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 The Best Underwater ciuman Ever
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 Percy in a few Selfies, and one picture of his near death expirience with luke in the Labryinth
Percy in a few Selfies, and one picture of his near death expirience with luke in the Labryinth
Chapter One; Zeus is Angered with Hades,

Opening: Aside from the Thunder storm brewing on the coast of Camp Half Blood anda would have thought everything was normal, all through camp it seemed quiet and Desolent except our normal pairing of Hero's Percy and Annabeth, Percy was restless with his thought trying to think of what may have angered Zeus, could it be that he had defied the Prophecy and had not had his Soul reaped oleh the Cursed Blade of Kronos. No that couldn't be it the Child of Poseidon thought to himself, Somthing much worse was Angering Zeus...

The pantai of camp exploded in a bright...
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This is a daftar of well, How to tell when anda are obsessed with PJO. The *'s mean how much something applies personally to me. If I actually do it atau want it atau somethin' ENJOY :D

You Know You’re Obsessed with Percy Jackson When…

You go to the Empire State Building and anda ask for the 600th Floor.

There’s a thunderstorm going on and anda scream, “CALM DOWN, ZEUS!” *

Every time anda use the Internet, anda thank Hermes.

When anda see Harry Potter, anda think of Percy with glasses. *

You burn food to see if it smells good. *

You see an owl, anda go, “Hi Athena!”

You’re in a running/swimming race...
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posted by greekgodsrule
I was in the elevator to the puncak, atas of the empire state building filled with horror I couldn’t believe what Annabeth had done to me, to us
I was walking down the row of cabins to the pantai where I was finally going to make my pindah on Annabeth, the cinta of my life. I was staring at the ring which was beautiful with silver and emas twisting around each other with a beautiful laut hijau, hijau laut diamond with an owl etched into it on either side a beautiful milky pearl that reflected the light.
As I reached the pantai I saw a blonde girl making out with Connor Stoll and I was really...
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Okay, so I wrote this for a while ago. So I decided I should put it here to. I hope anda like it.

Annabeth's POV

I smiled,as Percy's arm wrapped around my waist carefully. He hasn't had a real girlfriend before so he doesn't know that it's okay if he puts his arm on my waist. He has been so shy about almost everything.

We have the same homeroom so we walked together everyday.

"How did anda sleep?" I asked him, feeling awkward that we were just walking in silence.

"Good, I dreamed that I was playing basket ball and anda were a-!"

"I know where this is going,Seaweed Brain. No,for the thousandth...
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posted by vlad_todd_fan
Read the parts before this, first for a cool chase scene.

I flew down to the roof where Percy and Annabeth landed. i jammed my sword into the lock, the door popped open. My sword went up my sleeve and I ran in, and down flights of stairs. I opened a door and I was in the puncak, atas floor of a large mall. People swarmed around stoor windows and elevator doors. Children ran around their mothers. Security guards on segways raced by. Old people in auto-wheel chairs lumbered oleh as well. A punk girl walked oleh with a Kingdom Hearts t-shirt on. Thats my favorit game ever. She glanced at me and gasped, she...
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posted by vlad_todd_fan
Read the first ten of these atau anda won't understand it and send me a lot of questioning comments. When I woke up again the selanjutnya morning Annabeth was in my arms again on the fluffy couch. How do I keep moving while I'm sleeping? It was sunny as usual very cool inside but I knew the detik I stepped outside I'd be drenched in sweat. It reminded me of Mt. Whitney. I smelled daging babi asap, bacon and pancake cooking, and I was starved. "Morning Percy." I heard Mochael's voice in my head. I sent him a thought of a smiley face and I heard a laugh fromthe dapur behind me. I knew I had to get that food while it...
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posted by AnnabethKatara
Okay, don't hurt me. I know I should be menulis "Annabeth Chase and the Olympians" and I am but chapter nine is being edited oleh my mom. So keep your shorts on for two reasons. One: It's almost finished being edited. Two: I really don't want to see your underware. So, I used my dad's computer to write this beacue I was super bored and yes I know it's not my best work. So, it takes place before " The Sea of Monsters". So hope anda enjoy!! :) lol (I know really long intro.)
First hari of Middle School
Annabeth’s Point of view.
“ So remember Annabeth, take your lunch money to the cafeteria during...
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if anda have'nt read the seven before this edition anda will not understand anything in this story

Once we left the magic shack we started walking down the lane of houses and the further we went down the road the houses became lebih greek and lebih decorated. after a few menit of walking there were statues of greek gods in specified areas, and after a few detik i realized they were in the exact order of the thrones of the real greek gods.
"before we go any further" michael began "it's respectul to bow before our godly parents statue" once this was finished we walked on to some very ornate houses...
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