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Hope u like it :D
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This Photoshop fan art might contain kulit, skintone, nude berwarna, sebagian ketelanjangan, ketelanjangan tersirat, telanjang ketelanjangan berwarna, and parsial.

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anda can do that on Photoshop in case anda didn't knew.

Please don't post this anywhere else nor claim it as your own.
Enjoy ♥

Made in Photoshop CS5

Step 1
Open Photoshop. Go to File → Open → and choose the video anda want to screencap.

Make sure your video is .mp4 format, because if it's on another format it won't work.

Note: If a message saying "QuickTime 7.1 atau later is required" appears, don't worry. Just download QuickTime and try to open it again.

Step 2

Make sure anda see the animasi toolbar (it has a red mark all over it, on the picture). If anda don't see, go to Window → Animation...
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A photographer and designer tampil the foto retouching process in detail.
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