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posted by KaayJanay14
hey Guys, Im New . . Well Not Really I Had An Account On Here . I Just Forgot The password , But Im Going To Be Making A Story , And Since Im Older It Should Be Really Good . But Here`s What anda Need ;

Boy (From Mb)

Here`s The Boy`s anda Can Choose From ; EJ , Mike , sinar, ray (Not Prince Because I Have Him . oleh The Way This Is First Come First Serve) Byee!!
Sooner atau Later In The Story Im Going To Need lebih Characters And I`ll Let anda Guys Know When I Will Make Another Cast Call Which Won`t Be Until selanjutnya tahun .
posted by J_Z_Daily
Crystal P.O.V


Door slams open, letting in a lot of light, and a loud Bang. I squinted my eyes and tried to see what dum-dum would do that instead of just tapping my shoulder and say"Good Morning!". to find out it was brother...James

"GET UP, ITS 6:10 A.M! ", he shouted then paused "HEY DID anda NOT JUST HEAR ME, I berkata GET UP NOW!!!" he screamed even louder almost blowing my ear drums.

I planted my head on the tempat tidur board and counted to 10.....and then took a deep breath the shouted"I HEARD anda SO STOP YELLING AT ME BEFORE I BODY SLAM anda TO THE FLOOR AND meninju, pukulan anda T'ILL YOUR LIGHTS...
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jantung breaking news for loyal Mindless Behavior fan everywhere. Kontrol Magazine has been exclusively told that group member Prodigy is no longer with the group. Yes. anda read it right. Lead singer Prodigy has left the building.

The group (who have been together since 2008) have enjoyed huge successes with hit singles such as(“My Girl” and “Mrs. Right). They have been a little quiet of late, but I certainly didn’t see this one coming.

Now i cannot give too much away, but the streets also tells us that “Like Em All” crooner Jacob Latimore will be Prodigy’s replacement. Latimore...
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posted by avanzant12
So recap we was getting a good night sleep now let go from there .

Me (pov ) I was having a good dream about Princeton he was just get me discombobulated lawd. Me Princeton this is just what I need and this feel good. Jacob I know baby ciuman my neck and go oweeee Jacob stop doing this to me lol Jacob what ciuman my neck ,me that right there get all discombobulated and horny 💦😍😘💦💦👄 . Jacob I thought anda like that, I do but we got a daughter in the house know ,kiss his lips softly .
Then I heard a cry that woke me up and guess who it was 👶 baby Kay Kay @3:56 me what...
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posted by awesomegirl101

Lele:(opens the door)Jacob!!!
Jacob:(kisses her hand) anda look beautiful tonight.
Loni:(runs downstairs) omg it's Princeton from mindless behavior!!!!im loni her older sister!!!!! can call me Jacob.
Lele:ok well we gotta go now.bye loni!!!(walks out the door)
Lele and prince take a limo to a fansy restaurant.
Prince:you want me to orde for you??
Lele:sure. Ill just have a soda.
Prince: c'mon lele this is a fansy place, feel free to spend sum money.
Lele:ok then I'll have uh.....strawberry smoothie
Prince:that's better.😌😌
The waiter walks over to the...
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posted by avanzant12
Last we left Kay Kay was born and we was own our way hme .

So now we are finally halaman awal wth baby ,me oo baby my back hurt
Jacob I will massage your back for anda me . Me yah I get a massage lol . Jacob anda so silly girl ,mhe yah that right So I went own upstairs to put my ill lady bugg To tempat tidur so she gets sme sleep then I left out the room and closed the door. Then I walk back down Stair to see my hugg Mexican teddy beruang Princeton .
Mhe hey baby lady own puncak, atas of hym
Jacob hey baby rubbin my back
Mhe me so happy to have a mine me lol
Jacob yeah that mean daddy and husband got he the lates gossip...
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posted by awesomegirl101
 LeLe Bars
LeLe Bars
#meeting MB

