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 new Zygarde forms and Greninja form that takes when the bond between it and Ash is raised...
Most of the forms keep their name, but Zygarde Perfect Forme is to be called Zygarde Complete Forme in the west. It also describes Ash-Greninja as the form that Greninja takes when the bond between it and Ash is raised to the limit.
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Oh, Pokemon. It was one of the things I loved so much in my childhood other then Zelda. IT has its own games, toys, trading cards, TV shows, manga, and, in this case, fan fictions. This tampil had lost of fanfictions. Some good like No Antidote, the Pokemon Rebellion, and The Midsummer Knight's Dream. Then there was the bad ones like Pokemon Ultiment (Yes the spelling of Ultimate was messed up on purpose. That's how its spelled) Forever Mine, and Darkest Night........ Then..... There's The Pokemon Story.
This has to be, without a doubt, the worst fanfic I have ever read. Worse then Trixie's Funhouse....
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Red- August 8th (Leo)

Green/Blue Oak- September 22nd (Sagittarius)

Blue/Green/Leaf- June 1st (Gemini)

Yellow- March 3rd (Pisces)

Gold- July 21st (Cancer)

Silver- December 24th (Capricorn)

Crystal- April 30th (Taurus)

Ruby- July 2nd (Cancer)

Saphire- September 20th (Virgo)

Emerald- May 31 (Gemini)

Diamond- December 4th (Sagittarius)

Pearl- Febuary 12th (Aquarius)

Platinum- .... no birthday apperently ....

White, Black, Bianca, and Cheren- Not diberikan a birthday yet ....

Little EG360 note: *freak out* Why do the komik jepang characters have birthdays and the anime ones don't!?!?! This is unfair! Oh what am I saying? The komik jepang is much better than the anime so of coarse they get lebih cinta from Satoshi-san! The komik jepang has dying and crushes and violence! It is amazing!

*cough* Now that that is over ...... please fan. That took awhile to type down all of the birthdays >.<