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Ok~ Everyone knows already about the game.


Some new things...
The Pokewalker- This little thing allows anda to transfer over a pokemon to go walking around with you. anda can catch pokemon atau find items as anda earn watts (A certain amount of steps earn anda 1 Watt, anda just build upon that) Currently I have the Yellow Forest open, this allows me to try my hand at catching rare pikachu that may have 1 of these moves:Volt Tackle, Surf, Fly.

The pokemon walking behind anda is something that was elusive to Yellow but not anymore. Having the special Acreus (Japan) in your 1st slot activates a special...
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(Bianca's POV)

"No, no, no, no, no! A thousand times, NO!" My father shouts across the room. We're arguing for my right to go on a journey with Black, White and Cheren. "Why not? I deserve to go! I have always stayed halaman awal and done nothing! This is the chance that I have to go outside and finish my pokedex for Professor Juniper! Especially because I want to spend quality time with my best friends, Black, White and Cheren!" My father shakes his head while pacing back and forth. "I do not trust that Cheren boy. He's trouble." Oh boy. Here we go again. My father is ALWAYS being over-protective...
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