Today is Tuesday, thankfully. I'm dreading this Friday because of the dance. Why can't I get a pass to leave when the dance starts? I went to my gym locker and grabbed my gym clothes. After I got changed, I ran outside with the rest of the kids in my class. After gym class was over, I, unlike my classmates, walked to my locker to get my normal clothes. When I got to my locker and opened it, a labah-labah, laba-laba hang down in my locker and jumped on my face. I got angry until it said, "Hi! My name is Chiyeko. Are anda Kaoru?" I wished that I imagined that. But I didn't.
"D-did anda just talk?!" I asked. "In english?"
"Yes and no. Yes I talked, but no, not in english. anda speak spider." Then I noticed that my stone was glowing. That must mean that it gave me a new power.
"Can I speak to other binatang too?" I questioned her. She just smiled.
"Of course. But only one at a time. Later on, though, your power will develop and you'll be able to hear all the binatang around anda at once."
I gasped. I wonder why the stone chose me to give these powers to. I surely don't deserve it. I have a bad temper and usually violent when I do lose it. I turned my attention to her. "So, do anda want to hang out with me?" I asked.
"Yes, Kaoru! I came here so I could. I guess I could say I'm sort of like a guardian for anda and stuff. I nearly freaked when the labah-labah, laba-laba priest told me this. Well, I know how anda can use your amulet."
"Cool." And for the rest of the day, I showed her what the city looks from my height.