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 Froakie and Greninja
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This pokemon foto contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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 A ScreenShot From the new games.
A ScreenShot From the new games.
Ok. anda may atau may not have heard, But The classic Pokemon games emas and Silver are being Re-Made. So I have decided to compile this article, and put in it as much news regarding the new games as I can find.

First up. It Is now Possible for every single Pokemon out of all 493 to follow anda around in the Field. Sort of like Pokemon yellow, only without the Pikachu. Well I suppose it could be a pikachu following anda if anda want it to! For those of anda who have only just started playing since Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, Its a bit like the Amity Square system.

Secondly. There are Rumors that Arceus...
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hey everyone! I’m back again with another puncak, atas 10 daftar cuz I’m still not bored of menulis them and it’s not like people actually read this stuff anyway. This time I decided I would write about my puncak, atas 10 api type Pokemon. I mean it only made sense. I did Water last time so now I do Fire. I wonder what’ll come after this one…..hmm….well enjoy the list! As always, this daftar is entirely opinion based so if any Pokemon got onto this daftar that anda disagree with then…well make your own list.

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