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 Awesome pics of Candace!!*
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I found tese pic on net and just had to put them here cause I think they're so awesome and cool!!!<3
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I have saran for an album with songs inspired oleh Phineas and Ferb. There's already an album with songs from the show.
Here's an idea for the album cover.

Here's the track daftar (so far)
1. City Is Ours - Big Time Rush
If anda don't take my advice, well that's OK. I'll understand.

anda guys created the tampil and made an album containing songs from it. But did anda know that songs that are not in the tampil inspire it too? Well, they actually do. Like "City Is Ours". See? There should be lebih songs inspired oleh Phineas and Ferb and anda could put them on the album.
"Ferb, it's raining!" berkata Phineas, "We can't go outside!" They watched a TV program about a kid with an underground secret base. "Ferb! I know what we're gonna do today!" berkata Phineas. He looked at where Perry was a menit ago. "Hey, where's Perry?"


"Doofenshmirtz has been going to a lot of donut shops lately," Monogram said, "we think it's for... uh... what was the pet's name again?"
"Sparky, sir." Carl replied from the background.
"Sparky." continued Monogram, "But he's also been purchasing a lot of things off the internet lately. You've got to stop him agent P!" Perry left.

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Hey! It's time to start Garu500's offical Phineas and Ferb hangman! Every once in a while, I will post a acak word that fits in with Phineas and Ferb. Then anda will have a chance to guess the word. All guesses go in the komentar area.

This word is:


The answer will come up shortly around mid-April. The selanjutnya hangman will come up shortly after the resluts of the first hangman. Stumped? Write me a fanpop letter to ask me to give me a hint! Oh, anda should add me as a friend first! This hangman is a character. That's the only hint I'll givein this article. Any questions? Ask me! Good luck, all anda fanpop users!
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this song is used to hypnotise those durin the cliptastic countdown hope anda like it but dont get hypnotised yourself
cliptastic countdown
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in this candace and venessa are trying to "bust" phineas and ferb (candace) and doofensmirtz (venessa) hope anda like it btw extended version
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This is Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown full episode. Thanks to BarlowGirl101. PHineas and Ferb rocks!
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