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This pokemon foto might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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It was still ... and quiet. Silent ... and quite calm.
And I sat there, and I was in a van. In a moving van, and I was sitting there ... bored. And my mother turned around from the passenger kursi and she said,
"Oh, Mylou! Aren't anda excited? The Johto region, sweetie! anda get new friends, and a new home, Mylou! A wonderful new halaman awal right selanjutnya door to New Bark Town's pokemon professor!"
And then I give her my look. Dirty look number four-- extra crispy. And I spat out bitterly,
"I liked Sinnoh."
Her smile faded, and she positioned her self around again. I pushed my forehead against the cool window...
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MissingNo and 'M, two of the pokemon World's most famous Glitches. Their mysteries might never be solved, but they might be eviler than Team Rocket!

"Glitches, evil creatures that do bad things." I stated, sitting down at a meja in a pokemon Center.
"What are anda talking about?" Ash asked.
"The Glitches! anda never heard about the Cinnabar Island Glitches?" I answered.
"Are they some new Pokémon?" Max asked.
"No. Well, some are normal Pokémon, like Magnemite, but others are ghost-like creatures and "L" shaped blocks." I answered.
"That sounds creepy." May replied.
"They sound like freaks to me."...
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Source: Production oleh Former Pokemon Fans: Ash and Serena
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