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Ash and May are about to ciuman
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This pokemon foto contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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# 81 Magnemite/Coil

#82 Magenton/Rarecoil

#83 Farfetch'd/Kamonegi

#84 Doduo/Dodo

#85 Dodrio/Dodorio

#86 Seel/Pawou

#87 Dewgong/Jugon

#88 Grimer/Betbeter

#89 Muk/Betbeton

#90 Shellder/Shellder

#91 Cloyster/Parshen

#92 Gastly/Ghos

#93 Haunter/Ghost

#94 Gengar/Gengar

#95 Onix/Iwark

#96 Drowzee/Sleep

#97 Hypno/Sleeper

#98 Krabby/Crab

#99 Kingler/Kingler

#100 Voltorb/Biriridama

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Seriously I can't stand the sight of that thing, makes me shudder just thinking about it. Also, the Malamar that appeared in the anime episode "A Conspiracy to Conquer" was PURE EVIL!. It took control of so many of the main character's pokemon like Ash's pikachu and Bonnie's Dedenne, and it even took control of Officer Jenny using Hypnosis. Also, through Meowth's translation the gang found out about Malamar's plot to take over the world, and although Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket teamed up to try and defeat Malamar it still managed to escape. After watching that episode, I'll admit, I'M TERRIFIED OF MALAMAR!

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It just doesn't make any sense as to how certain Pokémon, (mainly Misty's Psyduck, Jessie's Wobbuffet, May's Skitty, and Ash's Oshawott), come out of their Pokéballs all on their own. Is there maybe a certain button inside the Pokéball that they can push to let themselves out atau is it just a glitch that always makes them come out at acak moments? Someone please explain this to me because it's confusing. They always seem to pop out of their Pokéballs at the most odd moments. I know it acts as comedic relief when they do this, but I still don't see just how they manage to do it.
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10. Palpitoad

While he has been shown to be an amazing battler, he didn't get much screen time during the Best Wishes series because seeing as Ash already had 6 other Pokemon in his possession at that time, he had to send Palpitoad to Professor Juniper where he remained for quite a while. Ash's Palpitoad is still incredibly strong despite the minimal screen time he received and I have no problems with him. I do have one thing about him I've never been able to figure out. HOW THE HECK WAS HE ABLE TO LEARN SLUDGE WAVE!?! Someone PLEASE explain that to me, because I just don't see how a Water/Ground...
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