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 Pokemon X&Y: Greninja
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Source: http://www.pokemonxy.com/en-us/pokemon/other_pokemon/
Greninja evolves from Frogadier, and in so doing gains the Dark type. Elusive as a ninja, this pokemon throws opponents into disarray with its high-speed movements.
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So there's a trainer-to-be named Reed. He's this weird guy who wants a Pokemon. One hari his mom lets him borrow her Shinx to safely reach Sandgem. There Reed asks the Prof if he can have a Pokemon. It's afternoon so he ran out and the selanjutnya bunch is coming in half a week. Reed can't stay and wait so he leaves dismayed.
A girl named Madison wants a Pokemon too. She borrowed her dad's Budew so she could reach Sandgem too. There she finds Reed and wonders where his new Pokemon is.
Madison challenges Reed to a battle. "NOT IN MY LAB!" the Professor shouts.
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*ash was walking till he found almighty tallest purple*
ash: yay i finally caught this pokemon called almighty tallest purple
brock: wow that is not a pokemon that is the tallest of irk
pokedex: almighty tallest purple the leader of planet irk pokemon
ash: wow i threw my pokeball at tallest purple and he got in without coming out
*ash found another pokemon*
zim: hey u captured my tallest with ur pokeball
ash: well zim u r going 2 b my pokemon
zim: well u r not going to catch me in that pokeball
ash: yes i will
*zim ran as fast as he can but ash threw a pokeball at him and he is now caught*
ash: i finally caught zim
pokedex: zim a defective irken pokemon
brock: wow that is zim a pokemon irken
* ash encountered lebih irkens*
ash: wow so many irken pokemon
*ash threw his pokeballs at all of them and they r now caught*
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"I can't believe the contest is in an hour!" I exclaim. "Snivy!" Snivy cries. "Duck! Lett! Duck!" I hear a Pokemon's cry. "Did anda hear that?" I ask my Grass-Type starter. She shakes her head. Which means no. Hm. Maybe this is all in my head. But, I swear I heard a Pokemon cry out! As I walk along in the town, there's a pond behind a building. "Duck! Duck!" I run towards the pond and I see a Duck-like Pokemon. My pokedex rings inside of my black and white bag. "Huh?" I take my black electronic encyclopedia out. Ducklett. The Water Bird Pokemon. When attacked, it uses its feathers to splash...
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Chapter 5-2: Double Battle Trouble!

"Well, today's the day!" May said. "I'm going to win the first time in Sinnoh."
"You will have to get through me, first!" Dawn replied.
"As for me, I think I will challenge the Canalave Gym." I said.
"I thought anda were coming to the contest, oleh the way, can I borrow your Aron?." Dawn asked.
"I was, then I heard of the Canalave City Gym, and yes, anda can use it." I answered.
"The Gym here uses Steel-types, which have high defense." Max added.
"So what if they have high defense stats." I replied.
At the Gym, during...
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