This artikel will explain why several pieces of info in the Pokedex cannot possibly be true atau are mistakes. They may not necessarily be lies but over exaggeration atau errors. Lets begin and take a look at some of the Pokedex entries that cannot be true:

1. In the Pokedex it states that Magcargo is as hot as 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit, this would make it even hotter than the outer sections of the sun. This obviously cannot be true atau the Earth would be destroyed especially since there are many wild Magcargo out there.

2. Regigigas was stated to pindah continents, I find this hard to believe for the simple fact that it struggled to stop an iceberg which from memory wasn't much bigger than a large building. He even had help from several Mamoswine and struggled greatly. Also, if he could pull continents, this would put him in the millions of tons of strength category which is even harder to believe since it has struggled with things such as sticky like substances in one of the episodes.

3. Gardevoir being able to make a black hole. This is nonsense, first of all it would need a great amount of gravity control to not get sucked in itself which it has not shown the ability of any gravity control yet and secondly it has not shown this rather powerful ability yet either. This ability would beat most if not all the legendary pokemon so It is unlikely that Gardevoir has such an ability.

4. Magikarp being able to splash over a mountain. I am not sure if i even need to explain my self on this one. Magikarp have not even demonstrated jumping over a pohon let a lone a mountain.

5. Machamp being able to meninju, pukulan 1000 times in a second. This has got to be one of the worst entries into the pokedex to date. Being able to do this would mean he has close to light speed atau even faster than light punching speed. Machamp has not demonstrated to meninju, pukulan 10 times in a detik so this is complete nonsense.

6. Hitmonchan able to meninju, pukulan faster than a bullet train. This entry is not as out there as Machamps but it is still pretty implausible. If I remember correctly, bullet trains have gone up to speeds of 361 mph, Hitmonchan has hardly demonstrated punching speeds that exceed a pro petinju let alone a bullet train.

7. Pidgeot moving mach 2. Pidgeot has not even demonstrated greater speed than a Bald Eagle so Mach 2 is completely impossible. Mach 2 would mean it is in the supersonic speed range which is not possible from the showings.

8. Tyranitar leveling mountains and turning up rivers. Legendary pokemon haven't even demostrated mountain destroying power but according to the Pokedex, Tyranitar can level mountains. I don't recall a Tyranitar even destroying a house so this in untrue.

9. Alakazam having IQ of 5000. A funny way to look at this would be that it has that much IQ and yet cannot learn lebih than 4 moves lol. Alakazam has not demonstrated that amount of crazy IQ, with that much intelligence it should be able to talk and should not need a trainer.

10. Arceus creating a Universe. Many of anda may not agree with me about this one being untrue but please hear me out first. Arceus is the supposed creator of the universe and yet it could not even stop a little meteor without being heavily damaged. Arceus was also tricked and almost killed oleh a bunch of humans and electric type pokemon. I find it hard to believe that someone who can't handle a meteor and a few people and pokemon created the universe. He was also berkata to have a thousand arms when in actuality he has none.

11. Bouffalant's headbutts having enough force to derail a train. It really varries but locomotives weight between 120 and 240 tones a piece. The rail cars can range from 30 tons (empty) to 140 tons (loaded). I severely doubt it has enough force and strength to even knock a car of the road if i'm being totally honest. A train weighs a hell of a lot and moves at quite a speed which I demonstrated with a bullet train above. Theres no way a pokemon like Bouffalant is even going to pindah a train let a lone derail it.

12. Gothitelle being able able to distort luar angkasa as a side affect of its psychic powers. Gothitelle can distort luar angkasa because of its powers and yet lebih powerful psychic pokemon can't? That doesn't make sense to me.

13. Gigalith can blow away a mountain. This is complete nonsense. No pokemon including legendaries have ever shown that amount of crazy strength atau power. Gigalith has never demonstrated this either so it simply is not true.

14. Lugia causing a 40 hari storm with a flap of its wings. This entry amuses me for the simple fact that if this was true, the world would be covered in constant storms. Lugia would probably have to fly every day, it is a flying type after all. So this just cannot be true, also take into account Lugias appearance in the movie which disproved this entry.

15. Celebi only going to 'peaceful' times. This is nonsense since every single time Celebi makes an appearance in the anime, its during some kind of chaos atau disaster.

16. Swampert being able to drag a ton boulder. Swampert has not demonstrated strength anywhere close to this, it is as simple as that really and oleh simply looking at the pokemon itself I just cannot imagine it doing this.

17. Carvanha being able to chew through a perahu hull. This of course depends on what the perahu hull is made of but it is usually made of a type of metal which Carvanha has not demonstrated being able to chew through. To be honest its biting capabilities are not much lebih impressive than that atau your average piranha.

18. Ho-oh having the 7 warna of the pelangi as feathers. oleh simple looking at Ho-oh anda can tell that this is untrue.

19. Carracosta has the power to open a hole in the bottom of a tanker with a slap. Basically it means Carracosta can slap holes in metal such as iron and steel. This is completely implausible, I don't even recall him demonstrating rock breaking so this is definitely untrue.

20. Dragonite being able to go across the world in 16 hours. This would put him at Mach 2, supposedly the same as Pidgeot. This is of course lebih nonsense, Dragonites are not even faster than Pidgeots so this is untrue. They have not demonstrated supersonic speed levels, they are definitely below the speed of sound without a doubt. Only certain legendaries may be in the supersonic speed range.

Thats all for now, sorry for listing so much but I wanted to get through some of the ones that I really do not believe hahaha. There are still lebih that I do not believe and could disprove but I'll leave that until selanjutnya time. I may even make a detik artikel of continuation. Please if anda have any pertanyaan regarding Pokedex entries ask in the comments. Thanks for membaca :)