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Ash and May are about to ciuman
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This pokemon foto contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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1. nobody has ever listened to Barry when he says "i'm fining you'

2.When Ash and Brock go to a different region, they automaticly forget almost everything (example: when they came back to Kanto for the Battle Fronteir)

3. the film never have hardly anything to do with the shows.

4.that i cinta every character that fights with Ash (sorry acak momment)

5.that everybody should watch the episode of the pokemon chronicles where Misty meets Gorgio. (Date With Delcatty)

6.how gary all of a sudden isnt a major heartthrobe in the series anymore

7.that alot of people don't know who Tracey is

8. that your...
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