SEGA released a downloadable software for the PlayStation 3 which enables the payers to play the PSP game through a PS3 console. It can be downloaded via Play Station Store and was released on July 24, 2010. The software is called "Dreamy Theater". In Dreamy Theater mode, gameplay is not changed nor modified but the graphics displayed oleh the PS3 console on the televisi are greatly enhanced into HDTV; the graphics are on par with a PS3 game. For the connectivity to work, the player must have a PSP (with the game in it) connected via USB to a PS3 with the software installed. However, support for the upcoming sequel is still to be confirmed.


Additional features were also released as DLC via the PlayStation Store.

・ New songs with mp3 download option

・ Full CG video of the songs

・ New tunggu gambar

Miku Hatsune Package:

・ Hatsune Miku themed mini-game

・ 8 New Songs

Rin, Len & Luka Package

・ Megurine Luka themed mini-game

・ 16 New Songs