Srry it's been a while. I've been busy.
these r the characters-
Roc royal-16

Here it goes-

Drenwood highschool-
The classroom was crazy! People running around and yelling extra loud!
The subsitute teacher was scard hiding under the desk.
Lil jimmy:(looked out the window) hey y'all it's the princeapal!
The whole class went quiet.
The princeapal walked in.
Princeapal;(looks at the class then the teacher on the floor) ok class this is Jacob Perez a new student. anda may know him as Princeton in that hip...
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posted by avanzant12
So it is 3:40 in the morning i am up eating some left over hamburger and fires Now I am 9 months so I could go at any time rite now.
Jacob pov who got that dapur light own and I turn it off and who would be up at 3 in the morning .
Jacob walking down stairs to see who was in the dapur . It was his blow pow girlfriend Lexi 😍😜
Me hey hunn anda want sme :-)
Jacob no lol babe why anda don't tell mhe anda was in the dapur
Me cuz anda was peaceful and sweet I don't wont to mess with anda
Jacob aww anda so thoughtful 😍
Me ik rite (Finna get up and my water broke)
Jacob wat anda say
Me Jacob my...
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So....Prodigy came back with all his thingz....

Prod:ok I'm b (gco)
Me:-lookin at him crazy- what boy?
Prod:-fell on da floor bleeding-
Me:-screams and tries to run but falls-
??:hey I just came to give u this letter goodbye now-gives me letter-

Adress:2318 greenparkd dr.(fake)
Me:-gets in my car and drives to adress-

I get there and theres this big house on a hill!!
Me:-calls my friend Anarii-
Narii:hey guh
Me:hey umm come to this adress i'll be waiting there okae...
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Hii here da story..........

Me:omg *crying* ahh SOMEBODY HELP MEEE
???:SHUT UP......
Me:OMG SOME -gco-
???:-covers my mouth-mmmm-goes harder and faster then stops-

He gets off me as I lay there crying.....and he says

???:tell anybody and I mske ur life a hell understand
Me:yes-still crying-
Me:-curls into a ball and lay there til I heard a knock at da door- Who is it
???:it's me
Me:me who
Me:one minute-goes and opens door-
Prod:what's wrong Bre
Me:ummm nuthing im fine
Prod:lift up your head
Me:-does as told-
Prod:-see bruises- who did this to you
Me:nobody i got into a fight with this...
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posted by avanzant12
Last we left off princeton was getting bck frm rehersal and i was happy to see hym.skip tyme now i am 7 months and the bck pain is kill me !!!!!

Mhe baby my bck hurt and i wants sme ice creams and pickels and mms

Jacob that nasty combonation anda wanna do that 2 ur inside baby
Mhe just go get it for i slap ur balls and shove them in the dirty okay .:-)love anda babe.
Jacob okay baby dnt kill me blew me a kiss
Mhe lawd this baby off my is really giving me the blues
Jacob looking for the pickles and mms and ice cream then he found my favor ice cream cook in cream and got me...
continue reading... i go halaman awal aman, brankas and sound open the door and youll never believe what happened.....there was blood and notes everywhere

Note:Go up to the room open the door and youll find a BIG surprise on your bed

--------->On the Bed<---------
Lengerie..........Red pumps..........roses all over the bed..........and a condom!!

Me:what is this
??:your dream
Me:who r u and what u want
??:talk to me like u got good sence
Me:stfu get out for i woop that ass
??:Wtf u just say to me
Me:I berkata GET TF OU---(gco)
??:-punches me in the throat-
Me:-falls trying to scream but can't-
??:now i want u to put on that Lengerie...
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posted by ajmindless
Prince:so we gon do it
Jess:hmmmmmmmmmm nooo
Prince:(pushes 2 fingers in her) how bout now
Prince:(fingers her faster) now?
Jess:(moans) babe hit me hard
Prince:(removes the fingers and locks the bathroom door) thats right
Jess:eat me out babe
Prince:my pleasure (eats her pussy)
Jess:(moans and strokes his afro)
Prince:(stops) hmmm babe stop
Jess:why? thats ur sweet spot
Jess::(stops) okay baby
Prince:(caries her out of the tub) any condoms
Jess:top draw to the left
Prince:(gets two condoms and they put em on)
Jess:safe sex i luv your type
Prince:I always knew that
Jess:now put that dick...
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posted by 1girl822
Do anda think that the band misfits is the only band that Princeton likes? Well it is. Princeton loves misfits and every since I heard thier musik and if anda hear it lebih then once and you'll feel like Princeton. They are kinda hardcore. Its like hearing a women screaming at her husband. this is my opinion so don't judge me. If think I am lying hear thier musik and Princeton berkata he likes a rock and roll girl so anda should probably listen to thier musik Misfits. Did anda also know that Willow Smith likes Misfits too? well I knew.
posted by 1girl822
With thier debut album, Mindless Behavior searched for thier #1 girl. They are now taking thier fan to new heights with thier sophomore effort, All Around The World.

