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Brush Program Error - Help!

So here's what happened.

I used Photoshop CS4 on my parents' computer to create a new brush, and saved that and the original brushes as the default brush set. (Saving it at the 'required' section).
After that, I transferred the .abr file to my laptop where I replaced the original default brush set to my new default set on the Photoshop CS3 (which I have on my laptop.)
That was probably one of my most stupid choices ever, because now I can't access the default brushes. Whenever I try to 'reset brushes', I get a box telling me that it 'could not load default brushes because of a program error'. I've tried copy and pasting the set of brushes to the 'presets, brushes' section, but it doesn't work there either >.< Nor does it work when I press 'load brushes'.
I've tried switching to other brush sets, (including ones that I made/downloaded beforehand) and they work perfectly fine.

So does anyone know why this might be happening to my default brushes set, and how to fix it?
 Gigglepud posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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