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posted by wallah2001
Me: hi guys!

Drew:u seem afuly happy?

May:so...what shipping this time!

Me:contest and a little penguinship

May:oh...so it's going to be contestshipping..(hides blush)

Drew:may don't emberess yourself

Dawn:yay penguinshipping now I will know what u were going to say kenny!

Kenny:not quite dee-dee

Dawn:what do anda mean!

Kenny:this is a contestshipping fanfic not penuinshipping

Me:well I did say a little penuinship


Me:just do the disclaimer!

Kenny:wallah2001 does not one pokemon(though she wishes she does)

Drew:just go on with the story!

The sun shone through the window may sat up ash and brock were...
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posted by AKetchum01
We all know that Team Rocket created Mewtwo! But what happens when Giovanni gets a new plan to take over the world, USING MISSINGNO! The action is sure to get Rocketally fun and Glitchy when Team Rocket returns to their evil roots, and the MissingNo clone gets mixed with another experiment and becomes an unstoppable creation, MissingTwo!

The Plot:
It is a basic hari in Pallet Town, as Delia wakes up Ash, who had missed a meeting with Professor Oak!

Meanwhile, Giovanni has just come up with a new evil scheme, and sends the Rocket Executives to capture MissingNo on Cinnabar Island.

Back in Pallet:...
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