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pretty little liars tv show Which liar do anda feel has had the most character development since season one?

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 BlondeGirl93 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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hatelarxene picked Mona:
Followed by Spencer. I would choose Alison if her character development wasn't so poorly, badly done.

Lol, not Aria or Emily. Never Aria or Emily. Especially Aria.
posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu.
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Nicolas97 picked Alison:
Alison, Mona or Hanna. I don't think Spencer, Aria & Emily have changed.
posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu.
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HoltNLucy4Ever picked Alison:
Alison went from being the Queen Bee and master manipulator to someone who is caring yet can still be manipulative when she needs to be. Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily have changed as well because they have their own minds and no longer just follow Alison's orders.
posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu.
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mooglemania picked Emily:
Out of the liars I'd say Emily has changed the most. Dating Paige really changed her for the better. She grew a backbone and stood up for herself because of the confidence she gained from being with someone who really loves her. Mona only changed sides, being loyal to the liars in the end, Alison hasn't changed a bit, apart from the approach she takes when manipulating people now (playing the victim instead of coming at them from a place of authority) and the liars themselves haven't really changed. Aria's the same, Spencer is maybe a bit less uptight and Hanna's the same girl apart from all the physical and emotional scars. Out of everyone in the show however it would have to be Paige. We all remember what she was like in season 1. She was in denial and desperate and in such a dark place and she acted out because of that. By the season two finale she was a completely different person, and no, I don't mean they recast her. She was sweet, thoughtful, caring, devoted, humble, and there for Emily, the way that Emily was there for her when she was having trouble with coming out. I mean, sure, Emily did abandon her first chance she got (twice actually) but that just makes her journey worth so muh more because she DID come out and she DID go for it with Emily and she did all that on her own, with absolutely no support whatsoever, which is really admirable.

I guess they both changed a lot, only whereas Paige got softer, Emily got harder. In the last season Paige is still that same sweet, soft girl, but not a pushover anymore. She's stronger and she is not afraid to tell Emily the truth. She stands up for herself against ALISON (which is very significant and one of the highlights of the season) and she even tries to show Emily that Alison is using her, which falls on somewhat deaf ears. Emily has suffered so much by season seven that honestly she should be a lot more sceptical of Alison. History has proven time and again that she is not to be trusted and yet? That's why Paige is the most developed character on the show. She's let go of High School. She stands up to her abuser and she goes from loving Emily in the middle of nowhere to kissing Emily in the middle of the main road. She goes from being depressed and acting out to being the voice of reason and calling out not just Alison but also Emily on her bull. She goes from being motivated by fear to being motivated by true love. And she goes, period, because of that true, honest, unconditional love she has for Emily, because that is what's best for her. If Alison had even a shred of goodness or dignity or loved Emily at all she would have let Emily be happy with the woman she's in love with and vice versa. She wouldn't have used her pregnancy to trap her.
posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu.
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NCISLuverjk93 picked Spencer:
Lol, Alison. She's just as toxic and manipulative as she was earlier on,, just less of a blatant bitch.
posted ·9 bulan yang lalu.