Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Ch 5: Ash's Truth!

(At the Carnival Picnic area, all the guys are sitting at one meja and all the girls are sitting at another table. Max arrives dirty, and drenched in red blood!)
May: Whoa Max! What happened?
Max: (In breath.) Joey kick….Flying…Barry's house!
(Ash and Misty comes up to the table. Misty is still a mess from the petting zoo incident!)
Tracey: Whoa Misty! What happened?
(After 15 sec. of telling them the petting zoo incident, all the people are hysterically laughing at her! Misty kicks Ash in the coconuts!)
Ash: Owww! (in the high pitched voice) Mommy...
Bonnie: hey guys look what I won from a leap frog game! (She takes out a picture of Chuck Norris in a Western outfit.) It's a portrait of Chuck Norris!
Brock: anda know they say Chuck Norris is so tough, there's no chin under his beard... there is only another fist.
Clemont: That's ridiculous. (Chuck Norris taps him on the back.) Chuck Norris? (A fist comes out of Chuck Norris' beard and punches him in the face. He falls back on the ground.)
(Serena blows a ciuman across to Ash, Ash winks and smirks at her.)
Professor Oak: (Standing on a chair in front of the people.) Ok everyone I'm gonna go oleh each meja to tell me how many autographs anda signed. So….. the girl's meja first!
Iris: 5
Serena: 7
Burgundy: 2
Dawn: 6
May: 10 baby!
Misty: (groans) 4
Georgia: (Sighs) NONE! All I got was people calling me a ugly girl!
Iris: (she rolls her eyes.) Tell me something I don't know, ugly girl!
Axew: Axew!
Professor Oak: Ok last is Bonnie!
Bonnie: Oh my god! I signed 100 extremely hot boys shoulders!
Professor Oak: (Shocked) WOW! Ok now the guys' table!
Cilan: 3
Max: 4!
Tracey: 3
Ash: I signed 9! One of my fan is this weird creepy old man who was hitting on me!
Pikachu: Pikachu...
Professor Oak: Okay…? Then the winner is…. (Drum rolls and opens an envelope.) Bonnie! She won! (He gives her the two free tickets.)
Bonnie: HOORAY! (She takes Clemont's hand and drags him.) Come on, big brother! Let's go to the Merry-go-Round!
(Ash gets up and walks to Serena.)
Serena: What anda want to tell me Ash?
Ash: Serena, I gotta tell anda that you're…you're…'re (Before finishing he gets a horrific picture of the test incident. He snaps out of it.)
Serena: (Confused.) I'm what?
Ash: That you're extremely beautiful every hari and I want to go to the Tunnel of cinta ride now, since its 4:59pm now! Just meet me there and wait for me! I gotta get a water bottle!
(Pikachu slaps his forehead)
Serena: Oh ok! (She kisses him.) Meet anda there! (She walks away.)
Pikachu: Pika Pikachu!
Ash: You're right, Pikachu. I'm such a wimpy chicken! I can't tell her! (He reaches to the food stand. He says to the clerk.) 1 bottle of water please?
Clerk: Sure! That'll be 5 dollars! (He gets the 5 dollars from Ash.)
Pikachu: Pikachu?
Ash: (Sighs) Oh it's just that I got Serena pregnant and that's why I'm really sad.
Pikachu: Pika Pika Pi?
Ash: Having a baby is going to be much harder than ever, buddy.
Pikachu: (smiles at Ash) Pika Pi Pikachu.
Ash: You're right. Serena will stand oleh me no matter what! Thank anda so much, Pikachu.
Pikachu: Pi Pikachu.
Ash: (he looks at his watch and its 5:10pm) Oh man! Gotta go! (He runs off to the ride.)
(At the line for the Tunnel of cinta ride, Serena is waiting at the line for Ash. She is the selanjutnya one in line. Ash runs to her.)
Serena: Oh there anda are I…. (She gets cut off oleh a passionate ciuman from Ash. She stops ciuman him.) Please tell me you're not going with someone else!
Ash: Serena, a nurse from the Pallet Town Pregnancy Clinic called and your results are positive! You're pregnant! I cinta anda and will always be there you!
Serena: (Laughs) Ash I don't know what anda are talking about! I never did a pregnancy test there! I'm not pregnant!
Pikachu: Pikachu?
Ash: Oh! Maybe they got the wrong number.
Serena: But if I was, anda would stay with me?
Ash: Yes! Serena, I cinta anda so much that I would cinta to have something beautiful with you!
Serena: OH ASH! (She goes to ciuman him but gets interrupted oleh the ticket master.)
Ticket person: NEXT! (Empty floating swam perahu selanjutnya to him)
(Ash and Serena jumps right into the hug angsa, swan bout and makes out! They float into a cave with the stars and a moon on the ceiling.)
Serena: (While ciuman him like crazy.) Oh, Ash Ketchum, I cinta anda so much! (She kisses him harder on the lips!)
Ash: (In a muffled tone) Oh, Serena Yvonne, I cinta anda too! (He kisses her neck.)
(They both sit on the floor of the perahu and makes out! Serena lies down on the floor while hugging onto Ash's neck and kisses his face! They mess up each other's hair while kissing! Ash kisses hard on her neck and Serena is enjoying that! pikachu is watching the make out fest as he is blushing and his ears were tied up together!) (15 mins pasted and Serena got off the perahu with Ash and Pikachu. Their clothes were un-tucked and messed up! Their hair was way messed up! Ash had lip gloss ciuman marks all over his face and lips! Serena's lip gloss was smudged! Ash looked at his watch and it is 5:30pm!)
Ash: Oh, we better get going! (He pulls her closer to him oleh holding onto her waist!)
(Serena smiles at him and puts her arm around his shoulder.)
(They were walking to the bus but then here's a soft cry coming from an alley way.)
Pikachu: Pika Pika Pikachu!
Serena: Pikachu...
Ash: What's wrong, buddy?
(Pikachu points at over there. They walked in there to check it out. The cry was coming from a cardboard box selanjutnya to a dumpster. Once they looked inside it they are shocked!)
Ash: (gasps)
Pikachu: Pika?
Serena: OH MY GOD! (Shocked)

To be continued....