feel, something happening that I've never felt before Hopeless dreams will start,Dragging me away from heavens door.

2. anda are the sonata that plays the melody of my heart.

3. Never take life seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway

4. cinta makes fools, fools give way to bravery. For they are the only ones who will charge bravely into anything as blind as love.

5. I dream i am a ghost.
Watching people's lives through my fogged eyes.
People pass me with no word.
I reach out to one and shout
no one glance's for my voice dried up so long
I fall to my knee's tears wanting to be freed
but then to my horror i learn that this is not
a dream that i can awake from, this reality.
but with these fogged eye.
it might as well be a dream.

6. I once thought the prospect of sucide oleh jumping was odd but open further thought. They think there is no one to catch them when they fall, so its the safest way out.

7. cinta is round that never repeats itself yet it happens over and over again.

8. Friendship only knows one boundary and thats where cinta begins.

9. Life goes on wheither we like it atau not its the only thing we cant control and that is the beauty of it.

10. The difference from between people who see things in 1st person and 2nd person is that 1st person only see black and white while 2nd person see all the colors.