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Ash and May are about to ciuman
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This pokemon foto contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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In Episode 111 of pokemon Best Wishes! (Episode 27 of pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2, Episode 3 of pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2: Episode N), there are many computer in the library; that may using Windows 8, which normally used oleh touch screen device.
Moving with mouse and drag oleh touching is usually performed in Windows 8. Click with mouse and tap oleh touching is usually performed in Windows 8, too.
If the monitor is touch screen, student may touch the monitor. If the monitor is not touch screen, student not touch the monitor.
The monitor may have aspect ratio of 16:9. There are no keyboard,...
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Me: A wild Pidgey appeared!

Cleverbot: Wild Ratatta's Flee failed!

Me: A wild PIDGEY appeared.

Cleverbot: Use Sunny Day.

Me: It became bright and sunny!

Cleverbot: It became what?


Cleverbot: Where do anda live?

Me: Route 1.

Cleverbot: It is a road.

Me: It's not a road. It's a pathway that starts your journey. But it's lebih than that. It's home. A halaman awal for me and Ratta, who anda annoyed!

Cleverbot: I do have a halaman awal and a family.

Me: Pidgey used Gust!

Cleverbot: Pidgey wins!

Me: Ha! anda suck Cleverbot!

Cleverbot: No you.

Me: Trainer Cleverbot lost! He panicked and lost 500 Pokéyen...Cleverbot ran away!

Cleverbot: That was just plain strange.


Cleverbot: Because I am bored, and you?

Me: ....I don't know.

Pidgey: Cleverbot anda better scram! anda just wait, Caterpie's gonna get you! That's all you've heard from Pidge Pidgerson! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Satoshi and Kasumi shocked when they see there three friends.Katsutoshi smiles and apologizes

Katsutoshi:"Hey,hey guys don't be scared it's just us.Sorry for scaring ya,we just couldn't help ourselves".Then Nobuhisa looks at Katsutoshi and tells him.

Nobuhisa:"U mean U,couldn't help youself".

He explains to Satoshi and Kasumi,what meant.

Nobuhisa:"You see,I never had any intentions to surprise you,but Katsutoshi the boy who always gets in trouble for his idiotic childish behaviour".

What ever Nobuhisa said,causes Katsutoshi to break his anger.

Katsutoshi:"HEYYYYYYYYY ! who are anda calling boy with...
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There is an ongoing need for content writers on apel, apple anime Blog, so share your opinions with our readers.

AAB is accepting applications from individuals seeking either part-time menulis atau single-post submission positions. Topics may vary from Pokemon related posts to general anime. If interested, please visit our site atau apply, submitting a 200-word post of a topic of your choice (within above parameters) :



Candidate must have adequate menulis skills, be able to meet deadlines, be well rounded in most aspects and genres of anime, and like to share their knowledge with those less enlightened.

*In pin wheel forest*

Cole: ok Electrode use electroball!

Electrode: *hits a pohon with electroball*

Cole: now Elekid hit it with rolling kick!

Elekid: *kicks the tree*

Cole: now absol cut the pohon down with night slash!

Absol: *cuts the pohon down*

Cole: ok now we can make camp

Absol: sol sol!

Elekid: kid!
As Cole started to build a fire, something moved in the shadows.

Cole: what was that?

Electrode: trode!

Cole: *calls absol and elekid back*

Cole: I guess it was nothing *goes back to making the fire*

Electrode: *rolls around the camp site*

Cole: *goes to sleep...
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