But Before they embark on thier journey , we wanted to find out thier ideas that would be a perfect first date.

Roc Royal: " The best place for a tanggal is the beach. anda take her to a makan malam and a walk on the beach."

Princeton: " I got an idea from my uncle Nacho. I would take her to a vintage album store. She would pick her musik that's she want to listen to, and I would pick something I would pick something that I want her to hear."...
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posted by avanzant12
So last we left of we found out that jacob and alexis was expecing a bby.

We r at hme chillin and watch tv

mhe jacob i am glad we r haveing a bby
Jacob yea i know rubbon my belly
mhe smileing
jacob blow own my belly lool
mhe laugh me that tickels
Jacob lol

So i call my momma and daddy to tell them the good news and other thing :-). .calll..... .ring ring...
me hello
momma hi
me how anda been
momma fine how bout u
me good and i got sme good new 4 you
momma wat
Me anda gna be a granny lol
momma aww yea who the baby daddy cus i dnt wanna see anda own maury lool
me yea i know who is my baby daddy lol
Momma who...
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posted by ajmindless
Ok so Jess does the routine perfectly and the guys perform perfeclty too
So after the performance the hang out at their secret hangout

Prince:that was awesome babe
Jess:aww thanks u weren't too bad yourself
Ray:yo um what time is it
Prod:its like 3:35
Jess:oh shit I gotta go
Prince:(pullls on her arm) no babe don't go ill miss u
Jess:I gotta go pick up my sis then I gotta go halaman awal cuz my mom will be back tomorrow
Prince:ok babe kiss?
Jess:(kisses him) bye guys
Roc:ltr say hi to my baby for me
Jess:(from outside)why don't anda just call her fooll

So she gets to kims house and sees...
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posted by avanzant12
So last we left off every body was getting freak and everything . So now it the selanjutnya hari and every body laying in the tempat tidur cuddleing and stuff.

Lizzy sinar, ray thât was amazing last night
ray yea i know i put my lil friend randy two work last night lol
lizzy yea plus this was my frist tyme and that was pretty good for rookie (lay in his chess)
ray rookie my butt i am the best lol
Lizzy i had better lol
ray and who is that ?
Lizzy anda ciuman hym
Ray girl anda is cra cra
.............lizzy houes.............

Mhe bby did anda have fun last night ?
Jacob yea i had lot of fun
Mhe baby was i thrunk last night
Jacob yea...
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posted by MindlessSwagged
O....k...... Here goes

I get halaman awal but da door is wide open.......
???:i told u I was Cummin
Me:ray sinar, ray get out of my damn house
Ray:hell no u gone gimme some
Me:ova my dead pantat, keledai body
Ray:yea the fuck u r

He starts running towards me I tried to get out da door but sinar, ray sinar, ray hit me n I fell.......

Ray:*drags me upstairs*
Ray:no I cinta you

I tried to grab my phone n call roc it was on speaker in it called roc he answered I screamed help..........

Roc:Oh no sinar, ray sinar, ray there we gotta go
Roc:uhh hello lets go
Guys:oh yeah

Ray sinar, ray starts to take...
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posted by avanzant12
So i was ryding in my car listen to my musik and enjoy it ,then i pull up two my houes ,and i honk own my horn so that lil brat could cme lil sis khylee she came out wilth her lilttle suit case ,then she got in the car and so we head off to her friends houes which is mya and lauar they r twins and they r so cute lol. I drop her then i head off to the store to buy mhe sme new clothes and shoes ,and other girle stuff lol.
Mhe in body central jus shoping and look around ,and i bump into my friend tamar , mhe hey girl how r anda doing tamar jus fine rasin this children !,mhe girl how they...
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