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lala0629 posted on Feb 16, 2013 at 03:22AM
Hi! I am going to be making this a PPG`s role playing section. You can play as an character in the story, but we are not doing the narator. This is how it works. You could be Bubbles and Buttercup in one post, the next post you could be Blossom
and Professor. It`s up to you. The thing is, if the Powerpuff girls are going to the beach you can`t make up a whole new setting. You have to stay with the storyline.
Blossom: Morning all ready? *rubs eyes*
Bubbles: I guess so. *yawns*
Buttercup: Oh, come on. Just five more minutes.
Bubbles: We have to get ready for school
Professor: Good morning girls! I made you breakfast!
Girls: Oh yay! *Flies to kitchen*
Girls: *Eat*
Girls: *Packs things up*
Girls: Bye Professor!
Professor: Bye girls! Have a great day!
Girls: *Fly off*
Girls: *Arrive at school*
Ms. Keane: Girls, the Mayor called! He said there was an emergency!
Blossom: Ok, were on it!
Girls: *Fly off*
Now you get to continue the story. Whoever makes the next post gets to decide which villan, or if theirs a monster, What place it is (like the bank), and then what they do when they get back at school.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu BloomBrick101 said…
big smile
*Arrive at the crime*
Blossom: Look out bad guy!
Bubbles: Were here to save the day!
Buttercup: So you better give up while you have the chance, or we kick your butt!!!
*Girls gasp*

To be continued in next post . . .

lebih dari setahun yang lalu Flooberoid said…
Girls: What happened to the city? *look around in awe at the destroyed Townsville*
Professor: You stood there waiting for the next post for over a year. You were like that for so long the Amoeba Boys were able to smash it all up.
Blossom: Alright, girls, you know what to do.
Bubbles and Buttercup: What?
Blossom: We abandon this post for good!

*Powerpuffs fly home*