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enchanting424 posted on Dec 24, 2010 at 06:12PM
Blossom: I wonder where brick is? We were supposed to go on a date 2 hours ago...

Bubbles: maybe he went to buy you a present

Buttercup: bubbles, it does not take 2 hours to buy a present!

Bubbles: you wouldn't know, butch never buys you anything! Hehehe

Buttercup: you know what? I'm gonna-

Blossom: GIRLS! I'm serious! Stop arguing! I'm really worried about brick

Buttercup: so then call him already and see what's up.

Blossom: ok, ill try.

Blossom calls brick's cell phone


Girl's voice: hello?

Blossom: who is this?! Where is brick?!

Girl's voice: blossom?! Hahahaha! Is this really blossom?

Blossom: yea it is! Who is this?! And why the hell do you have my boyfriend's phone?

Girl's voice: uh, first of all, he is not you boyfriend, and second he is MY boyfriend now!

Blossom: who do you think you are?! Let me speak to brick right now!!!

Girl's voice: I'm princess, and brick is MY boyfriend now! Later looser!


Blossoms walks into here room shocked

Bubbles: so what present did he get you?


Bubbles: well?! I bet it was a nice pretty pressent too!

Blossom: bubbles stop! He's with princess....

Buttercup: WHAT?! How can that be? He wouldn't want that spoiled little bi*ch

Bubbles: oops, I'm so sorry blossom! Is there something we can do?

Blossom: no, there isn't...

Buttercup: come on girl! Don't just sit here and cry! Get up and go find you're man! Let's go! We got your back!

Blossom: awww (sniff) thanks girls. Let's roll!

They fly over to princess's masion

Blossom: hey princess! Where the hell is brick?!

Blossom sees princess and brick kissing

Blossom: brick? (Starts to cry) how, how could you? I thought we-

Brick: its not what you think...blossom....I'm..

Princess: see? I told you! He is with me now.

Buttercup: what have you done to him? Who would wanna date you?

Bubbles: you really are a bi*ch and you have always been that way too! Why?

Princess: well, since I still can't be a ppg, after all these years of trying, I've decided to do the next best thing, still brick away hahaha! And you love me don't you sweetie?


Princess: don't you?! Well?!


Blossom: me and brick have something special and no spoiled brat will ruin that!

Princess:(ow!, oh my face! Its all poofy and red! Aaahhhh!)

Brick: blossom!

Blossom: why brick? I thought we had something special?....

Brick: oh blossom, it was all a set up, I was walking to take you out for our date and princess showed up and she kept saying you would break up with me if I didn't have a car and have a lot of money. So she offered me a car and some cash. I said ok what's the catch, and she said I had to kiss her. So I did, and she had a picture taken and she started to blackmail me and say if I didn't leave you, she would put the picture on the internet and trash your reputation. And once you were mentally messed up, she would kidnap you and take over the ppg and me too.


Brick: I know it sounds crazy, but its true. She is trying to ruin your life and us. And I'm so sorry that did kiss her. It was a mistake. I'm so sorry blossom!

Blossom: I'm sorry too brick.....


Blossom flys back home

Buttercup: hey wait up!

Bubbles: don't worry we will talk to her brick.

Brick: are you happy now?!

Princess: no! My face is horrible! Oh!, uh yes I am happy. Now let's go bricky, we have a date! Hahahaha!

Brick: (in his thoughts) oh blossom, I'm sorry babe. I love you..

At the ppg's house

Buttercup:blossom, don't worrt everything will be ok

Blossom: his story was so fake! Why would he do this to me?!

Bubbles: don't worry, things will get better honey.

Blossom: yeah, I'm gonna make sure of that!.....

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