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got the pic from PPGZ komik jepang
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komik jepang
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Credit to Onpu Song
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(the powerpuff girls were fighting the rowdyruff boys and professor was working at his new furniture. but in bad case it's become distroed and the portal was open wich lead to some diferend world-where the ppgz are. the ppgs went at halaman awal and sew the portal. they accidentaly fall in.)
buttercup:auch my head......
bubbles:w-wher we are?
blossom:i don't know but we better help that guy(looks at guy who's falling from big building. ppgz were flying in the ski and sew the powerpuff girls were helping that guy)
momoko:hey who are they?
kaoru:they'r doing our job
miyako:hey are the look like to some one?...
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The profesor tries to get Blossom and Bubbles back to normal.
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